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Interview with Sue Perkins- Author of The Sky Castles Trilogy

Scribal Love Welcomes Sue Perkins!

Sue Perkins is the Author of the Sky Castles Trilogy.  It is available now from Whiskey Creek Press.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I was born in England but my husband and I now live in New Zealand with our dog. For many years we were globetrotters but eventually settled here. Our children are the world travelers now, must be in the blood I suppose.
What genres do you write?
Fantasy - speculative fiction - is my favorite genre but I also write contemporary romance and young adult fantasy. I love the alternate world style of fantasy, it gives me so much freedom to do things the way I want to.
Your trilogy is called Sky Castles - can you tell me where the idea came from?
The idea for the first book in the trilogy, Blue & Silver, came from a song which refused to get out of my head. It took a long time to develop the idea to a point where it was suitable to be published. The next two came along quite quickly after that. Russet & Gold and Ebony & Ivory were two books which just had to be written.
How did you get into writing?
From the time I mastered “joined up writing” I started to write stories. I grew up married my husband, had a family. I still scribbled, but I didn’t attempt to get published. About twenty years ago I decided it was time I sent my work out into the publishing world.
How do you get your ideas? Do you find it difficult to keep track of them?
You would really be better asking how do you choose between all the ideas in your head. Ideas pop into existence at the funniest of times. It could be a song, an unusual item, something on the news. My current work in progress began with a news article about a woman being knocked down by a truck. My method for remembering them. Hmm. I have so many ideas I don't have time to write them all down. I don't lose them though, they nag me so much I tend not to forget the ones I really want to work on.
What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a writer?
The same piece of advice I was given many years ago. “The secret of writing is re-writing”. In other words don’t look at your first draft and think it’s a load of rubbish. Edit, re-write and polish it until you think it’s ready and then send it out in the big wide world. Try to be honest with yourself and listen to your critique partners. You don’t necessarily need to accept what they say, but it could spark off a line of thought for you.
Is there something not many people know about you that you'd feel comfortable sharing with your readers?
Ooh, secrets. One thing not many people know is what a great support my husband is. He’s not a great fan of fiction, especially the genre I write, but he’s one hundred per cent behind me with my writing.
Before you go would you like to tell us a bit about your Sky Castles Trilogy?
Certainly. The three Sky Castle books are set on Hejmen. The nobles live in castles which float high above the ground while the ordinary people live in the towns and countryside below. Each book tells the story of a woman dealing with situations beyond her experience. The spirit like Eos have been forgotten by the humans, but all three women are aided and assisted by the spirits as they struggle to survive. I've added an excerpt from "Ebony & Ivory" the third book of the trilogy. Hope you enjoy it.

Ebony & Ivory: Sky Castles Book 3 – Excerpt

The doors were flung open and Tazia took a deep breath before walking towards the group around the big table near the fire. She was pleased to see Jefor had accompanied Robard. At least there would be one friendly face at the ceremony.

Her brother turned to her with a grin, which changed to confusion when he saw what she was dressed in. He shook his head and Tazia knew he realised Halla had been making mischief again.

The tall dark man standing talking to her father turned and she recognised Duke Robard of Ardon. The welcome on his lips began to fade then turned into a fixed smile as she moved towards the group.

“There you are, my dear.” Her father came forward to take her hand. “Looking lovely as usual.”

For one small moment, Tazia wondered if her father was blind, but then realised women’s fashions held no interest for him, so he had no idea how ridiculous she looked. Taking his arm she moved forward.

“Duke Robard, may I present my daughter Tazia.”

“I am pleased to meet you again, Milady.” Robard bowed over her hand and dropped a kiss on the palm. “Especially on such a happy occasion.”

Embarrassment flooded Tazia. Quickly, she dropped her head to hide the blood rushing to her face. Robard led her towards the dignitaries who were waiting to perform the legal duties of the betrothal. The touch of his hand sent a weakness rushing through her body and she longed for this to be over so she could go and hide in her bedroom.

“Milady, if you would sign here and Duke Robard, if you would sign here.”  The dignitary pointed to the appropriate places and she wrote her name, hardly knowing what she was doing.

After the legal part of the ceremony was over, wine and finger food were served. She noticed Robard was attentive but distant and she knew he was disappointed. She’d got the better part of the bargain, while he must think he was lumbered with a half-wit woman for his Duchess.

Thanks Sue For Dropping By!

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  1. Thank you Clare for inviting me to your blog. I loved doing the interview, such a fabulous opportunity to emerge from my lurking.

  2. Best wishes for success with your books, Sue. I'm not a fantasy fan. I find the real world too fascinating to seek an alternative. But you offer excellent advice for any writer.

  3. Thanks John, I appreciate your comments.


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