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Erotic Romance Author Berengaria Brown Shares Her Sizzling Novel "Feels So Good'

Scribal Love Welcomes Berengaria Brown

Berengaria is an author of erotic romance.  Her newest work “Feels So Good” is available from Evernight Publishing. 

Hi tell us a little about yourself.  How long have you been writing?  Do you write full time?

Sadly, like most authors, the day job is a fact of my life.

However most of my free time is spent at the keyboard writing or reading romance.

My 26th erotic romance released in February which was quite exciting. I write for several different publishers so that means I sometimes have several books out close together, which is what happened in February. The release date for “Feels So Good” had been set since before Christmas, but another book at a different publishing house was brought forward from a 1 April release date and I ended up with two books releasing on the same day. Which was AWESOME! 

So what is the name of your new book?  And what genre is it in?

“Feels So Good” is a contemporary two men one woman ménage.
It's part of the Sex Odyssey series by Amarinda Jones and Berengaria Brown. Each is a stand-alone story focusing on the journey of the heroine, but set in the same place and with various characters appearing across different books. My first book in the series, “Three For The Road” was a Night Owl Top Pick.

Tell us about your new book.  What is it about? 

Yasmin meets Pearce and VJ in the trailer park at Resort City. She's traveling until she runs out of money, when instead, she runs into the two yummiest men she's ever seen. She's never had ménage sex before, but with these two men it's bound to be excellent.

The sex is awesome, but when she witnesses a robbery the men become possessive, demanding and over-protective. Will this be the end of her sex odyssey? Or will she be forced to teach them a lesson?

Can you give us a blurb and an excerpt? (One page excerpt)

“Come on, lazy. Time for a walk before breakfast.” VJ pulled her into a semi-upright position.

“It’s barely dawn. How about you go for a walk, and wake me when you get back,” she suggested.

Two strong arms hauled her from the bed and threw her clothes to her. Automatically she caught them and began dressing. “I haven’t had a shower yet,” she complained.

“First we walk, then we shower, then breakfast,” said VJ.

“Bossy britches,” she sighed, scrambling into her shorts, and running her fingers through her tangled curls.

Outside the air was crisp and clean with a salty tang. Resort City had been built on reclaimed swampland so the salt was always close to the surface, but Yasmin liked the harsh, clear scent of the hardy plants that appreciated salty soil. The sky was a bright blue, the sun shone, and, despite Yasmin’s comment, dawn had happened several hours earlier.

Yasmin took a deep breath, loving the early morning air. Besides, who could argue when they were walking between the delectable VJ and Pearce—even though he was wearing a shirt this morning.

Maybe half a mile from the trailer park was a small beach. It was a nice little beach that shelved steeply into the water, so it was not over-run with families and kids. Between the walking track and the sand was a row of dunes. As they neared the first dune, Yasmin took off running. She sprinted up the side of the dune on an angle so as not to get her feet bogged. Still moving fast she reached the top of the dune and ran along it, jumping from it to the next dune, and from the second dune to the third and so on, all along the beach. She had to keep moving fast or she’d lose momentum. But once the runner had a rhythm, it was a real adrenalin rush, pounding across the sand and flying through the air.

On the final dune she slowed, then came to a stop and turned around to look back. VJ and Pearce had decided to come after her. VJ was halfway up the first dune, lying on the sand laughing. While she watched, Pearce took a flying leap from dune one to dune two, but he’d slowed down so she was not at all surprised to see him stumble and roll down the side of the dune.

Yasmin placed her hands on her hips and laughed out loud. Adrenaline still charging her body, she ran down her dune and back to where the men were on their respective dunes.

“Never tried dune jumping before? Need a few tips?” she asked, unable to keep the amusement out of her voice.

“As soon as I got bogged and fell, I worked out you’d gone up at a forty-five degree angle. You made it look so damn easy you little witch,” VJ said, grabbing her and pulling her down onto the sand beside him.

“I dunno what the hell I did wrong,” said Pearce, “but I’m sure you’re both about to tell me.”


“Too slow.” VJ’s answer came at the same time as Yasmin’s.

“You can’t stop. You need to be judging how far to jump without slowing down to look. And these dunes are easy, they’re so close together. You can’t miss.”

You can’t miss. Likely I’ll end up on my ass again. Let’s do it.” Pearce thrust out a hand to each of the others and hauled them to their feet, then they all walked down the track a little way to get a running start.

Once again, Yasmin took off, racing up the sand, then jumping from one dune to the next along the beach, rejoicing in the exhilarating feeling of flying through the air, soaring like a bird, and landing to continue running.

This time, the guys had a better idea of what to do, and while not precisely soaring like birds, they managed to complete the line without falling flat on their faces. By their third try they were flying as competently as she, and after that they took another turn just to prove they could do it.

“That was great!” VJ panted, sinking to the sand and drawing the others down with him.

“These dunes are perfect because they’re in a line and not too far apart. It can get tricky when they’re more like hills dotted around, and you need to plan how to get from one to the next,” she replied.

“Now I need a swim to cool off,” said Pearce, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his shirt before walking down to the water’s edge. “Come on.”

Are there more books we should look out for?  Say a series or other books you have written?

The other books in this series are “Hush” by Amarinda Jones

“Three for the Road” by Berengaria Brown

“Eat Me Up” by Amarinda Jones

And I have “Strung Tight” coming on 16 March

Because my books are across various publishing houses, the easiest way to find them, all is on my website:

Who is the publisher and where can we find you on the web?
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Berengaria Brown
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