Monday, February 29, 2016

#BookReview #XansFiestyMate by #ElleBoon #Contemporary #Romance #Shifter

From My Guest Reviewer at Cariad Books- Heidi Rundle

We are back with another amazing spine tingling action pact sexy romance from the wonderful Elle Boon, This author never fails to amaze me…. she is utter magic. Anything she writes i just no i will fall deeper and deeper in love.

Breezy has always been in loved Xan Carmichael for as long as she can remember, but she has grown o so tired of simply trying to get him to just notice her. This has gone on long enough she is tired of it all and is ready to move on.

Xan has never wanted a mate after all he already has everything he wants and any lady he wants under him, but that all changes when someone tries to hurt the only woman who has called to him and his wolf, he is ready to rip the world and anyone and anything in his path apart to keep her safe.

The past seems to have a way of sneaking back in and well haunting your present, and well Breezy has just become the unfortunate focus of a psychotic killer.

Will Xan and the Iron Wolves be able to save Breezy in the kick of time? or will whoever is out there trying to end her life succeed?

Will this stubborn alpha be able to claim her in time?

OMG this book is amazing as soon as it appeared on my kindle I sat right down and didn’t budge all day even for food. I was so engrossed it was like I became a part of this world and story and maybe even in my mind a character.

-Heidi Rundle

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