Sunday, February 28, 2016

#BookReview #FrozenTerrain by #GracieMeadows #SFR #Futuristic #Romance

Hi everyone My name is Heidi and i confess i am a bookaholic..... now that is out of the way  :)    
I live and Breathe Romance Genre, as well as reviewing i run a successful Facebook page as well as two promo pages. I do a bit of everything and i do it all for free and for the love of my authors. 

A brand new series from the ever amazing Gracie Meadows, This book will have you on the edge of your seats all the way through.

I was amazed by this story line it was so different too Gracie normal style but it’s sooooo good scratch that it is amazing and it just goes to show that I will be a fan girl for life.

Jesse and William Geiger are your stereo typical roughnecks and they work in the Arctic circle of Alaska, on an oil rig, making life just a little different than the average person would. Not to mention the fact that they have no real type of personal life after all to have that you would need to take a bush plane an hour maybe two to the nearest city for any real fun. Living in their village with no name and it being filled with mainly working men, It all changes for them when they encounter someone who is recording their every move.

This sexy little woman has sassiness and attitude a mile long, but the brothers just don’t know whether they should deal with there pretty intruder first, or the cool ice princess who is threatening to thaw their o so frozen hearts.

Mackenzie Beel, or Mack as she prefers to be called, is a pure adrenaline junky she loves writing stories of all her marvellous adventures, of course they have too be accompanied with the most exciting and beautiful pictures. But when someone suggest to her a remote location so she could get the real feel of the true Alaskan life, she gets a whole lot more than she could have ever bargained for....

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