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The Black Dragon: Dragon Series Book One. Survival Is The Key In This Sick and Twisted Game.

Angela Covington embraces her inner dragon and realizes there’s more to her sister than she knew. A new foe is revealed, and she discovers that in order to survive, she must make a permanent decision. But, she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder and considers joining forces with her sister to fight the threat that’s been plaguing their family for years. But can Melissa be trusted?

Naeghyir acknowledges his fate and will do whatever it takes to protect Angela from the dragon hunter, but first he must protect her from her own flesh and blood. His confinement in the human realm has changed him, bringing about a thirst for violence and revenge. Survival is key, and in their endeavors they soon realize they must play the sick and twisted game of Angela's sister if they want to escape the hellish facilities.

The Black Dragon: Dragon Series Book 1


After being laid off for over a month, Angela Covington is unable to give up her lavish lifestyle. When her sister gives her a generous offer she simply cannot refuse at a research facility, Angela takes her up on it.

Captured and stripped of his ability to shift, dragon shifter Naeghyir immediately knows the first time he lays eyes on Angela that she’s his fated mate. But is she genuine? At first he doesn’t trust her and deems her to be just a carbon copy of her dark-hearted sister. Later he realizes nothing could be further than the truth.

After a near fatal experience on the facility grounds, Angela and Naeghyir become increasingly close. She also discovers there’s a darker side to her family history and a horrible mistake she made against her sister several years ago could cost her more than her life.

Chapter One

Naeghyir peered at Desmond through the glass cell. It had been hours since Melissa had taken Angela and he couldn’t stand the horrific thoughts of what the dreadful bitch was doing to her.

After they had been overpowered and shot with tranq darts by the guards, he’d woken up only an hour ago. Ever since he’d been on edge, pacing the floor and anxious to shift, although his ability had not yet returned to him. The damned medicine still coursed through his veins. At best, he could only morph his hands into claws. That would be just enough to attack Desmond, if he could coerce the old man to open his cell.

“What have you done with Angela?” He growled as Desmond jotted something down on a clipboard. The old man stopped writing and peered at him over his horn-rimmed glasses. Swiftly, he hit the button to the intercom.

“Let’s not concern ourselves with that right now. I assure you, she’s in good hands with her sister.”

Angrily, he raked his fingers through his black mane and cursed before pacing several more times and approaching the glass again, wishing he could rip into the man’s neck. Since his stay in this world, his way of thinking had grown more violent by the day. Long gone were the times of peaceful thinking. His every waking thought was survival and if he had to kill to free himself and Angela from the bowels of this hellish facility, then he would do it.

It’s time for your shot,” Desmond’s brows raised and he slipped off his glasses. Laying the clipboard down, he rose to his feet and picked up a syringe. Eyes fixated on Naeghyir, he shuffled over to the cell and beckoned to a guard.

Seeing the opportunity, he decided to lull the old man into a false sense of security and remained calm. He was breaking out and taking Angela with him. His nostrils flared, and he savored her scent. Wherever she was in this damned place, he’d find her.

He studied the young guard who couldn’t be no more than in his early twenties. The boy’s hands began to shake and tighten around the rifle as he looked away. Good, he was intimidated.

 Narrowing his eyes, he backed away as Desmond and the guard came in. Slowly, the old man walked over to him with the needle. “Give me your arm.”

“No more shots,” Naeghyir sneered and grabbed the old man, putting him in a chokehold. The syringe fell to the ground with a clatter and the guard gasped. Fighting the effects of the tranq from earlier, he tightened his grip around the old man’s neck.

“Don’t just stand there,” Desmond choked. “Shoot him.

Fear in his eyes, the guard hesitated and swallowed hard.

“Put the rifle down on the floor,” he instructed the guard.

“Shoot him!”

“Shoot me and he dies. You’ll join him soon after,” he hissed. His hands morphed to claws. “I may not be able to shift, but I do have the power to end your life Desmond.”

Quickly, the guard dropped the rifle to the floor as Naeghyir dragged Desmond out of the cell. “You’re coming with me.”

“This won’t bode well for you,” Desmond grimaced as he struggled to keep up with the large man. “And it certainly won’t help Angela. You’ll be her undoing!”

“Shut up!”

“There are cameras all over the place. They’re coming for you.”

Tightening his grip to quiet the old man, he followed Angela’s scent, uncaring of any consequences. He knew he wouldn’t make it outside the facilities, but as long as he found her, nothing else mattered.

“Halt!” A guard commanded behind them.

Using Desmond as a shield, Naeghyir spun around and eyed the two men aiming their rifles. “They’ll shoot you if they fire,” he growled into Desmond’s ear. “Do you really want to die?”


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