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Find Out What It Feels Like To Be 'Ruled by the Moon' by Naomi Bellina

My cat helps me with research   

I had to take the late, great, Sammy the cat to the vet one day and decided that while I was there, I would pick my vets brains. He works with large farm animals occasionally and I figured he could answer my questions about a subject I needed to research for my book, how to give a cow a tranquilizer. Sure enough, he was full of information and even drew me a picture of how a cattle chute would work. Poor Sammy, meowing in his carrier, ready to go home, while his human stood there, chatting away with the guy who'd just stuck a needle in his side and a thermometer up his butt. 

That's one of the great things about being an author. Every experience can be used in our books, good ones and bad ones. When the crap hits the fan I always tell myself, Naomi, this will make a great plot twist. Write it down, now. Even if whatever mayhem is occurring doesn't work in my current WIP, it could very well make its way into a future book.

I love to eavesdrop on conversations and listen to my clients' stories. Since I only have a limited amount of bizarre events that happen to me (thank the Lord), I need to draw from other peoples' experiences. Maybe that's why social media like Facebook and Twitter are so popular. We want to know what's going and how other peeps are living. It's fun to have a window into other lives.

In case you're wondering, Sammy was just fine, despite having to wait a few minutes while I did my research. My heroine, Morgan the vet, did a great job tranquilizing a sick cow and later on, other darker creatures. How about you? If you write, blog, whatever, do you have any ways to delve into what's happeing in the world? Thanks for reading!

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A psychic vet, a secretive werewolf, a menace stalking the shifters. Welcome to Nocturne.

Dylan is a werewolf with a problem. He shifts at the new moon as well as at the full moon. He was born a werewolf, not made like most shape-changers and due to these unique traits he's avoided joining a pack and has given up hope of having a normal life. Morgan is a veterinarian, ready to be on her own for a good long time after leaving a cheating, spineless husband. She has a plan for her life that doesn't include a bossy, furry man.

Both are drawn to Nocturne, a town filled with magic due to a strong convergence of ley lines in the area. Morgan and Dylan recognize a connection when they meet, but neither one is looking for romance. After a harrowing encounter with a panther shape-shifter, they must combine forces and work together to uncover a menace that threatens the town. If they can learn to trust each other and let their guard down, they have a chance to solve the mystery and open the door to love.


He cupped her cheeks with both hands. Looking into her eyes, he again saw a flare of excitement, this time tinged with a glimmer of lust. She caught her breath slightly, and as he inhaled, the scent of her desire reached his still-enhanced senses. He lowered his head and kissed her. Deep, hard, and long. She wrapped her arms around his waist and returned the kiss, the flare turning into flame. Her tongue slid into his mouth, hesitant at first, then more boldly, exploring.

He hadn’t planned this, hadn’t wanted this to happen, but the fierce longing he felt for her overwhelmed him. Instead of pushing it down as he always did, he had to let it run, to see what would happen.

“Is, ah, anything happening to you?” she gasped, pulling away.

“Just this.” He ground his pelvis into hers, rubbing his hard cock on her belly. A low moan escaped her, and he growled in return. Though fully human now, traces of the wolf lingered. How would he react, this close after a shift, giving his sexual desire free rein? Part of him wanted to run as far from Morgan as he could, but he fought the urge. He had to try.

“What if Sheriff Packard comes back?” Morgan asked, her breath coming hard as he continued to rub his body on hers. “The county guys could be here any time.”

The hell with them. Dylan closed his eyes and inhaled deeply again, filling his mind with her scent. Her musky arousal mixed with the pungent aroma of sweat and the patchouli she wore. A quick scan of his own body showed a raging erection, but other than that, all systems appeared normal. He bent his head and licked her neck, waiting for his teeth to grow, for that overwhelming urge to bite and tear to overcome him. Nothing. Just normal hot desire, something he hadn’t felt in a long time not accompanied by animal lust.

“Condom. Your truck.” Fire roared through his body, making coherent speech nearly impossible.

“I've got one in my purse, right here,” she said and dug frantically through her bag. That adorable blush rose again, bringing deeper red to her already-flushed cheeks. The combination of innocence and passion mixed together stirred him. The voice that told him to stop, that opening his heart to this woman would only cause pain, receded further and further. He was certain that once their bodies joined, his soul would follow and he was willing to take that risk.

She squatted on the porch now, sifting through the contents of her dumped purse.

“Here,” she said at last and stood up, a foil packet in her hand. He took it from her and then pulled her sweater over her head, trying to move slowly. He wanted to savor her, to take his time. He reached around and unhooked her bra, sliding the straps down her arms, then undid her pants and pushed them down. Kneeling, her sex inches from his nose, the scent of her desire maddened him. He was lost. He stood and with a growl, turned her around and grabbed her hips.

Squeezing her ass, he bent his knees slightly and rubbed his erection on her bare cheeks. She stepped out of her pants, and with one foot he moved her legs further apart then reached a hand around and slid a finger inside her. She gasped at the contact. As gently as he could he rubbed her, spreading her juices onto her lips, stroking her engorged clit. She moaned and arched her back, pushing against his hand.

He ground against her harder, continuing to stroke her slick, silken lips. Though this was not how he’d envisioned making love to her the first time, he couldn't stop. He was desperate to take her, to feel her heat melding with his. He pulled away only long enough to slide the condom on his throbbing cock, then thrust inside her. They moaned in unison as Dylan pulled out, slowly then eased back in again. He continued to fondle her, increasing the pressure on her clit.

“Dylan, I’m going to…” With a cry her back arched further and she trembled, gasping.

Holding her hips with both hands he drove into her, again and again till that sweet feeling of release roared through his body. Waves of pleasure rolled over him and time seemed to stand still. He closed his eyes, savoring the moment. Never before had he experienced this passion, this joining of souls. Whether due to his wolf nature, Morgan’s potion, or the connection that ran between them like a current of crackling electricity, the sensation of being with this woman was pure heaven.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her. Panting and sated, he nuzzled her neck, kissing the tender spot just below her ear. He reached a hand up, sliding it under her bra and caressed her breast, brushing his fingers across her tight nipples. Damn, he didn't even get to taste them. This coupling had gone far too fast. He was still slightly hard and didn't want to leave the warmth of her but finally he pulled out, grabbing the condom with one hand. He dropped it on the porch and turned her around.

She smiled up at him, her eyes wide and clear, her lips begging to be kissed. His mouth covered hers, and he drank her in. She responded eagerly, pressing her body against his. A fresh wave of desire rolled over him. He wanted her again. He wanted to lie between her legs, to look into her bright green eyes and lose himself over and over. He wanted to hear her moan with delight when they touched, to watch her body writhe with pleasure as she came.

Suddenly, a ripple of pain coursed through him. He broke away from Morgan and doubled over.

“What? Are you okay?” She bent down, trying to see his face.


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Naomi lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical calico cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets but is drawn to romance because her characters insist on canoodling and falling in love. So she lets them. Her interests include dancing, motorcycle riding, drumming and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play whenever possible. Her motto:  Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure!   

Where to find me (I play around at Pinterest, Goodreads, and other places too)

Visit her at http://www.naomibellina.com/



Naomi Bellina 
Provocative tales of love, lust, passion and magic 

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