Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Angela White Talks about her Horror Fantasy, 'Life After the War'

Scribal Love Welcomes Angela White!

Angela White is a horror fantasy author.  Her newest book ‘Life After the War’ is available now with XOXO Publishing and in print form Author House.  

Hi Angela. Why don't we start by having you tell everyone a little about yourself.

Hello and thank you for having me. 

Sure. My name is Angela White and I write horror. Some of it boarders on fantasy but there's always a twist or something shocking to draw you in. My dream is to be the female equivalent of S. King.

That's unusual for a female.  Most women choose romance.

I drop an occasional love tale too but the mystery of the unknown drags me to darker places.

Sounds exciting.  How long have you been a writer?

All through school there were signs but I was about 14 when it really hit me and I've been chasing the dream ever since.

If you could go back, would you still choose this career?

Absolutely. I don't know who said it but it fits. 

"I write, therefore, I am."

Without being able to create, I wouldn't want to breath. It's with me every where I go and in everything I do.

How did you get your first contract?

I started sending in queries when I was still a teenager and eventually got lucky.  This is part of the one that landed me a deal:

I’m a Writer, an author, a creator. I think in those magical terms and sometimes see little else but how great our world could be if we all just pulled together and did what was right. Since that won’t ever happen, I wrote this book with the hope that if the time ever comes, some of my fellow American's might be able to survive on their own with the ideas and hints that litter this story. It’s my contribution to the world and though I hope it never comes to that, I think most of us know it will.  When is really the only unknown. 

I believe in Freedom without censorship, unflinching loyalty to America, and total support of those who are on the front lines, giving me the opportunity to do this. Love of my Country and the Written word is what drives me and I hope you’ll think I’ve honored both after you read this tale of tragedy and great hope.

Until this book hits the shelves, I am an unpublished freelance Writer but I have other material I hope to one day have available as well.  Poetry, short stories, halves of a couple other novels, and a completed sci-fi manuscript, (The perfect comeback movie for Vin Diesel as far as I’m concerned) called The Shadows of Fate, a sequel to The Chronicles of Riddick, but this tale of life and death has always been in my head, lurking, needing to be told. There’s never been a survival story like this. It covers things not addressed before and carries hardworking American spirit in every page. God bless the United States!

What advice do you have for those still trying to get published?

Check out the Yahoo groups. Type in yahoo groups authors and check out the home pages. Many are openly asking for submissions, including one of my publishers, www.xoxopublishing.com

How many publishers do you have?

Three right now but I have other works in consideration by other companies. I'm an independent writer, meaning I have no agent.

You don't recommend them?

Actually, I do. I just haven't found one who believes in the same things I do. I don't write for money, I do it to release these creative trolls in my mind. When I find an agent who understands quality matters more than sales, than I'll have one.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Yes, this novel is being picked up by a new publisher who is releasing it in serial form on the last day of every month. Readers can get free previews online, as well as view purchasing options, Facebook pages, and the Official ‘Life After War’ book trailer.

Thank you Angela for dropping by!

Thank you very much for having me and I'll be sure to stop by again.

You can find Angela on the web at:


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