Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Bear's Baby by Vanessa Devereaux-She Betrayed His Trust But Will He Finally See That She's His True Mate? #RomanceNovel #Shifters


Jenna Paxton lives by her late father's standards of what an attorney should and shouldn't do. She's also a woman with a ticking biological clock. She’s thinking of turning to IVF, but hangs onto the hope that any second Mr. Right will stroll through her door. 

Brady Walsh is super rich, independent, and isn't ready to settle down. When he does choose a mate, she'll be a fellow bear shifter, not a human. 

Brady is Jenna’s new client, and she knows he’s not the marrying kind. When they begin a sex only relationship, she knows she’s found the ideal baby daddy. 

There’s something about Jenna that makes Brady forget all about not getting involved with a human, well that is until he finds out said human used him for stud purposes, and decides he never wants to see her again. 

Can fate, or in Brady's case, his fellow shifters, make him see reason and accept that Jenna is his true mate? 


She’d never done this with a client before. Never been so brazen with a man before. She wasn’t the sort of woman who had sex on the first date. Not even the second or third one. However, there was something about Brady Walsh that made all her past barriers and sensibilities go out the window. He was handsome, rich, exciting, self-assured and, yes, there was something about him that made her want to do a wild thing.

Practical Jenna would have calmed the impulse and waited until she got to know him better, much better, but this other Jenna didn’t want to play by her usual rules. This time she was listening to her body and not her mind.  Her pussy need to be satisfied, period.

Jenna was all fingers and thumbs when it came time to opening the office door. She knew what was going to happen once they crossed its threshold. There’d be no going back. The keys slipped through her hands and fell to the floor.

“Here let me,” said Brady.

The keys looked so miniscule in his hands as he scooped them up and placed the key with the red top, back into the lock.


Brady pushed the door open. “After you.”

Her legs shook. Apprehension and self-doubt took over. She hadn’t been with a lot of men. She guessed Brady had been with lots of women. What if she didn’t excite him?

“Let’s go through to my office,” she said, trying her best to push thoughts of why this wasn’t a good idea out of her brain.

Her office. The corner office. The one that was overly hot and got the afternoon sun. The one that had been her father’s office. The one that would have been David’s had he survived the attack all in one piece. She opted not to put the overhead lights on, but walked to her desk. Yes, she knew the exact path and how many steps she needed to take to make it to the desk without bumping into anything. She snapped on the green banker light, and turned around. Brady had already taken off his coat.

Jenna took off hers and laid it on her chair. They looked at one another and then he took two large strides over to her. He pulled her into his body. His erection stabbed at her belly as his lips found hers. She’d already guessed he’d be a great kisser, and she hadn’t been wrong. His mouth, just like him, had a demanding way about it. Something about how his lips meeting with hers and insisting, no demanding, that she open her mouth for him. His tongue slipped over her lips, making itself at home like an invading warrior who wanted to divide and conquer.

He ran his hands up her back and then down on her butt, grinding himself into her some more, and make her panties wet to the point of being uncomfortable. She hoped he’d get her out of them very soon. Brady pulled his mouth away from her. He looked her in the eye and wiped away a stray piece of hair that was stuck to her cheek.

“You’re so beautiful and sexy,” he whispered. Even his low voice was deep and had a certain demanding nature about it.


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