Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#MFRW The Barbarian's Pet by Loki Renard-She Will Be His Pet And Trained To Heed His Every Command #BDSM #RomanceNovel

Book Spotlight- Her Conqueror Has Other Plans For His New Slave... A Hot New Erotic BDSM Romance Novel...

Happy Humpday and welcome to my blog!  Today I'm doing something a little different for my #MFRWBookHook by featuring a fellow author namely Loki Renard, specifically her book The Barbarian's Pet.  


Captured, stripped bare, and brought before the barbarian king whose men she had the audacity to resist, eighteen-year-old Sariah can only assume she will be made his slave. But her conqueror has other plans for his beautiful, spirited captive, and Sariah will be much more than an ordinary slave. She will be his pet, trained to come when he calls, heed his every command, and please him in any way he demands.

Sariah does her best to remain proud and defiant, but the handsome, dominant warrior proves quite adept at teaching his pet obedience by means of his firm hand applied to her bare bottom. When she persists in her rebelliousness, Sariah quickly discovers that a mere spanking is far from the most humiliating punishment a naughty pet can face, and before long she has been fitted with a tail and put on display for the king and his men.

To her surprise, however, in spite of her circumstances Sariah soon finds herself craving her new master’s touch, and when he claims her fully his skillful lovemaking brings her pleasure beyond anything she has felt before. But can she ever hope to find lasting happiness in the arms of the man who has made her his pet?



#1 best-selling author in multiple Amazon categories, Loki Renard writes stories of romantic discipline, mischief, mayhem and general disobedience. 

Loki loves to hear from her readers, and has a regular newsletter. To keep up with new releases, download free books, access exclusive previews and more from Loki, visit her website:

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