Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#MidWeekTease #WIPItUpWednesday-He's Hot But Is He Her Date or a Stranger? #RomanceNovel


Happy Wednesday everybody!  It's hump day and me and my fellow authors got together to give you an excerpt from one of our sexy romances.  

My selection is from the next book in The Love Play Matchmaking Service series.  Seren has just checked into her room and is waiting to meet her sexy companion and gets a surprise instead.  

“Is my date here?”  Seren asked

"Yes,"  the resort attendant replied politely.  He looked as if he wanted to say more but some rule unbeknownst to her forbade him from doing so.

“Oh.”  She sighed.  “Okay, I'm ready.” 

She followed him to the villa where she'd hope to spend a romantic weekend.  The charming cottage featured a seaside décor with a white wooden facade and light blue trim.  Inside glass pane doors showed a patio with a picturesque view of the bay. She stepped forward to get a closer look. 

She smiled as she let her gaze trace the outer edge of the well lit back to the backyard. A lattice covered in white twinkling lights illuminated the area of a carved bench. She felt like she had stepped into a dream world.  

She turned around and looked at the living room, she'd have to work nine jobs in order to afford one of the amazing overstuffed chairs adorned the beautiful room.  

"Will that be all?" the hotel attendant asked.  He already set her bags down near the sofa and was standing near the front door.

"Yes thank you," she said and strolled to him.  She felt the need to tip him even though the only thing he did was escort her to the cottage.  She reached into her purse and grabbed a few dollars.  

The view alone was worth the mad money she'd brought along in case she and her date went out. But with these accommodations, she didn't want to leave.

"No ma'am," he said holding up his hands. "It's part of our service. No gratuity necessary. If you need anything you can call the desk in the lobby and an attendant will be happy to help."

He quietly walked out leaving her to her thoughts and an uncomfortable silent.  A door to one of the bedrooms shut behind her. She swiveled around and saw a tall man with a muscled chest and arms, broad shoulders, black hair and smoldering eyes.  

"Ummm..." She said shocked and stunned as he stood in front of her wearing a pair of jogging pants and no shirt.  Every carved ridged of his chest and muscular arms acted as a monument to his rugged masculinity. 

He stood in front of her silent, his expression hardened like stone. She swallowed hearing herself gulp as her excitement turned to fear. Maybe this wasn't the guy she was supposed to meet. Perhaps the resort attendant had let her into the wrong villa or worse he was a burglar and she caught him in the act.  

She opened her mouth to scream but could not speak as she ordered her legs to run.  Like her mouth, they refused to obey.  

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  1. Oh man, Clare! I want to know what happens to Seren. Is the man her date or is he a burglar?? I can't wait to find out!

  2. ooh. Who is he? Is this a GOOD mistake? ;)

  3. Uh-oh. Is she in trouble or not? Nice tease, Clare!

  4. When I read that she was shocked, my first reaction was that she'd had two shocks: her rather sexy date and the bellhop refusing a tip!


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