Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#MWeekTease #Cowboys #Shifter She is Their Mate but She's Human and That Could Mean Danger #MMF #Erotic #Romance

Excerpt From My WIP - A Cowboy Werewolf Shifter Menage Romance coming soon!...

 “In other words, the sooner Jordyn leaves the better,” Reid said looking at his father. His temper flared inside of him at the thought of his mate leaving. “Thank you gentleman for coming. I'd like to speak with my beta now.”
“Certainly alpha,” they said leaving he and Travis alone.
“You look like someone just poured a bunch of hot rocks own your drawers,” Travis said leveling a firm gaze at him. “What's up?”
He knew he was supposed to be able to tell Travis anything considering they're practically mated but apart of him was ashamed to admit that he had feelings for another human. Travis had seen the hurt that Audrie had put him through. He'd been there as he swore them off forever and here he was again about to confess that he was falling for another one.
Travis stood. “You're gonna tell me anyway so it might as well be now.”
He fingered the top of his coffee cup. He suddenly felt like a kid being pulled into the principal's office. “I don't want her to go.”
He snuck a glance at his mate. Travis nodded his head slowly.
“That much I figured.”
“You're my mate Reid. I know you better than you know yourself. Besides I could tell by the way you're fussing all over her.”
“Well don't sound so mad about it.”
“Reid I know how this plays out because we've been through this before.”
“This time it's different.”
“How?” Travis asked.
“Because she's our mate.” Reid stood and approached him. “Why you haven't scented that is beyond me.”
“Who says I haven't? You don't think I can smell that perfume all around here? It's making me crazy. But I just don't want my life ripped apart by someone who is not able to accept us for who we really are.”
“We don't know that she's like that?” Reid said quietly. He didn't want Travis to be right. But apart of him thought maybe he was.
“And what makes you think she isn't?”
Reid remained quiet.
“It doesn't matter any way. Her friend is coming to pick her up.”
Reid growled louder this time. Travis flinched.
“How much of her have you scented? You haven't laid claim to her? Or did you?”
“I wouldn't do that without you. As for the scent, I had to carry her to the car and then it happened again when I helped her out of the car.”

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