Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Do You Have A Favorite Paranormal Character? #Shifter? #Vampire? #Berserker? Who Is Your Favorite Book Boyfriend?

At one point Vampires were all the rage.
Are you still a big fan of the fangs?

I love reading paranormal romances!  I've been hooked ever since I read my first Stormy Glenn novel in The Katzmann series. It's more of a futuristic paranormal erotic romance.  It is paranormal in the sense that the characters were feline humanoids but the characters in the book were so real and loving, I instantly connected to them and their problems.

But still I loved them.  From there I branched out to many different authors (too many to count) and read different types of paranormal books - from Fairy Tale based to shifters.

I have to admit, I am still leaning toward the shifter based books- werewolves to bear shifters.  My favorite in the bear shifter category was a book that featured Polar Bear shifters in near the north pole!  

Though some publishers say werewolf and shifter books in general have waned in popularity, I guess they forgot to tell this to some of the e-publishers where these books are flying off the shelves.  

My question to you is...do you have a favorite?

Are you a vampire i.e. Twilight Fan?

Perhaps you like a good werewolf romance- (insert your favorite one here)

Or is there another type of paranormal character that lights your fire.  

Tell us who you like and why!

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