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Blue Moon Over Argentina by Shawn Bailey

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]


Tomas Hernandez came to town to attend a New Year's Eve party hosted by a prospective client who wants to win the honor to market Tomas’s new wine, Ravish. He was supposed to meet Alexander Kerrigan, a representative of the Ambers Bottling Company, but the man doesn't come forward and make himself known. Tomas doesn’t mind since he had his eye on someone who could possibly warm his bed for the night…a gorgeous blond dancing at the back of a conga line.

He probably would have spent a delightful night freeing the little dancer of his inhibitions had two drunken men not gotten into a fight and pulled the dark drapes down from the hotel windows. The rays from the moon filter in and turn Tomas, his brothers, and several other men present into beasts. Tomas figures it probably isn’t a good time to introduce himself to the blond. Humans have a way of freaking out in the presence of a big black wolf.

A Siren Erotic Romance


 “Who is that?” Tomas Hernandez asked his best friend Bayardo Lopez as they spoke to each other at a New Year’s Eve party given in their honor to celebrate the launch of the Hernandez Wines and Spirits’ new signature wine, Ravish.

Bayardo looked in the direction Tomas pointed. “Who?”

“I’m speaking of the blond near the buffet table talking to Hernando Perez.”

Hernando was the supervisor in charge of bottling their domestic brands.

Bayardo shrugged. “I have no idea. Maybe he’s the guest of one of the local distributors.” They’d been invited to Orange County, New York to talk to the bottlers and distributors in the United States vying for the right to market Ravish.

“He’s kind of cute.”

Bayardo sighed. Once upon a time he’d been romantically interested in Tomas, but they both decided that they were better off being friends. “Yes, I suppose so, if you’re into his type.”

Tomas nodded. “Oh yes, I’m very interested.”

Bayardo looked back over to the young man who was now speaking to Adan, Tomas’s twenty-eight-year-old younger brother. He smirked. If Tomas didn’t move on the blond soon, Adan would be all over him. The Hernandez brothers were competitive in all they did, be it bottling wine or bedding lovers. “Shouldn’t you be trying to find the representative from the Ambers Distributing Company?”

Tomas frowned. “It’s probably some old fuddy-duddy. I’d much rather get to know the blond. I wonder if he’s into guys.”

Bayardo took two glasses of Ravish from the tray of a passing waiter and handed one to Tomas.

“Thank you,” Tomas said.

“You’re welcome. Do you think it matters?” Bayardo asked.

“What?” Tomas asked.

“If he’s into guys or not,” Bayardo said.

Tomas shook his head. “No.”

Bayardo sighed. No, he supposed not. Men flocked to Tomas like flies and he couldn’t say he blamed them.

Tomas was gorgeous with shoulder-length jet-black hair, twinkling blue eyes, and a six-feet three inched muscular body he’d been itching to explore. All the Hernandez brothers were handsome, taking their height and build after their late father Juan and their looks from their mother Consuela. Besides the four sons, Consuela also had a daughter named Daniela, the twenty-two-year-old baby of the family.

Bayardo had other things on his mind at the moment, including their safety. There was a big old full moon outside that they needed to avoid. Unbeknownst to anyone else in New York, they bore a curse put upon the males in their village by a gypsy someone pissed off centuries ago. The men turned into wolves. Their personalities changed and they became fierce fighters. But during the rare blue moon, the males became overly romantic and lusty. The curse didn’t affect their womenfolk, but no one knew why, except maybe the gypsy might have been a woman. Bayardo didn’t mind it at times because sex during this time was great. He just didn’t like turning into a wolf because the transformation hurt like hell. Keeping what they were a secret bothered him just as much. Hopefully the party would end without problems and they would be on a plane back to Buenos Aires in less than a week.

“I don’t think he’s right for Adan,” Tomas said, disturbing Bayardo’s thoughts.

Adan and the blond were now dancing and Tomas had been watching them the entire time. “Why would you say that?” Bayardo asked.

“Adan is usually into more manly-looking guys around his age and size.”

True, Adan did date guys with a bit more bulk. The blond was barely five feet seven and maybe one-hundred and forty pounds soaking wet. He did have on a nice suit though, cut to showcase his narrow hips and great behind. The other man wasn’t exactly his type either, but he wouldn’t say no to a romp beneath the sheets if he offered. And the more he looked at him, the cuter he got. “Well, at least you know he’s into guys.”

The blond stared adoringly at the dark-haired Adan.

Tomas quickly polished off his drink and stopped a waiter for another.

Bayardo had barely touched his wine. He wanted to be sober should something unexpected happen.

“Why aren’t you out on the floor kicking up your heels?” Tomas asked him. “The band is pretty good.”

“I’m not dancing at the moment because I’m keeping an eye on you. Right now you’re probably thinking about doing something foolish like challenging Adan for the blond cutie.”

Tomas frowned. “I am not. Anyway, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. I am still Alpha.”

Bayardo smirked. “Arrogance and jealousy does not become you, my friend.” He’d seen the two brothers fight before. It hadn’t been a pretty sight. “Don’t forget you don’t have time to mess around with a full moon outside.”

“I’ll be okay as long as those drapes on the windows stay closed,” Tomas said.

Bayardo finished his drink and put the empty glass on a table. “Excuse me. I think I see a prospective dance partner.” The raven-haired director of the party had been checking him out all evening and he didn’t plan to stand around holding his breath that Tomas might give him some ass.

“Have fun,” Tomas told him. “Try not to damage him.”

Bayardo straightened his jacket and left Tomas to go dance with the sexy American.


They were all over each other before the front door closed. Tomas had literally lifted Alex up into his arms and kissed him. Ooh he’s strong.

“Have you ever been with a man before?” Tomas asked him after he put him down and as Alex led him up to his bedroom.

“Yes, so you don’t have to be gentle with me,” Alex admitted. I want him to fuck me silly.

“You don’t know what you’re saying. I’m a big guy and I could do some considerable damage if I don’t take it easy.”

“I have plenty of lube and condoms,” Alex said as they entered his bedroom.

Tomas pulled Alex toward him and began undressing him. After seating him on the edge of the bed Tomas removed Alex’s shoes and socks,

“You have such cute feet.”

“Are you into toes?” Alex asked playfully.

“I could be,” Tomas said lifting Alex’s foot and wrapping his lips around the big toe.

Oh my. That feels so good.

Tomas released the digit. “Feet are an erogenous zone,” he explained.

From now own Alex would never look at his toes the same way again. He removed his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

Tomas did the rest, pulling them from his body and placing them neatly on the back of the chair close to the bed. Alex’s jacket and shirt followed. He stared down at Alex. “How old are you really?”

“Twenty-five,” Alex said. “Why?”

“You hardly have any hair, except for on your head,” Tomas teased.

“I can grow a lot if I want to,” Alex lied. Damn Mother Nature for making me so boyish.

“I’m not complaining,” Tomas said as he began to remove his clothing. “In fact, I kind of like it.”

Alex was too busy watching Tomas strip to respond to his words. The man’s chest is phenomenal.

Tomas toed out of his shoes and sat down on the bed to remove his socks. He rose and placed his clothing on the chair next to Alex’s. The last article to go was Tomas’s briefs.

Alex gulped. That is one big cock. He reached over into the nightstand drawer and removed some condoms and lube and tossed them on the bed next to him. I wonder if the rubber will fit.

Tomas got back on the bed and reached for one of the condoms. He opened the tiny foil package and began sliding rubber up his dick.

Barely. Alex reached for the lube but Tomas took it away from him. “Roll over please.”

Alex assumed the position on his knees. Seconds later Tomas eased a lubed-up finger inside of his ass. “Ooh, you have thick, long fingers.”

“And you have a very tight ass,” Tomas said.

Smart guy. “Oh!” Tomas had eased the first finger out and slid in two. “Is that really necessary?”

“Yes,” Tomas answered. “You’re so petite.”

Alex pouted. No guy had ever complained before. The tube landed on the bed next to him.

Tomas rolled him over and buried his head between Alex’s legs.

Alex moved around on the bed, moaning. “Ooh, your mouth is so warm.”

Tomas took his time savoring his cock sucking the head and licking the sides.

Alex closed his eyes and let the thrill of Tomas’s mouth and tongue bring him close to the edge. Call him foolish, but he’d never been so turned on or excited in his life. I’m in heaven. 

Alex reached down and eased his fingers into Tomas’s long, dark tresses. “You have great hair.” He opened his eyes and watched Tomas enjoy his cock.

Tomas lifted his head once Alex removed his fingers. “You taste good enough to eat.”

Alex chuckled. “Don’t do that. I’ll need my dick for other things.”

Tomas just smiled and went back to sucking him. His head bobbed up and down as he got into it.

A few minutes later, Alex couldn’t take it any longer. He wanted to hold out, but Tomas’s technique was just too good. “Ah, Tomas, I think I’m going to come. Um!” he moaned as cum seeped from the little slit and into Tomas’s mouth. “Ah!”

“Ooh, yummy,” Tomas said after he swallowed. He licked his lips.

Alex looked up, still panting while he tried to catch his breath. So sexy. He felt as loose as a goose.

Tomas rose over him. “I want to fuck you now.”

“Ooh,” Alex said. “Bring it on.”

The heat radiated from Tomas’s body and he gave off a delicious woodsy scent. It was probably his cologne or body wash or something. “Kiss me first and then I’ll think about letting you fuck me,” Alex teased.

The other man’s lips bore down on his and his tongue plunged into Alex’s mouth.

Oh, he’s a great kisser too. Alex clung to him, rubbing his body against Tomas’s. He dropped his hands between them and rubbed the man’s amazing chest. Tomas has enough hair for both of us.

“Your scent turns me on,” Tomas said. “Turn over.”

Alex obeyed, rolling over and kneeling. Tomas slid one finger inside his little hole. “Ah!” The warming sensation from the lube went throughout his body. Tomas inserted a second finger and moved them in and out of Alex. Alex’s cock began to harden again. He has me so turned on.

Tomas removed his fingers and positioned himself between Alex’s legs. He spread the cheeks and pushed the head against the hole.

“Oh! Shit!” Alex cried out as the head pushed through the tiny ring and then began its downward spiral into the little crevice. Tomas was so big, Alex feared he’d split him. “Oh!” He sounded like a wounded animal.

“Just relax, Alex. I know what I’m doing.” Tomas’s thrust sent in more of his thick staff.

Alex had never been with a man with a cock quite so long before. He moved around some so his body could accommodate him.

Tomas wrapped his body around Alex’s back. “You are so fricking hot.”


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