Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time Travel, Love and The RAF- Ellen Margaret's Books Have It All

The Spitfire Lord

One minute he had the controls of a Cessna, and the next he found himself sitting in a Spitfire battling the Luftwaffe. Greg nursed the crippled Spit back to RAF base, but it was Nurse Beatrice Latton who nursed him back to health. Soon they were in love, but when Greg confessed to Bea that he was from the future, she refused to believe him. The last thing he needed then was to be whisked back to the present, a time in which Bea was dead. Somehow he had to get back to her.

The Spitfire Lady

It wasn't only men who flew planes in WWII Britain. Women Ferry Pilots had a crucial role in delivering fighter planes to airbases. Maine was one of the best pilots who just happened to come from the future. High spirited, beautiful and headstrong, she proved to be a perfect match for Jack, a handsome RAF pilot who, until he met Maine, used women badly and thought it was his divine right to do so. They proved to be perfect for each other, fell deeply in love, and planned their life together in twenty-first century England. Then disaster struck and Jack lost his angel ticket to the future.

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