Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DCL Publications Is Our Latest Publisher to Be Embraced! Come and Join Us!

Scribal Love Welcomes Pam Seres Owner and Publisher of DCL Publications!

Hi Pam!  Welcome to the Embraced Scribal Love!  Tell us a little about yourself?

I come from a big military family and I love to travel & see new things.

When or how did your love for writing develop?

I think it's always been there in dreams or thoughts. I love The Tudor era!

So could you tell us a little bit about DCL?

DCL was started by Stuart Bazga & I due to our love of The Tudor era, castles, and romance.

What do you look for in your submissions and your authors?

I look for my authors to believe in the novel they have written. For submissions, I totally trust our head editor, Jean Watkins, as she can spot a real good story.

Do you take unagented submissions?

Yes as sometimes agents miss the bigger picture.

Do you take unsolicited submissions?

It depends on what you mean by unsolicited! lol
Joking aside, I have been in the bathroom at a conferences and have had new writers come up to me. I always encourage them to submit to DCL while washing my hands of course. lol

Would you say that your company specializes in any particular genre?

DCL first started with the castle & medieval theme. We know are open to many other genres.

How would you describe your relationship with your authors especially during the editing process?  And through the development of the book?

For the editing process and development of the novel, I leave that to Jean Watkins & her team of many wonderful editors. Jean is tough but she only wants the best work possible to go out.

My relationship with the authors for the most part is positive. I love to promote them & see them advance in all areas.

What kind of product are you looking to deliver to your readers?

A great novel that will leave you enthralled and a great cover that will draw you in. DCL covers have never been better since under the direction of Annie Marshall. I can look at the covers she & her team does with pride.

Check out her latest venture for DCL.

What would you like for your readers to know about DCL Publications?

We have handsome & sexy Dark Lords on our covers & great stories!

Are there any authors or books that you are excited about?

For sure many!

Including yours Clare as you bring a different voice & Jean took one look at your submission and yes to it. That doesn't happen often! lol

I can always count on Kate Hofman, Veronica Towers, and Annie Marshal to bring about a great novel for DCL but excited to see what Miriam Newman & Susan Blexrud are starting to do. 

And finally, where can we find you on the web?

On the front page of our website done by the fabulous Diane Davis White you can find all of DCL's social links to keep up with our latest happenings.

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  1. Nice interview, ladies, and thanks to Pam for the nod. I look forward to another great year at DCL.


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