Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We've Embraced Our First Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing, An Interview

Scribal Love Welcomes Secret Cravings Publishing. We welcome their Senior Submissions Editor Beth Walker.  She Joins us Today!

Welcome Beth!

So could you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm an author myself and I write contemporary erotic romance as well as historical, shape shifters and ghosts. 

I got involved in Secret Cravings Publishing because the owner has the same philosophy I do about how we've been treated by other publishing houses. We both wanted to make Secret Cravings the place ran by authors, for authors and make it the best E-publisher out there today.

When or how did your love for writing develop?

I've been a reader of romance for a long time, probably since I read The Great Gatsby in high school. 

Now I love to write what readers want to read and be involved in the publishing industry making the best product we can for the readers.

Could you tell us a little bit more about Secret Cravings Publishing?

Secret Cravings Publishing is a brand new E-publisher. We actually begin normal sales on 1/1/11, but we are having a great sale right now of all of our January releases. 

You can pre-order any of them at 15% off cover price and get 2 entries for each book, into our Grand Opening Drawing.

You could win registration to RT Booklovers convention for 2011 or 2012, 1st prize is winners choice of Kindle, Nook or Sony ereader and 2nd prize is registration to Lori Foster's Get Together in June 2011, plus tons of free books. 

The owner and I are working close together to make SCP, the place to go for romance and more on the web. We have some awesome talent writing for us with tons of releases coming out. Everything from western ménage stories to historical Civil War stories and self-help titles will be released.

What do you look for in your submissions and your authors?

The main thing we search for is a story that is well written with a plot line that is believable. 

We like fresh voices and raw talent. Of course, we like to see authors who already have a following, but it's great to see those authors who are just dipping their toes into the publishing world, too.

Do you take unagented submissions?

Yes. We encourage authors to submit their stories whether they have an agent or not.

Do you take unsolicited submissions?

Yes, we do.

Would you say that your company specializes in any particular genre?

We don't specialize in any particular genre. We are open to all genres of romance, non-specific genre fiction and self-help.

Our titles cover a large variety of things out there and we would love to see even more.

How would you describe your relationship with your authors especially during the editing process? 

Our editors take all the time needed to make sure the manuscript is the best product it can be before it is released. 

We have a huge open-door policy and all of our authors know they can email me if there is any problem, concern or even just to say hi.

And through the development of the book?

We take each book seriously and we want the author to love their final product when it hits the sales page on our website. 

Our cover artist works one-on-one with the author to make sure they love their cover. A happy author is a productive author and everyone wins when the author is happy with their final manuscript.

What kind of product are you looking to deliver to your readers?

The best in romance that can be found. We want each piece to be the best read the reader can remember picking up.

What would you like for your readers to know about Secret Cravings Publishing?

We are a new publisher, but those involved in SCP aren't new to romance or the writing industry. 

We are open to hearing what the readers would like to see from the authors who write for us. If there is a suggestion on how we can make the readers experience with SCP better, we would love to hear about it.

Are there any authors or books that you are excited about?

I'm excited about all of our books, but our January releases are going to make a great impression for SCP as our debut authors. 

We have some experienced authors and some brand new talent with releases coming in January. Sandy Sullivan is an experienced author with several titles under her belt and she has one of her signature cowboy stories coming in our debut. 

Tonya Renee Callihan is a brand new author, but she's very talented and has a wonderful short vampire story that you'll love. Cynthia Arsuaga is another debut author who is extremely talented. She has a longer paranormal story out in January that is funny and spine tingling at the same time. 

Marianne Stephens has a biography type non-fiction story about a woman's survival during and after the Bosnian War and Dana Littlejohn has a short, fantasy type story about the son of Poseidon and how he meets his mate on the shore.

And finally, where can we find you on the web?


We thank Secret Cravings Publishing for Dropping by!

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