Thursday, September 23, 2010

Erotic Romance Writer - Eve Summers

Scribal Love Welcomes Author Eve Summers!

Thank you for the opportunity to appear on your blog, Clare. I'm definitely ready to be Embraced!

Who is Eve Summers?

Eve Summers is the pseudonym under which I write romance books, because my love scenes tend to get.. ahem... steamy. It's easier to hide than to defend my right to produce naughty fiction. You know, when people read my science fiction stories, they don't automatically assume I'm from another planet, but as soon as my friends read "Dance Like Everyone Is Watching", they phone to ask about that game with the alphabet and have I ever played it, LOL.
Q: So how did you do your research for "Dance Like Everyone Is Watching"?

 Well, to make sure I got the setting spot on, I started by going on a real-life ocean cruise with the whole family. True story. But I know what you're asking. And no, I unfortunately never had the chance to play the alphabet game, although I did ask my husband for help when I was writing the Standing Position scene and Google just wouldn't give me the details I was after....

"Dance Like Everyone Is Watching" is contemporary, but some of your romances have science fiction elements. Are you planning more books in that category?

 Indeed, "Safe Sex Incorporated" is set in a world in which love is a banned emotion, while "The Seventh Taboo" investigates the journey to find a soul mate in a world of clones. Although the sales have been a trifle disappointing, I'm definitely keen to blend the genre of speculative fiction and romance in the future.

Where can our readers find you on the web? 
Yvonne Walus writing as Eve Summers.

Thank you Yvonne/Eve!  We will definitely be reading your work!  

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