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Join Us As Deena Remiel Talks about her New Paranormal Romance Book "Trinity"

Scribal Love Welcomes Deena Remiel!

What is the name of your latest book? 


And how did you come up with the title?

Well, the story revolves around three individuals, a young divorced mother, her daughter, and an angel.

What is this book about? 

Here’s a blurb that explains it all: 

Emma Livingston, a single mom, has been through hell—and back, so she thinks. While dealing with her five year old daughter’s night terrors, she attempts to live a normal life. That is, until the being from those very nightmares comes to visit her. Has her child been dealing with a real demon while she thought he was only a figment of an active imagination? 
Michael D’Angelo is known to everyone in Prophet’s Point, Arizona, as their loving elementary school principal. But to The Brethren, he is known as the most powerful Protector. Immortal and angelic does not mean he’s without doubts or fears. While trying to protect Emma and Hannah, his tortured past comes back to haunt him. Can he overcome it? Or is he doomed to repeat a failure he has lived with for what seems like an eternity?

As Emma and Michael come together to protect Hannah, ancient secrets are revealed and faith is tested. When a prophecy is exposed, questions must be answered… Can Emma learn to trust enough to love again? Can Michael believe in himself enough to show Emma how? And will they be able to protect an innocent child, not to mention save the world as they know it, from total annihilation?

And what genre is this book in?

Paranormal romance

Who is/are the main characters? 

Michael, a Brethren Protector, is a prinicipal of an elementary school by day and an angelic protector of the good by night. 

And why did you choose them? 

Each is battling inner demons, as well as real ones, and is stronger than they ever realized.

What is the coolest or best part about your book? (Any Favorite scenes, the world-building etc..)

Well, readers, I’m sure will determine which are the best parts for them, but as for me, the coolest part about my book is that in my world, angels really do exist on earth, and they are fierce and scrumptious all at the same time! :) 

Do you have a favorite character in the book? If so, why?

My favorite character is Emma. She’s a mother who is intensely dedicated to her daughter and not afraid to show it or act on it.

Is this book part of a series? If so? What can we expect in future books?

Yes, it is. It is the first book in The Brethren Novel Series. Well, my second book, Relic, picks up where Trinity leaves off, and focuses on Raphael, a Brethren Savior. He’s got a past that comes back to haunt him; a past he’s known nothing about until one fateful day. The third book, Elixir, introduces Nathanael, a Brethren Warrior, a most complicated angel, who blurs the line between Good and Evil. Expect to see at least three more books beyond these mentioned here.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? 

Absolutely not! I LOVE my stories and characters.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? 

I learned that although writing a book starts out as a very isolated experience, it takes a village to raise a great novel. I happen to have a wonderful village around me.

Do you have a publisher? 

Yes, Decadent Publishing is my publisher of choice. 

And if so, why did you choose them? 

Heather and Lisa have cultivated a family environment for their authors, and I really like that. They both know their business very well, and have created a strong publishing house. I also love the fact that they are such proponents of the American Cancer Society. Every month, a new book is offered as a Read for the Cure book. That means all proceeds from the sale of the book go to the ACS. Isn’t that awesome?

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 

Sherrilyn Kenyon, most definitely! The way she creates her worlds so thoroughly and expansively, the depth of emotion and back story she provides each character, well, this is craft at its greatest.

What books are you reading now? 

I’m reading A Matter of Principle, by Kris Tualla, and as soon as my order comes in, I’ll be reading Anne Bishop’s The Black Jewels Trilogy. 

What are the current writing projects that you are working on? 

Relic is on que for editing, and Elixir is beckoning me to pay it some real close attention. I do, however, on my website, write an online serial called Brethren Beginnings~ Rise of the Brethren. A new installment releases every three weeks. The latest one just posted on December 13. The serial chronicles the Brethren’s origins and compelling stories BEFORE the apocalyptic events of Trinity.

Do you write full time? 

Unfortunately, no. 

If not, do you hope to do so one day? 

My goal is to do this full-time, but right now I teach language arts in a middle school. So actually, during the summer months and breaks, I write full-time.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? 

I’ve always loved reading and that translated directly to writing. I also play piano, and when I was younger, wrote songs. That turned into poetry writing for a long while. Then, I moved out to Arizona a few years ago, looked at the mountains around me, and a story percolated in my head that would not go away, Trinity.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? 

I have read so many books by amazing authors and some are masters at shifting POV from one character to another within a scene. So what did I do as I started out? You guessed it! I head-hopped like nobody’s business! So now, I’ve tamed that beast.

Do you have any advice for other writers seeking to get published for the first time?

1. Believe in the value of your story. 2. You need a village. That village is your critique group. Don’t have one? Get one. It’s that important. 3. Do your homework by finding publishers that suit your genre, writing amazing query letters and synopses, and keeping an organized list of your submissions, rejections, and requests. 4. Get your domain name as soon as possible and get visible on all types of social media. 5. Keep smiling through it all. If it isn’t fun and rewarding, even with all the business angles and such, then rethink your purpose. 6. Stay true to yourself and your goals. Don’t let the nay-sayers put doubt in your heart.

Thank you Deena for Dropping By!

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  1. As a proud Decadent Publishing author, I couldn't agree more with your sentiments regarding our village. : )
    Your book sounds wonderful. I firmly people in angles--it's been my good fortune to meet a few (both in cyberspace and face-to-face).

  2. Sounds like a very positive approach to writing to me. And you are absolutely right about Decadent Publishing. I wish you many sales.


  3. Hi Deena,

    The blurb for Trintity fascinates me. It makes yme want to learn everything about Emma,Michael and Hannah. I love a story that involves a mother dedicated to her daughter. It can carry such a lasting effect to it's readers.

    I have to agree about Decadent Publishing. They are a group of professionals that I'm also proud to be a part of.

    I'm putting Trinity on the top of my list.

    All the best,

  4. Leanne, thanks for stopping by! Decadent Publishing has quite a fan in me. :) I'm so glad I have a kindred spirit in you regarding angels.

  5. Rita, so glad you came by today. Thank you for your warm wishes. :)

  6. Kathleen, I'm so glad you are intrigued by my blurb! I'm a fierce mother, too, so I appreciate Emma for her fierceness. Thanks for putting Trinity on your reading list! :)

  7. If I count all the voices in my head, I have a village...

    Though the support system, ie, Decadent, helps keeps those voices alive!

  8. The blurb is very enticing and the premise sounds great! Congrats!
    Liz Arnold
    Message to Love
    The Wild Rose Press

  9. I loved your "village" comment! Decadent definitely provides that, but my family is also as big a part of the village. Without their understanding, patience and support, I (personally) wouldn't be where I am now.

    Excellent interview! Best of success, Deena. I found it poetic that our heroines are both single mothers. And I love Sherrilyn Kenyon too...who doesn't, right? LOL

  10. Great interview! Count me in as a HUGE fan of Deena's angels! I can't wait until I can get my hands on Trinity and I'm already looking forward to Relic being released. :)

  11. Maureen, I think I'd like to meet those voices someday. :) Decadent Publishing is a wonderful village to live in. :)

  12. Thank you so much Liz! Can't wait for you all to read it. :)

  13. Gracen, we are twins! LOL Naw, but we were destined to be friends.And certain themes resonate in our thoughts. :)

  14. Chelle, I love you so much! You have always been such a great supporter! I can't wait to put these stories in your hands! :)


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