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Monday, October 16, 2017

Santa's Secret Surrender by Dorothy Kane Liddle- The Party Turns Out To Be The Best Present Ever For Both Of Them #Cougar #RomanceNovel #MF


Fifty-one year old Evelyn Parker is smitten by the attentions of her daughter's twenty-four year old grad school friend, Justin Bowman. The unexpected end to the Parkers' Christmas Eve party surprisingly puts Evelyn and Justin together in what turns out to be the best Christmas present ever for both of them.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Alpha's Challenge by Lauren Dane-His Destined Mate Is The Sister Of His Greatest Enemy #Shifters #RomanceNovel

"Mark me and make me yours." 


As an unmated alpha, Cade was beginning to believe his entire life would be dedicated to the pack. He'd do anything for his pack family, but his life isn't complete without someone to share it with. He didn't expect to finally find his reason for being in the heart and soul of his greatest enemy's sister.  

Dr. Grace Pellini has never felt so isolated and afraid. Ever since her rogue brother threatened the existence of wolf and human alike with a viral weapon, she had no choice but to cut all ties with her pack. But now Grace has something new: Cade Warden, whose body and exhilarating scent make her come undone. In him, she's not only found her destined mate, she's also rediscovered herself, and her place in a world at war. 

But the Cascadia wolves are not so unquestioning as Cade is of Grace's loyalty, and their suspicions are posing a dangerous threat. Now, to defeat a madman and end the war, Cade and Grace have only each other to trust—by finding their ultimate strength in the power of desire… 


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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Warriors of Sidereal Command by Clare-He Will Do Whatever He Has To Do To Save Her #MilitaryRomance #ScifiRomance #MF


Caitlin Driskoll awakens nearly a century later to find everything changed around her. Forced to be a cryo soldier, her once promising life hangs in the balance in the midst of an interstellar war.

Lt. Colonel Medoro Keegan, is the one charged with keeping his crew safe but finds that his feelings for Caitlin are doing more harm than good.

Together they must fight for their planet in order to have a chance at love. Because for The Warriors of Sidereal Command, the only heat they feel is when two bodies share one bed.


Cold Warriors (Book 1)

Left in cryogenic stasis for nearly a century, Caitlin Driskoll is awakened and drafted into a war she knows nothing about. Expected to defend a world where her kind is despised and expendable, she discovers love and respect from the one man who can’t be associated with her.

Lieutenant Colonel Medoro Keegan has spent a lifetime in the Marines. With no family to speak of, the Corps and his ship, the USS Blanchard, are all the loved ones he needs…until Caitlin sparks a fire within, that threatens to consume him if he doesn’t walk away.

Will he choose a life of certainty in the only world he knows or give it all to Caitlin and run the risk of losing someone, yet again?


He didn’t know what to say. His first clash with her had distracted him to the point of madness. It had been some time since he’d had such a powerful encounter with a woman. The last one to push his buttons that hard, he wound up marrying.

Caitlin was stubborn, mouthy, somewhat insubordinate, and filled with an innate force he had not seen in sometime. She had no problem in standing up for who or what she believed in. He didn’t like the feelings she stirred in him. He dare not consider them. Especially with her. She was a subordinate and a cryo. It was against regulations for him to even think of starting anything with her.

He shifted his stance. His heart pounded in his ears and breaths quickened. “Ms. Driskoll. I don’t know what you expect from me.”

“Nothing more than I expect from myself.”

Before he knew it, he crossed the distance between them and swept her into a searing kiss. He caressed her body, touching every curve. Arousal sped through his body like lightening. He dug his fingers in her hair and hungrily dominated her mouth, his tongue delving in, playing with hers. Gripping her waist, he lifted her up and placed on her the table. She arched her neck exposing her creamy skin. He nipped and bit at it enjoying its smoothness. He reached up and caressed her breasts, a need filling him to see them, taste them.

He was ready to slip off into oblivion when he remembered himself. It was the middle of the day; they were in a briefing room and would be caught. Breaking off the kiss, he raised his hands in surrender.

“Jesus,” he said in between breaths.

“What?” she panted, as she straightened her uniform.

“Please leave. Just go.” He closed his eyes, wrestling his feelings into submission. Holding them down, he shuddered. Dear God, help me. He needed her so badly. His breathing slowed to a normal rate. When he opened his eyes, she was gone.

“Sir, you’re needed on the bridge,” the voice on the com said.

“Be right there,” he replied, grateful for the distraction.


Ice and Peace (Book 2)


A New Threat? After a long and vicious war, peace is on the horizon for Earth and its allies. However, a series of mysterious attacks on several secret military installations causes hostilities to rise once again.

Redemption. Having left under a cloud of disgrace, retired Marine Colonel Medoro Keegan is called back to duty.

Bound. His wife Caitlin, the only surviving member of her team, chooses to embrace life, albeit grudgingly, as a cryo soldier. Seen as sub-human, she is forced to serve a planet that denies her rights as a person.

Driven. Guided by their sense of duty and belief that some things are bigger than them, they are determined to risk it all.

Hope. The cost of war is high. Can their love and marriage survive? Or will it be killed off by the very same mission that brought them together?


Caitlin was a sight for sore eyes. She was beautiful. Her petite frame was perfectly accented by the curves of her figure. And her brown eyes and coffee-brown skin was smooth, creamy.

Standing at attention, she did not meet his gaze. Though it was customary not to do as a sign of military courtesy, he could tell she was not doing it for that reason. Her gaze was different. Circling her, he tried to see if he could catch her watching him out of the corner of her eye. In fact, she appeared to be staring blankly ahead.

Peering directly at her, he spoke in a soft tone. “At ease.”

She relaxed.

“Cate. Can you hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded mechanically.

Pain pierced his insides. She was definitely not there. Keegan placed his hands on his hips and hung his head in defeat. The one thing that was supposed to go right did not. For whatever reason, they had placed her in a deeper state of mental control than she’d ever been in. He controlled the hostile emotions brewing with him. Touching her face gently, he felt her icy skin.

This is unacceptable! Not here. I will not let this happen here. Not under my command.

“Chief, listen up,” he said in an authoritative tone. He knew in this state, it was the only way he could speak to her and still have her respond.

“Yes, sir.” Her gaze became even more distant.

Her response fueled his anger. “You are going to hightail it down to the doc and receive a full examination. Tell him it is based on my orders. He will know what to do. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

Knowing that she was under the influence of cryo neurotransmitters, Keegan figured the only way to combat it was to get someone to reverse it. They usually wore off once she was away from the stimulus triggers for a long period of time. But considering her stimulus triggers were high-ranking officers in uniform and combat situations, being around here meant she was going to be in a drone zone for a very long time. The last thing he needed was a zombie on board, especially one in charge of the lives others.

Only the jerks in psyche warfare thought doing this to someone would be a good idea. As long as he was running the ship, none of that would be allowed. There weren’t going to be any super zombies soldiers on board his ship. And he’d rollover in his grave before he let them do it to his wife.

“After you come back from the doc, you will report to me, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are there any questions?”

“No, sir.”


She did an about face before leaving the room. Keegan clasped his hands behind his back. In the blink of an eye, his joy had turned to sorrow. Now faced with the responsibility of looking after his wife, he wondered how could he handle the burden of command and still protect the woman he loved.


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Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Warriors-Sidereal-Command-Clare-Dargin/dp/1613335687

Friday, September 8, 2017

Imprint by Natalie Acres-They Are #Dominant #Wolves Who Finally Found Their #Submissive Mate #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance #Cowboys

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Western Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking, wax play, sex toys, HEA]


Two pack masters discover an unyielding love in one woman by altering customs and forming new traditions destined to change the Wyoming Territory forever. Imprinting upon and sharing a lover, the Alphas realize their packs must join together, but they will face great opposition when their chosen mate is confronted with a wrenching decision.

Pack masters Frank Smith and Jock Corrigan aren’t enemies, but they aren’t exactly friends. Still, their similar fates have been altered by an unusual union they cannot deny. Their relationship with Carla Cassidy forces several wolves to make their independent choices. One will stand with the newly formed pack, but another will fall victim to his own selfish needs and motives. A group of new shifters will emerge and change the course of history, but not before the expanding pack’s goals are tested and tried.


Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance



“What are you doing here?” Carla asked, propping her tiny clenched fists on her hips.

“Far be it for you to show a little appreciation,” Jock said, studying the spitfire of a woman before them. Wearing a light blue prairie dress, Carla apparently hadn’t stopped to check out the torn fabric and soiled material.

“You were attacked by a pack of wolves. I arrived in time to run them off.” Jock stood a tad taller with his announcement. Most women appreciated heroic efforts.

She paled then as he spoke. She looked down at the evidence of a ruined dress and her hands twitched.

“How did this happen?” Carla asked, suggesting her memory had failed her.

“You must’ve had a nasty bump on the head if you don’t remember,” Grant told her.

She held the heel of her hand to her forehead. “Everything is a bit foggy.”

“Well, don’t you fret none, Carla. We took care of ya.” Grant shot Jock a quick glance. “Yep, siree. Me and Jock here handled everything.”

Jock was beginning to think whenever there was a “yep, siree,” added to Grant’s speech it was nothing more than a bald-faced tale.

“Do you remember going to the barn?” Jock asked.

Carla took a minute before she answered. As if she suddenly recalled something of interest, her cheeks turned pink and she said, “I may have already been in the barn.”

Grant shot her a wink and a lopsided nod. “That was my best estimation, too.”

“Dear God,” Jock grumbled, beginning to believe Grant must’ve considered himself the most intelligent man in the West.

“Here’s how I figure things went down. Those wolves heard a lot of activity, maybe even some squealin’ and carryin’ on comin’ from the barn…” He paused and arched a brow. “How am I doin’ so far?”

Carla stared at him with this perplexed look which made Jock wonder all the more. Had Grant really watched Carla in action with these wicked props he’d mentioned?

“That’s all right, sweetness. Don’t worry ’bout a reply. I can make heads and tails out of this. Anyhow, you were in the barn doin’ whatever it is that you do out there—in the loft—and well, what I came up with after a-prowlin’ around is that you were makin’ a little too much noise.” He stood taller and his lips spread into a mischievous smile. Leaning against Jock, he added a whisper, “How’d I do? Did ya like that?”

Jock studied the pretty lady. “Carla? How close was Grant’s guess?”

“What sort of squealing?” Carla arched a brow and watched them through suspicious eyes.

Grant shrugged. “That voice of yours is as fine as cream gravy when you go to hollerin’ and such.”

“Grant,” Jock muttered, giving his buddy a one-word warning he would inevitably ignore.

Copping a strut, Grant approached the porch, working what little swagger he possessed. “Come on, Carla. You know what I mean. You can’t kick up a row and expect no one to hear ya. I ain’t been a man for all these years for nothin’. I can spot an experienced woman.” He cupped his ear, slung his arm off to the left, and quickly added, “And I can hear one from way over yonder.”

Before Jock had a chance to smooth things over, a disgusted gasp fell from Carla’s mouth. “Well I’ve never in my life.”

“Me neither,” Grant admitted. “But after what I’ve witnessed, I’d be the first man to say you are a soiled dove to the manner born. And I’d be the first to mention yer geared up to teach even an experienced fella a thing or two.”

Carla’s eyes filled with tears. Before Jock saw the slap coming, she opened her hand and her palm connected with Grant’s cheek.

“I don’t know who you think you are, Grant Ford, but if you’re trying to make a mash on me, I can promise you, I’m not impressed!”Grant stared back at her with wide eyes. “Surely to God you ain’t offended.”

“I am indeed!”

And of course after that, Miss Carla Cassidy did what Jock suspected she might. She walked inside, slammed the door in their faces, and never so much as bothered to say good-bye.

“Happy now?” Jock asked, without blinking an eye.

“I like ’em a little hot under the collar. Trust me, friend. I know what I’m doin’. Let’s go for a run. When we get back, she’ll be fit to be tied—and I mean that in the literal sense.”

Jock couldn’t help but think about Grant’s earlier words. One of these days, Carla would open the door and greet her husband. Considering what had transpired, Jock had a feeling she’d slam that door just as quickly if she thought her potential suitor was named Grant Ford.


She should’ve been played out, but by the time they freed her wrists, she was anything but a sated woman. She wondered if the imprinting had anything to do with her overactive sex drive. Her need to have relations with both mates at the same time had increased by the minute.

Was this normal? Should she have these desires? And what sort of laws would they break if they consummated their new relationship all at the same time?

Surely there were decrees in place to prohibit this sort of lewd conduct.

As her men undressed and stood before her, she reached a decision then. She didn’t care if she were fined or arrested. She’d spend her time or pay her dues.

One thing she would not and could not do was ignore the opportunity before her. What woman would?

Jock stretched out beside her. His hand propelled up and down her stomach before his palm rested between her breasts. Propping his head against his closed fist, he looked down on her with the most interesting expression.

It was as if his eyes led her into an abyss of perfect understanding. Through him, she saw a brighter future full of adventure and excitement. Lowering his lips to hers, he caressed her mouth with a giving kiss, leaving her to feel as if she’d luxuriated in the most ultimate pampering of her life.

Stimulated beyond recourse, there was only one way to sate the longing, only one way to ease the internal fire that had begun to rage out of control. She needed them to love her. She needed them to show her she was their woman, their equally shared lover, and their one and only mate.

She shuddered as Frank knelt beside her. His fingers walked across her breasts, teasing her nipples, playing with the tender areas that had been previously waxed, completely coated in paraffin.

Kissing his way across her chest, Frank dipped his fingers inside her pussy, leisurely twirling them right inside her folds. At the same time, Jock kissed a path to her ear, nicking at the soft texture of her lobe before releasing a heavy breath into the heart of her ear.

Their attentive touches turned her into an aggressive woman, a woman who could not wait, a lover who wouldn’t be happy until she experienced the most intimate claiming.

“Please help me,” she whispered.

“How can we help you?” Jock asked, placing gentle pecks upon her lips.

“Love me,” she pleaded. “Just love me.”

As if she’d uttered the only words they’d needed to hear, they rose over her together. Jock was at her left. Frank took his position at the right.

Reaching for their cocks, she massaged their lengths. Pulling and tugging their long, erect shapes, she watched their eyes fill with lust as their engorged penises swelled in her hands.

Thoughts of forbidden passion crept into her mind. Frank and Jock looked at one another as if they had been delving in her head, spending too much time trying to read her mind.

“It’s not forbidden,” Jock assured her, leaning forward and smothering her lips with another mind-blowing kiss.

As their tongues twirled, Jock took the lead. Lowering his penis to her opening, he dragged the tip through her folds in a deliberate attempt to tease her.

Frank’s heavily hooded eyes outlined the darkness. She sensed his wild nature and carnal desires.

Her chest rose and fell as she anticipated the first penetration. Widening her hips, she took a deep breath and said, “I’m ready.”

The men didn’t share a glance or discuss her claiming. Instead, Jock gripped Frank’s shoulder for balance and they dipped their hips, entering her with one hard dual thrust.

“Easy,” Jock bit out, his face twisting as they stroked her.

“Maybe I’m too tight,” she whined, trying to adjust to their weight as thick wedges of male flesh pushed inside her, filling her.

“That’s it, sweet woman,” Frank crooned, his face flushed as he shimmied his hips.

Forced to emulate Frank’s pace, Jock’s cock bore into her as well, pulsing inside her with even beats. They each compromised at the appropriate moments, adjusting the speed in which they took her or the depth in which they claimed her, but each time they entered her was more enjoyable than the last.

Their loving turned ravenous within a matter of seconds. Her pussy liquefied as she clenched around their hardness. Her body quivered with every mind-blowing thrust.

“Oh my,” she crooned, her head tossing and turning. “So good.”

Uttering more than one or two words was a chore as the men thrummed inside her, staking their claim and making her their own. And as they came together, chanting their pleasures and screaming her name, Carla was completely transformed.

Shuddering as her release washed over her, she cried out their names, too. Her pussy stretched to accommodate them, wrapping around them as if to hold them in place not just for the moment but for as long as they would let her keep them close, deeply buried inside her.

She climbed to new heights then, and reached another earth-moving climax. Her orgasm rocked through her and she not only imagined their lives together, but she saw clips of the forthcoming days.

It was then when she realized she had just enjoyed the first of many intimate dances with her wolves.


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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Imprints-Dominant-Wolves-Submissive-Publishing-ebook/dp/B00CIVXVQE

Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/imprints