Our Scribes Are Everywhere

Our Scribes Are Everywhere

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Djinn and A Bollywood Star Try To Escape A 'Bollywood Nightmare.' A Contemporary, M/F, Erotic, Paranormal Romance by Victoria Blisse

(This is book two in the Djinn's Amulet series)


Sometimes what seems to be a nightmare can change into a dream come true.

Kiya is the daughter of Rahul Khan, the biggest Bollywood star of all time and she is a talented actress in her own right. Her abundant curves have taken Bollywood by storm and now Hollywood is knocking at her door.

Johnny is the Khan family Djinn. He is responsible for Rahul meeting his true love Laura. Well, that's what he tells people anyway. His Masters latest wish is the safekeeping of his daughter Kiya on her American adventure. How he ends up powerless and alone he's not quite sure and how he's going to rescue the kidnapped Kiya without his Djinn magic is a mystery.

Luckily, Kiya has many talents She sets about seducing her captor, Aseem but it isn't just her virginity he takes, it's her heart.

Will Kiya and Aseem beat the odds, escape the badlands warehouse and have all the wild, kinky sexy they long for? Will Johnny be wished free, will he go to his soul mate in Djinnistan and will they all live happily ever after?

Reader Advisory: 

This book contains contains a scene of dubious consent, some hot spanking, sexy bondage and a sarcastic Djinn you are going to fall in love with. This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.


So yes, Rahul and Laura married. It was almost a fairy tale. He worked in the movies and she became the translator she'd always dreamed of being. They were disgustingly happy and content and I had high hopes that Rahul would finally wish me free. Then one evening as he supped cold beer in the stifling heat of midsummer I asked him about it.

"So, you've got everything you ever wanted, right?"

"Yes," he replied, lazily wiping sweat from his brow with the back of a hand.

"And you're in love and so very happy, right?"

"Oh, yeah." He still got that dewy-eyed possessed look every time he thought of Laura. Sickening.

"Then you don't really need me anymore, right?"


"Come on, Rahul. You have true love and we Djinns can't even grant that wish, nuh-uh, but I did, didn't I? I got you married to your true love."

"Your ego has no bounds, Johnny. Yes, no doubt you helped and I thank you for it but the true love came about naturally despite the odds."

"Oh blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I thought you were going to wish me free when you were happy and settled and all that crap."

"Yes, I was going to but something has happened recently to change my mind."

"What's happened? Has Laura come to her senses and shagged someone hunkier and richer than you?"

"Now you're just being petulant. No, Laura has not. She has, however, given me some good news."

"She's returning to England and she's taking her Britpop CD's home with her?"

"No, Johnny. Just listen for a minute, would you? Laura is pregnant."


"Is that all you have to say? Geez. I thought you were meant to be the eloquent one."

"Congratulations on the imminent birth of your little crying bratling. Here's to sleepless nights, smelly nappies and toddler tantrums."

I disappeared then into my little tea kettle. No puff of smoke, no drama. Just a fully grown man shrinking and slipping down the spout of a tall, Eastern-looking brass kettle. It might not be much but I called it home. Bottles were over-rated and don't get me started on lamps. 

Pregnant. Shit. I hadn't considered what would happen then.

"Please, Johnny. Don't sulk." I could hear Rahul perfectly well through the metal walls of my home. I really should think about getting them soundproofed. "I was all for releasing you, really I was, but now I've created new life. We're going to have a baby, Johnny—well, Laura and I are, you've got nothing to do with it—and it's a big scary world out there. How can I send my little Farishta out into it alone? It would be remiss of me to do so when I have the greatest gift known to mankind. I'm sorry, Johnny, but what's a few extra years of being my servant, really? I am a good master, I am not a slave driver. And once my little one is established then maybe I will wish you free."

It was not the first time I'd heard the speech, in fact I'd heard variations of it several times over the years. Certainly some of my masters did seem to care for me and they would promise my freedom, then suddenly they had the prospect of becoming daddies and all sense went out of the window along with my hopes and dreams of freedom. Having your heart ripped out and your dreams stomped on wasn't something you got used to but sadly it was something I jadedly began to expect from my arsehole human masters.

Monday, October 20, 2014

She Shall Bring Death To The Race of Vampires; 'A Touch Too Much.' A Sensual, Contemporary, M/F, Romance by Chris Lange


She shall bring death to the race of vampires.

If prophecies are to be trusted, Liv possesses the means to destroy creatures of the night. But in the real world vampires don't exist. At least not until one of them scents her. And pursues her.

As she flees to save her life, she feels the power in her blood. The power that might eradicate a world of violence and darkness. The power that enchains her to the most ruthless vampire of all. 


She never saw him coming.

Liv was opening the trunk of her car when a rough hand grabbed her throat and squeezed. Her heart stuttered wildly, and her lungs cried for air. The hand tightened its grip, just enough to control her, to let her know she couldn't escape. The parking lot looked deserted. At this time of night, even late shoppers had already gone home. There was no one to help her.

She tried to breathe, tried not to panic. Little dots danced before her eyes. A sudden wave of blackness threatened to engulf her. She fought it. But the hand felt strong, very strong. Suddenly weak, unable to think, Liv dropped her bag. It clattered noisily on the concrete, the only sound in the vast silence of the parking lot.

Then...he smelt her. Definitely smelt her.

As suddenly as she had been attacked, she was free. She inhaled deeply, sweet air, blissful air invading her empty lungs. She made ragged sounds, her throat burning, her knees so wobbly that she had to lean on the car to ease off the tension. Silly as it sounded, she felt as weak as a freshly-out-of-the-womb kitten. What had just happened? Had he really smelt her?


His voice startled her-only one word, barely whispered, but an order nonetheless. He had assaulted her, out of nowhere. Now he wanted her to leave. The whole scene felt totally surreal.

"Go before he sees you!"


"Some questions are better not answered."

He spoke in a low tone as though he didn't want to be heard. Liv turned around as fast as her still-spinning head would allow her. He stood well away from her, dark, tall, dangerous, his gaze fixed on her. The most attractive man she had ever seen. He had just attempted to strangle her but, looking at him, all she wanted to do was run her fingers through his thick black hair, and touch the hard lines of his face.

Her granddad's favourite curse sprang to mind, as was the case every time she felt troubled or threatened. Holy mackerel, what was wrong with her today? She should already be driving away yet shock seemed to slow her down to the speed of a sleepy hedgehog. Shock or curiosity? Latching onto the mental image of Gramps, she stared at her handsome, disturbing attacker.

"You can't jump on people like that. What do you want?"

She carefully touched her neck, the tender spot right below the chin. Despite her fear and bafflement, Liv couldn't help gaping at him. Who was this man? What did he want to do with her? Rape her? Kill her? If so, he wasn't being very efficient. Why had he changed his mind? Because he had smelt her skin? That made no sense. No sense at all.

"Look, I don't know..."

"Be quiet!"

He had issued an order again, and, in spite of his scary tone, she didn't like it one bit. They faced each other, her still wobbly on her legs, him as hard as iron. She decided not to be impressed by his unnatural gaze and stance, and took a step towards him.

"Stay away from me!" He didn't move a muscle, didn't raise his voice. A gust of wind crossed the parking lot, and his long, black leather coat billowed. 

A dog's distant howl broke the silence, the sinister sound suggesting loneliness. Liv felt hit by an unexpected lick of desire as she watched the mysterious stranger-a gentle hardening in her stomach, a soft tickle between her thighs.

Although night had settled in, she easily made out his rough features, the strong line of his jaws, the curve of his sensual lips. What could those lips do to her? Slide along her bare skin? Caress her mouth with longing? Kiss the gentle throbbing between her thighs?

Holy mackerel, what was she thinking? She had to quit daydreaming right this instant. For all she knew the man might be the next Jack the Ripper so she'd better stop drooling over him. Yes, good decision.

Maybe she spent too much time in front of the television, but he looked so like a dark knight from past ages, a guardian from a world beyond. Intent on clarifying the situation, Liv took another step.

"I told you to stay away from me!"

There it was again. Did she detect a hint of wariness in his tone this time?

Palms up, she met his gaze. "Why?"

"Because you are the death of me."


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