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Imprint by Natalie Acres-They Are #Dominant #Wolves Who Finally Found Their #Submissive Mate #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance #Cowboys

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Western Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking, wax play, sex toys, HEA]


Two pack masters discover an unyielding love in one woman by altering customs and forming new traditions destined to change the Wyoming Territory forever. Imprinting upon and sharing a lover, the Alphas realize their packs must join together, but they will face great opposition when their chosen mate is confronted with a wrenching decision.

Pack masters Frank Smith and Jock Corrigan aren’t enemies, but they aren’t exactly friends. Still, their similar fates have been altered by an unusual union they cannot deny. Their relationship with Carla Cassidy forces several wolves to make their independent choices. One will stand with the newly formed pack, but another will fall victim to his own selfish needs and motives. A group of new shifters will emerge and change the course of history, but not before the expanding pack’s goals are tested and tried.


Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance



“What are you doing here?” Carla asked, propping her tiny clenched fists on her hips.

“Far be it for you to show a little appreciation,” Jock said, studying the spitfire of a woman before them. Wearing a light blue prairie dress, Carla apparently hadn’t stopped to check out the torn fabric and soiled material.

“You were attacked by a pack of wolves. I arrived in time to run them off.” Jock stood a tad taller with his announcement. Most women appreciated heroic efforts.

She paled then as he spoke. She looked down at the evidence of a ruined dress and her hands twitched.

“How did this happen?” Carla asked, suggesting her memory had failed her.

“You must’ve had a nasty bump on the head if you don’t remember,” Grant told her.

She held the heel of her hand to her forehead. “Everything is a bit foggy.”

“Well, don’t you fret none, Carla. We took care of ya.” Grant shot Jock a quick glance. “Yep, siree. Me and Jock here handled everything.”

Jock was beginning to think whenever there was a “yep, siree,” added to Grant’s speech it was nothing more than a bald-faced tale.

“Do you remember going to the barn?” Jock asked.

Carla took a minute before she answered. As if she suddenly recalled something of interest, her cheeks turned pink and she said, “I may have already been in the barn.”

Grant shot her a wink and a lopsided nod. “That was my best estimation, too.”

“Dear God,” Jock grumbled, beginning to believe Grant must’ve considered himself the most intelligent man in the West.

“Here’s how I figure things went down. Those wolves heard a lot of activity, maybe even some squealin’ and carryin’ on comin’ from the barn…” He paused and arched a brow. “How am I doin’ so far?”

Carla stared at him with this perplexed look which made Jock wonder all the more. Had Grant really watched Carla in action with these wicked props he’d mentioned?

“That’s all right, sweetness. Don’t worry ’bout a reply. I can make heads and tails out of this. Anyhow, you were in the barn doin’ whatever it is that you do out there—in the loft—and well, what I came up with after a-prowlin’ around is that you were makin’ a little too much noise.” He stood taller and his lips spread into a mischievous smile. Leaning against Jock, he added a whisper, “How’d I do? Did ya like that?”

Jock studied the pretty lady. “Carla? How close was Grant’s guess?”

“What sort of squealing?” Carla arched a brow and watched them through suspicious eyes.

Grant shrugged. “That voice of yours is as fine as cream gravy when you go to hollerin’ and such.”

“Grant,” Jock muttered, giving his buddy a one-word warning he would inevitably ignore.

Copping a strut, Grant approached the porch, working what little swagger he possessed. “Come on, Carla. You know what I mean. You can’t kick up a row and expect no one to hear ya. I ain’t been a man for all these years for nothin’. I can spot an experienced woman.” He cupped his ear, slung his arm off to the left, and quickly added, “And I can hear one from way over yonder.”

Before Jock had a chance to smooth things over, a disgusted gasp fell from Carla’s mouth. “Well I’ve never in my life.”

“Me neither,” Grant admitted. “But after what I’ve witnessed, I’d be the first man to say you are a soiled dove to the manner born. And I’d be the first to mention yer geared up to teach even an experienced fella a thing or two.”

Carla’s eyes filled with tears. Before Jock saw the slap coming, she opened her hand and her palm connected with Grant’s cheek.

“I don’t know who you think you are, Grant Ford, but if you’re trying to make a mash on me, I can promise you, I’m not impressed!”Grant stared back at her with wide eyes. “Surely to God you ain’t offended.”

“I am indeed!”

And of course after that, Miss Carla Cassidy did what Jock suspected she might. She walked inside, slammed the door in their faces, and never so much as bothered to say good-bye.

“Happy now?” Jock asked, without blinking an eye.

“I like ’em a little hot under the collar. Trust me, friend. I know what I’m doin’. Let’s go for a run. When we get back, she’ll be fit to be tied—and I mean that in the literal sense.”

Jock couldn’t help but think about Grant’s earlier words. One of these days, Carla would open the door and greet her husband. Considering what had transpired, Jock had a feeling she’d slam that door just as quickly if she thought her potential suitor was named Grant Ford.


She should’ve been played out, but by the time they freed her wrists, she was anything but a sated woman. She wondered if the imprinting had anything to do with her overactive sex drive. Her need to have relations with both mates at the same time had increased by the minute.

Was this normal? Should she have these desires? And what sort of laws would they break if they consummated their new relationship all at the same time?

Surely there were decrees in place to prohibit this sort of lewd conduct.

As her men undressed and stood before her, she reached a decision then. She didn’t care if she were fined or arrested. She’d spend her time or pay her dues.

One thing she would not and could not do was ignore the opportunity before her. What woman would?

Jock stretched out beside her. His hand propelled up and down her stomach before his palm rested between her breasts. Propping his head against his closed fist, he looked down on her with the most interesting expression.

It was as if his eyes led her into an abyss of perfect understanding. Through him, she saw a brighter future full of adventure and excitement. Lowering his lips to hers, he caressed her mouth with a giving kiss, leaving her to feel as if she’d luxuriated in the most ultimate pampering of her life.

Stimulated beyond recourse, there was only one way to sate the longing, only one way to ease the internal fire that had begun to rage out of control. She needed them to love her. She needed them to show her she was their woman, their equally shared lover, and their one and only mate.

She shuddered as Frank knelt beside her. His fingers walked across her breasts, teasing her nipples, playing with the tender areas that had been previously waxed, completely coated in paraffin.

Kissing his way across her chest, Frank dipped his fingers inside her pussy, leisurely twirling them right inside her folds. At the same time, Jock kissed a path to her ear, nicking at the soft texture of her lobe before releasing a heavy breath into the heart of her ear.

Their attentive touches turned her into an aggressive woman, a woman who could not wait, a lover who wouldn’t be happy until she experienced the most intimate claiming.

“Please help me,” she whispered.

“How can we help you?” Jock asked, placing gentle pecks upon her lips.

“Love me,” she pleaded. “Just love me.”

As if she’d uttered the only words they’d needed to hear, they rose over her together. Jock was at her left. Frank took his position at the right.

Reaching for their cocks, she massaged their lengths. Pulling and tugging their long, erect shapes, she watched their eyes fill with lust as their engorged penises swelled in her hands.

Thoughts of forbidden passion crept into her mind. Frank and Jock looked at one another as if they had been delving in her head, spending too much time trying to read her mind.

“It’s not forbidden,” Jock assured her, leaning forward and smothering her lips with another mind-blowing kiss.

As their tongues twirled, Jock took the lead. Lowering his penis to her opening, he dragged the tip through her folds in a deliberate attempt to tease her.

Frank’s heavily hooded eyes outlined the darkness. She sensed his wild nature and carnal desires.

Her chest rose and fell as she anticipated the first penetration. Widening her hips, she took a deep breath and said, “I’m ready.”

The men didn’t share a glance or discuss her claiming. Instead, Jock gripped Frank’s shoulder for balance and they dipped their hips, entering her with one hard dual thrust.

“Easy,” Jock bit out, his face twisting as they stroked her.

“Maybe I’m too tight,” she whined, trying to adjust to their weight as thick wedges of male flesh pushed inside her, filling her.

“That’s it, sweet woman,” Frank crooned, his face flushed as he shimmied his hips.

Forced to emulate Frank’s pace, Jock’s cock bore into her as well, pulsing inside her with even beats. They each compromised at the appropriate moments, adjusting the speed in which they took her or the depth in which they claimed her, but each time they entered her was more enjoyable than the last.

Their loving turned ravenous within a matter of seconds. Her pussy liquefied as she clenched around their hardness. Her body quivered with every mind-blowing thrust.

“Oh my,” she crooned, her head tossing and turning. “So good.”

Uttering more than one or two words was a chore as the men thrummed inside her, staking their claim and making her their own. And as they came together, chanting their pleasures and screaming her name, Carla was completely transformed.

Shuddering as her release washed over her, she cried out their names, too. Her pussy stretched to accommodate them, wrapping around them as if to hold them in place not just for the moment but for as long as they would let her keep them close, deeply buried inside her.

She climbed to new heights then, and reached another earth-moving climax. Her orgasm rocked through her and she not only imagined their lives together, but she saw clips of the forthcoming days.

It was then when she realized she had just enjoyed the first of many intimate dances with her wolves.


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Love Found by Becca Van-It Was As If They Could See Into Her Soul #RomanceNovel #Shifters #Cowboys #Menage

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, spanking, HEA]


Rylan, Tarkyn, and Chevy Friess know that Alyson Redding is their mate as soon as their wolves scent her, but she isn’t interested in a relationship. The independent, feisty woman is determined to keep them at arm's length, but they are resolute to have her in their beds and them in her heart.

Alyson is in hiding and doesn’t want to have a relationship. Her previous job has shown her that men are abusive and not worth her time, but she is drawn to the three Friess brothers and can’t get them out of her head.

Danger follows her to Aztec, New Mexico, and it is a race against time to save her. Will her men be in time to stop the threat plunging toward her, or will they be too late?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance



What the hell just happened? Alyson sat in the driver’s seat of the small delivery truck and sighed. Why was I attracted to three men? God! What is wrong with me? She groaned and leaned over until her head touched the steering wheel. Taking a deep breath, she turned on the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot.

When she had sat on that barstool sipping her coffee, it had felt like those three men could see into her soul. She’d never felt such an instant connection to anyone before. It was damned disconcerting. She shivered and moisture leaked onto her panties at the remembered heat of each Friess brother’s touch.

Damn it, Alyson, get your head out of the clouds. You are already in a world of trouble, and you don’t need a relationship to complicate matters further.

Alyson concentrated on her driving as she thought over her reaction to Rylan, Tarkyn, and Chevy. She’d never been interested in a man before, let alone three men. Her previous line of work had made her wary in regards to the opposite sex. Of course she’d mucked around a bit in college, but she’d never gone the whole nine yards. Men were jerks and couldn’t be trusted. God knew she’d seen that time and again after graduating.

Chevy, Tarkyn, and Rylan might have caught her eye, but their questions had unnerved her. Six months working her way across Arizona and into New Mexico had taught her to hide her secrets well, but it was as if they knew when she was fibbing. I should keep running. The handsome club owners weren’t the first enticement for her to stay in this area. For some reason she’d stopped running when she’d reached Bloomfield. It wasn’t just that moving from town to town was as hard on her nerves as it was on her body. Something about the quiet town had called to her. So five months ago she had leased a fully furnished bungalow attached to the back of an elderly couple’s house and worked at odd jobs until this one came up. She had only been working for Jerry for two weeks, and even though she was still getting to know the cantankerous older man, she liked him, a lot. He was like the father figure she’d never had.

Jerry was gruff but fair, and if he didn’t like something, he wasn’t shy about letting you know. Alyson liked to know where she stood. The thought of trying to read between lines just irritated and frustrated her. If she’d done something wrong, she wanted to know about it so she could change or fix whatever her transgression was.

Alyson tugged on the steering wheel slightly when the front wheel touched the edge of the gravel. She sighed and pushed all those disconcerting thoughts aside and concentrated on her driving. Jerry would blow a gasket if she got in an accident.

Twelve minutes later she was pulling the truck into the large warehouse. After turning off the ignition, she hopped out of the driver’s seat.

“Alyson,” Jerry called from his office door, “come into my office.”

Oh shit! Have I done something wrong? Jerry was scowling as usual, but there seemed to be an underlying tension around his mouth. Did I take too long making the delivery? Did the Friess brothers complain about me? Maybe I should have been more persistent when Tarkyn took the hand truck from me.

Alyson hurried across the blue-painted concrete floor and into Jerry’s office.

“Take a seat.” He waved his hand toward the chair across from his desk. “The Aztec Club has changed their delivery schedule.”

Is he studying me more intently than normal? Alyson tried to keep her face blank and her body still. It took more effort than she would have thought when the sexy image of the Friess brothers flashed through her mind.

“Okay,” Alyson said, and even though she wanted to ask questions, she decided silence would be more prudent. If the Friess brothers had something against her, she wasn’t about to open her mouth to help get herself in trouble. She needed this job to put food on the table and keep a roof over her head. Her last job hadn’t paid much, and she was always living from paycheck to paycheck. Maybe one day she would have enough money to start her own business and work for herself, but she couldn’t see that happening in the near future.

“You are to make smaller deliveries daily and a larger one on Saturday afternoon,” Jerry said.

“But…” She hesitated.

“Go on and say it,” Jerry said gruffly.

“That doesn’t make sense. Why would they want smaller deliveries done every day when it would be cheaper to have one larger one done every week? They’ll be paying extra for the man hours and fuel.”

Jerry studied her, and then she saw a glimmer of amusement in his eyes. She watched with fascination as a smile slowly spread across his mouth and he tipped his head back and let rip with a deep belly laugh. Alyson had no idea what was so funny but smiled anyway. She’d never seen Jerry smile or laugh. His humor seemed to lighten his whole gruff exterior. Finally with a last chuckle he looked at her and grinned as her smile turned to a frown.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. If the customer wants their deliveries done every day and is willing to pay for it, why question it? The customer is always right. Your last delivery every day will be to the Aztec Club. By the time you finish up, the warehouse will be closed, so you may as well take the truck home with you.”

“You realize that I will have to park it out on the street, don’t you? I don’t have a garage or driveway I can secure your truck in.”

“You live in Bloomfield, sweetheart, not New York. The truck will be fine.” Jerry smiled again.



“Help me get her clothes off.”

Chevy moved in closer and reached for the hem of her shirt. Between the two of them they had her naked from the waist up in seconds, and then Tarkyn slipped the button from her jeans and lowered the zipper. Rylan lifted her hips and Chevy helped him tug her jeans and panties down her legs then quickly removed her shoes and socks when her pants caught around her ankles and drew them the rest of the way off.

Rylan inhaled raggedly at the same time Chevy moaned. Although they suspected their beautiful mate was a virgin, she had either waxed or shaved all the pubic hair from her mound. Cream glistened on the puffy lips of her labia, and her musky scent permeated the air more strongly now that she was naked. Her breasts were much fuller than he had suspected and were topped with dusky-rose areolas and hard nipples. He had large hands, and she would overflow them.

Alyson whimpered when Rylan cupped those puppies in his hands and then pulled her nipples out from her body. Tarkyn had to taste the sweet honey dripping from her pussy right now. He knelt down again and wrapped his arms around each of her thighs and pulled her forward, away from his brother’s crotch. When he had her right where he wanted her and knew he wouldn’t touch his brother, Tarkyn slid his hands under her body and gripped her ass. Her muscles clenched as he massaged her muscularly taut but fleshy cheeks, separating them and stretching her hole as he lowered his head.

He breathed in deeply, used his thumbs to spread her labial lips even more, and then licked from her pussy hole up to her protruding pink nub. She tasted sweet and spicy all rolled into one, and he was determined to lap up every single delicious drop her body produced. Tarkyn opened his mouth wide and licked up through her folds like a cat would lap up cream, but instead of taking short little laps, he took long, slow licks. Reaching further around her thigh with his right arm, he rimmed the entrance to her sheath with a finger. She squirmed, moaned, and thrust her hips up into his mouth.

Tarkyn began to penetrate her and slowly slid his finger into her warm, wet body. She was so tight he knew that once he got his cock inside her, he would have to use every ounce of his control to hold back an orgasm to make certain Alyson would reach climax first. But that was for a little later. Right now he wanted to send her to the stars.

As he eased his finger into her pussy up to the first knuckle, her inner walls clenched and tried to pull him in, but since he and his brothers suspected she was an innocent he was going to take his time and make sure this was as pleasurable as possible for his mate. He withdrew his finger slightly and then pushed in farther while laving her clit with the tip of his tongue. Every time he caressed that engorged bundle of nerves, the muscles in her legs and lower abdomen quivered. Tarkyn wondered if she would go wild when in the throes of climax.

He looked up when Chevy leaned down and kissed Alyson. Tarkyn groaned against her flesh when he saw the openmouthed kiss she shared with his brother. Glimpses of her tongue tangling with Chevy’s had Tarkyn’s cock pulsing against the closed teeth of his fly. Alyson’s sob was muffled by Chevy’s kiss as Rylan rolled her nipples and Tarkyn thrust his finger into her until he could reach no farther.

Her internal muscles clenched around his embedded digit, and when they released again, she covered his flesh with another gush of fresh cream. Tarkyn wanted to hear her climax. He wondered if she would continue to make those little whimpering, sobbing mewls or if she would scream the house down. He hoped it was the latter, because he wanted her so wrapped up in her pleasure that she finally let go and let her body take over. Their little mate had learned to be too cautious, and he wanted to know they had all of her trust.

Tarkyn pulled his finger out and then pumped two fingers back into her tight, pretty little cunt. He spread his digits as he removed them until the tips were just inside, and as he slid them back in, he searched for that sweet spot inside that all women had. When he found it, Alyson cried out and bucked so hard she nearly threw him off of her.

“Hold her down. I’m going to make her come,” Tarkyn ordered his brothers through their mind link.


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Jake's Angel by Lynnette Bernard-He Is Her Mate and She Desires His Domination #RomanceNovel #Cowboys #Paranormal #BDSM

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Romance, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]


Jake McKade is a man who needs control. The death of his parents made him understand that everyone he loves will be taken from him. Loving a woman would be no different. The accident that put him in the hospital made him give up on life. Until he met Claire.

Claire Hamilton can feel the emotions of others. She can’t survive the pain in her head from her empathic ability. Taking care of Jake allows her to see into his soul, which tells her three things. He’s her shield from the pain of the world. He’s a good man whose need to dominate doesn’t frighten her. He’s her mate, and she wants him just the way he is.

He calls her his angel. He knows she’s his mate. Others plan to destroy their love. Their happiness depends on Jake finding the courage and the strength to accept the love of his angel and the babies she will gift him with.

A Siren Erotic Romance



Jake felt a soothing touch on his face. He struggled to make sense of it. No one ever touched him in that way.

He could smell her. She had a scent that was clean and soothing. It reminded him of the field of wildflowers where he wanted to build his future home. He had always wanted a home to share with his destined mate and had thought it was something he would have in his future, but he knew better now.

“Jake,” a soft voice called to him. “Can you hear me? Do you want to open your eyes and look at me?”

Jake struggled against the pull to become aware. Everything hurt too much. He didn’t want to open his eyes. He didn’t want to feel the aching throb in his left leg. He hated the way his head felt like it was filled with cotton that had been soaked in hard liquor. It was worse than a hangover. It was torture.

“You don’t have to open your eyes, Jake,” the feminine voice told him gently. “Just listen to me and try to relax. You’ve been in an accident, but you’re doing well. You’ve been unconscious for a while, but I’ve been here with you the whole time.”

“Who?” Jake managed to croak out. “So dry.”

He found a straw at his lips within a heartbeat. He drew on it slowly, thankful for the cool water. Too soon the straw was pulled away. He was helpless to move and draw it back toward his mouth.

“More,” he demanded.

The soft laughter that met his words made him angry. Did this woman not know that he demanded respect? Did she not know that she must listen to whatever he said and do whatever he told her to do?

Before he could voice his demands, he felt the soothing touch of her hand along the side of his face. When he felt the wet tip of her finger trace ice chips across his dry lips, he opened his mouth and sucked the chips and her fingers into his mouth. When she tried to move them away, he bit down lightly and captured her so she couldn’t get away. He growled softly as he exerted his dominance.

The soft gasp and then the sweet laughter that he heard confused him. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw the most incredibly beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life looking down at him. There was a soft glow of white surrounding her, making her appear ethereal. Her brown eyes sparkled with joy, and her sweet face made him think of gentleness and love. Her hair was almost a midnight black, it was so dark. It was pulled back from her face in a high ponytail but he could see the curls of its thickness. He wanted to grab on to that ponytail and hold her in place. The intensity of that thought surprised him. He had never had such an immediate gut reaction to any woman before.

“You’re fresh,” she whispered, tugging at her fingers and smiling widely when he refused to release her. “Jake McKade, you need to let go of my fingers.”

He shook his head slowly, surprised when he saw the way her expression softened as she listened to his refusal. When she reached up and threaded the fingers of her free hand through his hair and tightened her hold, he couldn’t help the way his body tightened with need.

Opening his mouth, he expected her to snatch her hand away but she surprised him. She gathered another ice chip, wet her fingers again, and drew them back to his lips to trace them once again. He licked at her fingers and smiled when she took a shaky breath.

“You know, you’re entirely too cute for your own good,” she told him, dragging her fingers across his cheek and rubbing his temple with the pad of her thumb. “How’re you feeling? Do you have a headache?”

“I’m fine,” he insisted, the barrier to his heart slamming closed once again.

“Liar,” she said softly.

Straightening, Claire pressed the call button that was wrapped around the side bar of the bed. The deluge of emotions and pain from the people within the hospital hit her the moment she wasn’t touching Jake. She couldn’t help but moan softly as she raised her hands and touched her temples. She had forgotten to put up her mental shields. She had become so comfortable not needing them whenever she was with Jake. She had become lax in her vigilance.

Jake saw her pain and reached out for her immediately, grunting when his sudden movement caused pain to shoot up his left leg and into his hip, radiating up into his stomach and groin. He clenched his teeth against the pain, but he never let go of her arm.

Claire sagged against him, her body draping across his chest as the relief from pain was immediate. She rested her face within the crook of his neck and breathed in the masculine scent of him.

“I’m sorry, Jake,” she whispered, doing her best to push herself off of his chest so she wouldn’t cause him any further pain.

“Don’t move,” he told her firmly, glad when she immediately stilled.

“I don’t want to put pressure on your ribs,” she explained softly, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair and massage his scalp lightly.

He sighed at the gentleness of her fingers on his head. He eased his hold on her but never let go of her forearm. “I think you need to be right where you are,” he whispered, fighting to control his pain.

“You think so, huh?” she asked, soft laughter escaping her.



Jake set her down gently beside the bed, gathering her in his arms and smiling down at her. The blue of his eyes twinkled with happiness and love. When he framed her face with his hands, she sighed into his touch as he gave her such peace and calm. He also filled her with happiness and love. She could feel his emotions. This man was truly a treasure.

“I’ll go out and get the picnic basket,” he whispered against her lips before he kissed her tenderly. “I’ll be right back.”

“Are we eating in our bedroom?”

Jake slowly smiled and raised one eyebrow as his mind went immediately to that place that was filled with desire. “Yes, angel,” he said finally. “We’re going to eat our picnic dinner, and then I’m going to eat you.”

Claire smiled even as she blushed. “Jake,” she whispered, pushing at his chest lightly. She couldn’t even look at him, knowing her face had to be red with embarrassment.

“What’s the matter, angel? Did I embarrass you?”

Claire laughed softly as she snuggled into the firm muscles of his chest. “You know you did,” she whispered.

Jake laughed softly against the top of Claire’s head. “Yeah, I know I did,” he admitted. “That’s what makes it fun.”

Claire eased back and looked up at the decidedly smug expression on Jake’s face. He had every reason to be smug. He was a kind and giving lover who drove her crazy with desire every time he touched her. She had never known making love with a man would be so incredible or so explosive. He always made sure to make her come more than once before finding his own release.

“I’m going to tie you to our headboard and have my way with you tonight, Jake McKade,” she told him, taking great satisfaction from the surprised expression displayed on his face at her words.

“Are you?”

“I’m going to use the silk scarves to tie you,” Claire continued, nodding and kissing the column of his throat until she reached his ear. “I’m going to suck your balls into my mouth and tease you until your cock is dripping. Then I’m going to swallow your cock and bring you almost to the edge.”

“Then what?” Jake was barely able to ask.

“Then I’m going to sit on you and take your cock deep inside of me. I’m going to ride you until you come and fill me up with your seed.”

“Hell,” Jake whispered.

His shaft was so hard within his jeans he was sure it was going to be permanently marked from the teeth of his zipper. He had never been restrained in his life, but he was looking forward to experiencing the erotic adventure that Claire had just described to him.

“Go and get the picnic basket, Mate,” she whispered into his ear. “I’ll be waiting for you.” She kissed his neck just below his earlobe, biting down on the tender skin lightly. “Do you think you’ll be able to control yourself if I’m naked when you come back?”

Jake growled as he gathered her tighter against his body and threw them both down onto the bed. He kissed her with such passion Claire wouldn’t be surprised if the bed combusted into flames. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, moaning as he rubbed his cock against her core.

She reached down between them, trying unsuccessfully to unbuckle his belt and open his jeans. She could feel the hardness of his shaft and felt a desperate need to have him inside of her.

Jake swore softly against her mouth, easing back and unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants, and reaching into his boxer briefs to free his hard cock. He breathed a sigh of relief as the pressure was eased immediately and his cock bounced free to point directly at his mate’s body.

Claire reached for him and gripped his shaft firmly, pulling on it and eliciting a groan of desire from him. Jake allowed her touch for only a second before he pulled her hand away and reached for the snap and zipper of her jeans. In just a matter of seconds, he tugged them from her body, ripping her underwear in the process. She didn’t care. She needed him. She didn’t care if he destroyed every piece of clothing that she wore.

She laughed as her jeans got hooked on her sneakers, causing Jake to release another series of swears in frustration. When he was finally able to pull off her sneakers and tug her jeans from her body, they were propelled across the room as he threw the offending deterrent to his need to love his woman. Claire’s laughter stopped quickly and was replaced by a long moan as Jake slid inside of her.

She locked her legs around his thighs and pulled him closer. He filled her so perfectly. She loved the hardness, the thickness, and the depth of him. Her body was made for his in every way.

“Jake,” she whispered against his neck.

“Am I hurting you, Claire?” he asked softly. He gritted his teeth and held his body still. Every bit of his control was focused on not hurting his woman.

“Not at all,” she said, laughing softly. “But if you don’t start moving soon, I’m going to bite you.” She opened her mouth and lightly bit down on the side of his neck for emphasis.

Jake’s entire body tensed with anticipation. Claire pulled such need from him, it was almost frightening. Moving his hips just slightly, he pulled from her warm channel very slowly, loving the whimpers that left his woman as he did so. Pressing back inside of her, he held his groin tightly against hers as his balls rested against her body and his shaft was buried as deep as he could go inside of her.


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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

His Untamed Mate by Korey Mae Johnson-He Loves Her But Will Spank Her If She Disobeys #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance #Scifi


After her abduction from Earth, nineteen-year-old Ellie Jonas quickly became the favorite pet of an alien warlord, and while she still blushes crimson each time she is stripped, spanked, and put on display for him, as the months have passed she has begun to adapt to her new life. But everything changes the day she meets Commander Graham Masterson of the Swarii.

Ellie knows instantly that there is something special about Graham, and after she risks her master’s wrath by visiting the handsome alien warrior in the dungeons it soon becomes apparent that there is much more than just physical attraction between them. From the moment Graham first lays a hand on her, Ellie’s body leaves her in no doubt that she is bound to him for life, and with every passing second her need for him grows more intense.

Yet even after Graham and his men make their escape and take her along, Ellie cannot help wondering if she has merely traded one form of captivity for another. She aches for Graham to rip her clothes off and claim her hard and thoroughly, and he promises to be a devoted mate, but he also makes it clear to Ellie that he will not hesitate to bare her bottom for a painful, humiliating spanking if she fails to do as she is told.

Despite Ellie’s efforts to resist her body’s demands, Graham’s dominant lovemaking proves more pleasurable than she would have ever dreamed and she is left yearning for him to take her as hard and often as he pleases. But when Ellie’s repeated refusal to follow his orders puts her life at great risk, will Graham be prepared to punish his untamed mate as sternly and shamefully as necessary to teach her to obey?

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Monday, September 4, 2017

The Alpha's Claim Their Mate by Marla Monroe-They Stumbled Into Her Life And Now They Are Hooked #RomanceNovel #Shifters #Menage

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/F/M, HEA]


Kay is serving a sentence as a madam looking for a way out. Shade and Cain are wolfen who see her as their mate. How can she trust them when they are keeping something from her, and what is the use in trying when she’s tied to her job until she’s paid her father’s debt?

Cain and Shade see only their mate and don’t care what she’s doing for a living. They risk everything to get her to trust them to handle her problem. The fact that they are shifters in a world that doesn’t know about them makes their revelation dangerous but worth the risk to have her as their mate.

Can Kay trust them? They’ve agreed to help her take care of her ladies, and say that they can get her out of the mess she’s in, but they're wolfen. Creatures that can shift into wolves at will. Which is better: being eaten by the wolfen or working as a madam for a mob boss?

Note: This book contains double penetration and forced seduction.

A Siren Erotic Romance



“What did he do, hon? Tell me what I can do to help you,” she said.

Jeanie stared down at the floor when she spoke. “I—I think I’m going crazy.” She looked up again. “H—he started changing or something. His eyes t—turned yellow and his hands got hairy with long c—claws.”

“Oh, Jeanie. Did he drug you? Did you drink anything while you were with him?” Kay asked, smoothing down the frightened woman’s hair.

“No. I never drink or eat when I’m with a client. Not unless it’s one of my regulars. I’ve never seen this one before.” Jeanie looked up at Kay. “Am I crazy?”

“No. You’re not crazy. I’m going to have you taken to the hospital to get the cuts on you checked out. The one on your foot must be pretty deep. It’s bled through the towel they wrapped around it.” Kay stood up and kissed the top of Jeanie’s head. “Don’t say anything to anyone about what you saw, hon. They’ll automatically think you’ve been drugging it up. Especially considering where you work. I don’t want them harassing you.”

“D—don’t worry. I don’t want to end up in the psych ward.” She looked up at Kay again. “You won’t let him come back, will you?”

“No, Jeanie. He’s not allowed in here again. I’m going to send one of the security team with you and find one of the other ladies to go with you. If you’re not back by the time I get things cleaned up here, I’ll come see about you. Okay?” Kay prayed the woman’s injuries weren’t serious enough she would need to stay overnight. She was safer there at the club. Kay didn’t want her to go home yet either.

“I need to see the owner or the manager immediately,” a deep voice was saying when she walked out into the hall again.

“Sir. I’ll get the manager, but could you please remain up here? Please, sir.” Mike sounded really spooked. That didn’t bode well.

Kay hurried to the front to find Mike standing in front of two amazingly handsome men who were even larger than the biggest men on her security team. One had shaggy black hair that hung loosely just grazing his shoulders. His dark eyes followed her as she walked toward them. The other one had thick bright, fiery red hair that curled in spirals just a few inches longer than the first guy’s. His light blue eyes could easily be described as icy cold except for the spark of fire that flickered there.

She realized she’d been staring at them for a few seconds when it registered that Mike had his head bowed and looked defeated. Who were they? What power did they wield that would cow her best security man? She narrowed her eyes. Something wasn’t right. Even as she thought this, Kay could feel the heat and weight of their stares. Places in her body she’d never allowed free began to burn as well. Why were they having this effect on her? She didn’t react to men’s stares or their attentions.

“What can I do for you gentlemen? I’m afraid we are closed for the rest of the evening,” she told them. “I’d offer you a drink, but the bar is closed as well. Maybe you’d like to return tomorrow night?”

“We are here to see the manager and pick up our employee. I understand he’s made something of a nuisance of himself,” the redheaded Adonis said.

“I’m Kay McKennie, the manager of Creature Comforts. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr.…?” She held out one hand and waited for one of the two men to clasp it.

Finally, the one who’d spoken smiled and took her hand. Instead of shaking it though, he bent over and, after taking a quick sniff at her wrist, hesitated before turning it over and kissing the back of her hand.

“My name is Cain, and this is my business partner, Shade. It is indeed a pleasure to meet you, Kay McKennie.”

Shade, the dark one, stared hard at her before holding out his hand as well. She wasn’t expecting the same treatment as his partner, but Shade followed the same process of first sniffing at her wrist then turning her hand over and kissing the back of it. Both men stepped back, but with them, it didn’t look like a retreat, more like a preparation for a fight.

“It’s good to meet you both. If you will give me just a second to take care of something, I’ll be glad to discuss your employee’s little indiscretion.” Kay took Mike’s elbow and led him a few feet away to whisper what she wanted him to do with Jeanie and who she wanted to accompany the traumatized woman.

Once she’d accomplished that, Kay watched Mike step away with one hand to his ear as he talked to one of his men to give him instructions. Kay ignored the rest of what was going on and returned to the two men waiting somewhat impatiently where she’d left them.

“Okay. Let’s go to my office where we can talk,” she began.

“There’s no need to talk. We’re just here to pick Timothy up,” Shade told her.

His raspy voice thrilled down her spine and centered at her clit where she moistened to the point she was sure she’d need new panties. Even as she grew wet, her clit began to throb. What in the hell was up with that? A man couldn’t just look at her or say something innocent that made her panties wet. She shook her head slightly.

“What?” Kay couldn’t remember what they’d been saying.

Shade said, “We just want to take Timothy off your hands. Then we’ll leave.”

I don’t want them to leave.



This time when she ended up on the massive bed, Kay wasn’t out of her head with the mating heat. But the second the two men crawled up from the foot of the bed to lie next to her, she began to heat up all over again. They were gorgeous. She ran her hands over their hips, stroking her fingers down their muscular thighs before reaching between their legs to wrap her fingers around their hard, thick cocks.

“Fuck, that feels good, Kay. Squeeze me tighter,” Shade demanded.

“Yeah, just like that.” Cain hissed out.

She pumped their shafts with long strokes, making sure to run the palm of her hand over the flared cockheads before tightening her grip to squeeze down again. It felt like holding a hard piece of steel covered in a velvet glove.

“Hell, stop, Kay. That feels too fucking good. I need to be inside of you. Will you let us in?” Shade asked.

“Yes.” She didn’t have to think for one second. She wanted them.

Both men moved too fast for her to see, covering her with their bodies while they each claimed a nipple with their hot mouths. All Kay could do was moan and take the pleasure they were giving her. Someone had a finger exploring her pussy. The tip tapped her clit then circled it before sliding down toward her slit.

The combined sensations of breast and pussy had her cunt clenching while she dripped with arousal. Foreplay had never been like this before. Her entire body was on fire and felt connected to her clit and nipples. Every cell vibrated with the need to be filled.

“Please! Don’t tease me. I need you.” She didn’t know who she was talking to, but as long as one of them answered by giving her some kind of relief, Kay didn’t care.

Cain growled with his teeth rasping over her breast. The vibrations tickled until he bit down a little harder, then they aroused. When he released her breast, Kay nearly sighed at the loss of his touch. It wasn’t long until he’d latched on to something a little lower, her clit.

“Yes! Oh, God, Cain. So good!” She was pretty sure she’d screamed when he first sucked it into his mouth and rested his pointy teeth on the little nub.

“Easy, Kay. We don’t want to hurt you, princess. We’ve got to make you ready for us,” Shade said.

The next thing she knew, Kay was turned to her belly with Cain still under her, giving her clit and pussy a thorough exploration. She felt odd laying there with her ass in the air while Cain sucked on her juices. Then her mind seized as Shade rubbed a greasy finger over her back entrance.

“Easy, Kay.” He pressed inward then out again. More of the lube dripped onto her ass. “I’m going to loosen your ass some so we don’t hurt you.”

Shade massaged the lube into her little hole then slowly pressed his finger into her until he was finally able to move the digit in and out of her ass. She relaxed when she realized there was no pain with the intrusion. More lube and a second finger joined the first. The burning started as he stretched her even more.

“Are you okay, Kay?” Cain asked, making her realize that the other man had stopped tormenting her pussy.

“It burns, but it’s okay,” she told him.

“I’ll help take your mind off of the discomfort then,” he said with a soft chuckle.

The next thing she knew, Cain was sucking on her clit with one finger stroking her pussy while Shade pumped two fingers in and out of her ass. The dual sensations had her ears ringing as she struggled to keep from hyperventilating.

“Oh, God! I’m so close. How can I come just from this?” Kay gasped as they both twisted their fingers inside of her.

“Take it, darling. Fly for us,” Shade told her.

The next thing she knew, Kay was doing just that. Her body seemed to explode from the inside out as waves of pleasure and something so close to pain she wasn’t sure what it was rolled over her. It seemed to go on and on as she floated on thin air.

The next thing she knew, Cain had turned around beneath her and had her straddling his hips while he lay on his back. His big hands held her in place until she managed to pull off of him and take his thick dick deep into her pussy. She was so wet from her orgasm and his earlier attentions that she slid right down over his shaft, taking all of him inside of her.

“Holy hell!” Cain gasped with a growly edge to his voice. “She’s hotter than a gas fire. It feels like she’s scorching my dick, Shade.”

“Hold her down while I finish getting her ready. I can’t wait to feel her ass around mine,” Shade told him.

“Hurry, Shade. Please. I need you!” Kay demanded.

Kay had an itch inside of her that just wouldn’t go away. She squirmed on top of Cain in hopes of finding it with his huge cock, but no such luck. Maybe when Shade worked his shaft inside her ass, he’d find it. One way or the other, someone had to find it or she was going to die with need.

Pressure at her anus let her know that Shade was finally working his dick at her back door. She expected it to be bigger than his fingers were, but hadn’t been prepared for just how much bigger his prick really was.

“Ohh,” she moaned before she could stop it from coming out.

Shade froze. “Kay? Are you okay? Do I need to stop?” he asked.

“No. Just give me a second.” She prayed she could relax again, so it wouldn’t be so painful. She really wanted this. Maybe she should ask him for more lube.

Almost the instant she thought it, several drops of cold lube plopped down near her back hole. Shade rubbed it in then began pressing forward with his shaft once more. This time, it slipped through the resistant ring a little easier then pushed past the second ring of muscle to finally fill her ass to capacity.

“Yes!” she hissed out.


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Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Lion's Roar by Ruby Nox-He Can't Fight His Attraction To The Shy Omega #RomanceNovel #Shifters #MM


Over a year has passed since omega Dallas Holland separated from his abusive mate. While there have been challenges, he feels like he's finally starting to heal and move on. But his quiet life takes an abrupt turn when a new alpha drives into town with a young and hurting omega in tow. Things get even more interesting when his mother invites the alpha and his ward to stay at their home. Despite his resolution to stay away from shifters, he can't help but be drawn to the alpha's kind nature.

Haunted by a past failure, Gabriel Walker has devoted his life to helping omegas find better lives. His latest rescue, Leo, takes him to the small community of Frog Lake. While Gabriel's first and foremost priority is to take care of his charge, he can't seem to fight the growing attraction to the shy and awkward omega with a love for art, and the determination to make a better life.

When coincidence and circumstance keep pushing these two together, will Dallas learn to trust again? Will Gabriel let himself be happy?

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Grayson's Mate by Tamsin Baker-The Hottest Guy He's Ever Seen Is A Wolf Shifter #RomanceNovel #Shifters #MM

This werewolf Alpha has found his destined mate in the very last person he'd expect.


At thirty-five, Grayson Nox is the business manager for his werewolf pack. He's good at his job. Too bad he's not as successful at finding his destined mate. He'll know her by a distinctive birth mark, but he's getting tired of searching. 

But the night Grayson finally sees his mark, it's not on a woman. It's on a gorgeous guy who wrecked his car near pack headquarters. Grayson brings the beguiling stranger home to heal … and to try and make sense of this strange twist of fate.

Medical student Reagan Forster has studied for ten years at University in Melbourne. At last he's ready to sit his final exams and head out into the world to heal people. But when he foolishly tries to drive home after a thirty-six-hour hospital shift, Reagan passes out behind the wheel. 

He wakes in an unknown world, tucked away in the mountains of Greensborough, with the hottest guy he's ever met at his bedside. Their mating starts a fire hotter than either werewolf or man has ever known. 

But they must make their relationship work against the backdrop of conflict, as Regan struggles to find his place in this new world, and the pack battles the Rogue werewolves who are a constant threat. 

When the spoils are counted in the end … can Grayson and Reagan both be victors? 

Note: Story includes a sneek peak into the second story in the Borough Boys series- Aaron's mate AND- a bonus story- The Alpha in Her.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hunted by Evangeline Anderson-His Body Was Scary And Exciting #RomanceNovel #Vampire #PNR #Scifi

This book is a Super plus length novel now with a BONUS Novella at the end.


Sophia Waterhouse has always been afraid of needles and vampires so there’s no way she wants anything to do with a modern day Count Dracula—even if he does come wrapped in the package of a huge Kindred warrior with blond hair and ice blue eyes. She’s only on the Kindred Mothership to participate in her sister Liv’s wedding and that’s all.

Sylvan is a Tranq Kindred who has made a sacred vow never to call a bride. After a devastating rejection on his home planet, his heart is a block of ice no one can melt—or so he thinks until he meets Sophia.

When their ship is forced down in the middle of a rugged mountain range Sophia and Sylvan are stranded. Running for their lives they have only each other to depend on. Will they give in to the intense attraction between them or will the evil hunting Sophia take its toll? 


**Author's Note--Look for the BONUS novella at the end of this book, Abducted: Through the Looking Glass which introduces Evangeline Anderson's new series: The Alien Mate Index***