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Monday, March 28, 2011

Come Read About an Epic Tale of Love, Romance and Fantasy by Rachel Haimowitz from Her Book Entitled "Counterpoint"

Scribal Love Welcomes Rachel Haimowitz

Rachel Haimowitz is an author of M/M erotic romance.  Her M/M epic fantasy, Counterpoint: Book I of Song of the Fallen, is available from Guiltless Pleasure Publishing.

How did you come up with the title?

As with most titles for me, this was a pretty painstaking process. Music plays a huge role in the book—it’s both the foundation of elven magic and the filter through which elves perceive the world—so I knew I wanted the title to reflect that. I made a huge list of musical terms, and wavered between a good half a dozen of them, but “Counterpoint” kept standing out as the one truest to the story, which is very much about two individuals and two peoples who are in opposition to each other but also deeply linked together. 

What is this book about?  And what genre is this book in?

Counterpoint is an epic fantasy adventure wrapped around a gay love story. It’s found traction among fans of both M/M romance and fantasy, including a surprising number (to me, at least) of straight men. 

In this world, elves and humans have been enemies for three centuries, and the humans are fighting (and losing) a war of survival against a race of dark beasts whose creation they blame on the elves. Ayden is an elven border guard, bitter and solitary but for his younger sister, whom he loves more than anything. She gets captured by humans, and in trying to free her, he gets captured as well. They’re both presented as gifts to Freyrík Farr, the crown prince of the human border province. 

Things sort of go downhill there for a little while, but Ayden and Freyrík end up teaching each other a lot about their respective cultures and the danger (and foolishness) of prejudice and preconception. Hatred turns first into grudging respect, then affection, then love, all against the backdrop of a coming surge of dark beasts upon Farr and an intolerance among the Farr people that puts not just Ayden’s life in danger, but Freyrík’s as well. 

Who is/are the main characters?  And why did you choose them?

Freyrík and Ayden are definitely the stars of this show. In a way, they’re the best and worst of their respective worlds, and also represent some of the largest and smallest thinking: Freyrík as the fair, noble, open-minded ruler wearing the weight of an empire on his shoulders; and Ayden as the bitter, sarcastic, closed-off, xenophobic soldier concerned primarily for his sister’s safety. They’re both deeply wounded in their own way, but again, on completely different scales—Freyrík by the slow but seemingly inevitable death of humanity, and Ayden by the shocking and honorless death of his father at human hands. They make for lovely contrasts all around, and in almost all cases, they teach each other how to meet in the middle, how to balance love with duty, the personal with the greater good. 

What is the coolest or best part about your book?  (Any Favorite scenes, the world-building etc.

For me, that’d be the elfsong. The primary sense through which elves perceive the world is hearing (whereas humans rely first and foremost on sight). Everything has its own song, some simple (like water), some insanely complex (like people). This is the foundation of elven magic, since elves can interact with and manipulate the songs around them. For instance, they can draw water from the air by untwining the airsong from the dewsong; or alight a pile of leaves by speeding up the leaves’ song until they burst into flames. In a way it’s just simple physics—the faster molecules move, the hotter they become—but the elves don’t understand it that way; they understand it as a function of music. They can also “hear” emotions in others once they’ve learned to recognize how things like sadness or excitement or joy affect the tone or tempo or timbre of a person’s song, which makes it very difficult to lie to (or sneak up on) an elf. 

Do you have a favorite character in the book?  If so, why?

Definitely Ayden for me. He’s so snarky, and despite being 802 years old, he has his childish moments. But he’s fierce and loyal and full of surprises, and there’s quite a bit of hidden depth beneath the armor he puts on for others.

Is this book part of a series?  If so? What can we expect in future books?  

Yes. The second book releases this fall, and will conclude the story of Ayden and Freyrík. But it’s not the last book I have planned in this world, and hopefully over the next few years readers will get to see both a younger and an older Ayden than the one they knew from Counterpoint.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in Counterpoint?

Actually, no. I’m very pleased with it, thanks in large part to my amazing editor at Guiltless Pleasure, Tal Valante, who rooted out issues from the macro structure to the smallest line detail.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Writing is a constant learning process. I certainly learned to become a better writer through my experiences working with my editor; she had a way of charting (literally!) the flow of beats in a scene that got right to the heart of any problems you might have with it. Her technique was a totally new way of looking at things for me, and helped me to evaluate a scene less on gut feeling and more with clear logic. 

I also did quite a bit of research for the book, so I picked up a lot of useless trivia.  :)

Do you have a publisher?  And if so, why did you choose them?  

Counterpoint is published with Guiltless Pleasure Publishing. They’re a new house, and though writers are generally warned to avoid new houses for at least three years, Tal presented such a compelling business plan—including marketing support and the most brilliant editing I’ve ever seen—to entice me in. I haven’t regretted that decision for a single second, either artistically or financially. 

What are the current writing projects that you are working on?

It’s a pretty long list, although Crescendo: Book II of Song of the Fallen is taking up most of my time these days. I have a full list of projects in all their various stages of conception and completion at my website, here: http://www.rachelhaimowitz.com/in-the-works.html

Do you write full time?  If not, do you hope to do so one day?

Yes and no. I don’t write novels full time, but my day job is writing and editing for other people, so I suppose in a way that is writing full time. I do very much hope to be a full-time novelist one day, and though I only have two novels out so far, my experience with those two books has shown me it may well be possible to make a living with it. It probably won’t ever be a particularly lush living, but that’s not so important, especially if I’m getting to do what I love every day.

A quick blurb from Counterpoint:

It is the twilight of mankind. Depleted by generations of war with a dark race, the human kingdoms and their ancient alliance stand on the brink of extinction. The outlands are soaked with the blood of the fallen. The midlands are rotting with decadence and despair.
Elfkind, estranged by past crimes, watches and waits for nature to run its course.

And then the two collide.

Ayden's life has long been guided by two emotions: love for his sister, and hatred of all things human. When he's captured in battle, he must for his sister's sake swallow his pride and endure slavery in the service of a human prince. To his dismay, this close-up view of his enemy is nothing like he expected. Now curiosity and contempt make a battlefield of his soul, even as he struggles to pick up the pieces of his shattered worldview.

Freyrik Farr, Crown Prince of Farr Province, finds his new elven prisoner puzzling. He's always known elves to be beautiful and dangerous, but never has one affected him as deeply as Ayden. Can his life of service to his people leave room for this attraction? Dancing on a dagger's edge between duty and high treason, Freyrik discovers that some choices can change a life, and some an entire world.

Between prejudice, politics, pride, and survival, Ayden and Freyrik must carve a new path, no matter how daunting. For nothing less than the fate of both their peoples rests on the power of their perseverance -- and their love.

Thanks Rachel for dropping by!

You can find Rachel on the web at:

My website is RachelHaimowitz.com, my blog is Rachel-Haimowitz.blogspot.com (updated M/W/F), and I'm on twitter as @rachelhaimowitz.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Links To the Past," a Fascinating New Read from Fantasy Author, G. A. Teske

Scribal Love Welcomes G.A. (Jerry) Teske

G.A. (Jerry) Teske is an author of Fantasy.  His newest work "Links To the Past"  is available from Create Space and Amazon.com

What is the name of your latest book?  And how did you come up with the title?
Links to the Past. It is the third of four titles in the Soul Sword Chronicles. It refers to the links of the most powerful magical relic in the world, the Chain of Anyullyn.

What is this book about?  And what genre is this book in?

This is an epic fantasy story. The series is about Captain Persephelon Millan who was killed on a battlefield by an evil wizard, but awoke to find his soul trapped within his own sword. He was forced to use his skills in the service of his enemies until he discovered how to exert his own will over whoever held his blade. The sword eventually comes into the possession of a group of young people whose mission is to rescue the world from destruction by an errant moon.

In Links to the Past, Persephelon, with a few friends, must overcome betrayal by a trusted companion, the murder of family members, and the schemes of both an evil wizard king and a vile demon to successfully locate and reconstruct the legendary artifact, the Chain of Anyullyn, the only magical relic with enough power to prevent the world’s destruction.

Who is/are the main characters?  And why did you choose them?

1) Persephelon: a former captain in his country’s army, 2) Vincent Whitehorse, a savant with magical powers of light, 3) Kandlas Wicke, an elf with the magical power to manipulate invisible forces, 4) Jade and 5) Aron Dorr, a sister and brother who are basically adopted by Vincent after the murder of most of their family, and 6) Khan, a rare & mysterious gnome from whom no one ever gets a straight answer.

Most of the characters above were created by my friends for a role playing game. I adjusted their personalities and abilities to mesh with the world that I created, so their interactions, dialog, and decisions were more lifelike.

What is the coolest or best part about your book?  (Any Favorite scenes, the world-building etc…)

The parts that were the most fun writing were the interactions and dialog among the characters, especially the ones who had some animus between them. I also enjoyed creating scenes, characters, and magical abilities that were entirely original.
Do you have a favorite character in the book?  If so, why?
I think that my favorite character is Khan, the gnome. There are no dwarves in my world so the gnomes are kind of a cross between the mischievous gnomes of children’s fantasy and the dwarves in most high fantasy stories. One day he can be intelligent, sarcastic, jovial, greedy, and at another time he can be brave, resourceful, practical, or prone to mistakes. He basically helps to tie many of the scenes together with the other characters with humor, wit, and sometimes scorn.
Is this book part of a series?  If so? What can we expect in future books?
This is the third of a four book series: The Soul Sword Chronicles. Book four, the Soul Sword, will reveal whether or not the young heroes can learn to fully control the magic needed to overcome the evil forces arrayed against them. Despite their inexperience and skepticism about the value of their abilities, they must find a way to defeat an evil wizard and his armies, save the world from a multitude of demons, prevent the destruction to be wreaked by a falling moon, and finally, find a way to help Persephelon escape from the soul sword.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
I’m sure that there are a few scenes that I would like to tweak and make more succinct. I also might like to add another chapter about the dragons and their relationship to the elves in Links to the Past.
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
I think I relearned that the second and third (or more) rewrites take longer than the first draft. They are not as exciting but are just as important to a good story.

Do you have a publisher?  And if so, why did you choose them? 

I don’t have a traditional publisher yet, but am always looking for one. I have self-published my novels with three different publishers. I have changed companies because I have been looking for one that would give me a good package for my printed book at a price that is competitive with novels from traditional publishers. My paperbacks, 6x9 format, range in price from $18.95, $12.95, and my newest one is $10.95.
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
I have always been impressed with the world of middle earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien. I would probably say that R.A. Salvatore would be more of a mentor, though, because I was reading a lot of his work when I decided that I’d like to give writing a try, myself.
What books are you reading now? 
I’m reading a couple of different series now. One by Elizabeth Hayden, called Rhapsody. It’s followed by Prophecy and Destiny. The other series is by David Farland called the Runelords Trilogy. I’ve recently read the first four books by George R.R. Martin, A Song of Fire and Ice. I’ve been waiting quite a while for his fifth novel in the series to come out. (Along with a lot of other readers.)
What are the current writing projects that you are working on?
In addition to my fourth book in the Soul Sword Chronicles I have a start on a couple of young adult novels. One is set in St. Augustine, Florida and revolves around two friends and the discovery of an ancient letter relating to the creatures we know as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, and their origins that go all the way back to Genesis in the Bible. The other is a series of short, humorous vignettes of life in a country school, set in the early 1960’s. And finally, I’m also working on a script for my church’s Easter celebration.
Do you write full time?  If not, do you hope to do so one day?
I pretty much can now, since I retired last January. I hope to write about one novel per year, so I guess that’s pretty much full time. I do write almost everyday although how much I do varies.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I started writing short stories when I was in high school. I wrote a sci-fi novel when I was in my twenties and a few other short stories. After I got married, work and raising a family pretty much stopped me from writing much at all until 2006. Tossing around some ideas with a few young friends in their twenties, led to their encouragement to get started again. Once I began in August of 2006 I haven’t been able to stop. I’ve finished and published three novels in four and one half years.
Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
I have a tendency to over describe the scene and the characters. My friends in a local writers’ group help me a lot with paring my chapters down to the essential information.

Do you have any advice for other writers seeking to get published for the first time?

I would like to ask this question to a lot of published writers myself. Most of the ones who I’ve talked to or heard from say pretty much the same thing: Don’t get discouraged, don’t give up, and also that you have to find a publisher or an agent who likes your work. They don’t all like the same writing styles or genres.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Erotic Author Kay Jaybee Tells Us About Her Newest Work "The Perfect Submissive"

Kay Jaybee is an author of erotica.  Her newest work The Perfect Submissive is available from Xcite Books.

What is the name of your latest book?  And how did you come up with the title?
My latest publication is an e-novel called The Perfect Submissive.  This is actually the novel’s second title. Originally it was called The Fifth Floor, after the top floor of the hotel on which the majority of the action takes place. I changed the title to The Perfect Submissive in honor of the lead character, Jess Sanders, the submissive in question.

What is this book about?  And what genre is this book in?

Very much a bondage and submission piece, containing straight, lesbian and bisexual scenes, The Perfect Submissive concerns the training of new employee Jess Sanders when she becomes the new booking clerk for the Fables Hotel.
Hidden behind the hotels respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait; ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests.

When Mrs Peters, the manageress of the hotels adult entertainment facility, meets Jess, she instantly recognizes her potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff.
Under the tutelage of Mrs Peters' assistant and resident dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess learns to cope with a sexually charged training schedule, the increasingly erotic chill she experiences each time she survives a new level of correction, and a truly kinky exercise routine.
At the same time, Mrs Peters is distracted from her intimidating rule over Fable’s top floor by enigmatic artist, Samuel Wheeler, and becomes determined to secure his obedient assistance in grooming Jess into the perfect submissive…

Who is/are the main characters?  And why did you choose them?

There are four main characters within The Perfect Submissive.

Mrs Laura Peters- the intimidating manageress of the exclusive fifth floor of the Fables Hotel, is on the lookout for a new submissive assistant.

Jess Sanders – is the new booking clerk at Fables Hotel. She quickly becomes the object of Mrs Peters' attention, and finds herself on the most intense training course she could possibly imagine

Miss Sarah – is Mrs Peters’ right hand woman, and resident dungeon mistress and dominatrix on the fifth floor

Sam Wheeler – is a graphic artist visiting the hotel on a conference who becomes captivated by Laura Peters- little does he know what he’s letting himself in for…

What is the coolest or best part about your book?  (Any Favorite scenes, the world-building etc…

My favorite part about the book is the finale, but I won’t give anything away, as it would spoil the entire book. I will say however, that the idea came to be when a friend sent me a very bizarre picture she’d found on the Internet- she thought it would provide inspiration- she was right!
Do you have a favorite character in the book?  If so, why?
Jess has to be my favorite character. I put the poor girl through so much! I like to think she enjoyed the journey in the end though.
Is this book part of a series?  If so? What can we expect in future books?
I hadn’t considered this to be anything but a one off novel, but I’ve recently received two fantastic reviews, both of which hinted towards a sequel! Never say never!
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
I never really think any of my stories are finished, and I never think they’re good enough. I could edit forever! If I could zip back in a time machine and fiddle with The Perfect Submissive, I’d add a delicious dose of anal sex- not like me to miss that out!!
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
Writing is a constant learning experience. This was my first full length novel, and it was a real learning curve. It was difficult to keep the chapters flowing sometimes, especially as I’m so used to creating shorter pieces.
Do you have a publisher?  And if so, why did you choose them? 

I don’t have a contract with a set publisher. I’m very fortunate in that I have worked for a wide range of erotica publishers. The majority of my work has been published by Xcite Books in the UK and Cleis Press in the States.
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
That’s a tough question as I have the good fortune to have met, and worked for, some amazing writers and editors, all of whom I respect and admire.
If I was to choose just one erotica writer as a mentor it would have to be KD Grace. This isn’t because she happens to be a very good friend, but because she has a writing style and flair that I will never match, and which I admire greatly. If KD Grace gives you writing advice- listen.
What books are you reading now? 
I enjoy a wide range of different genre of books, and generally have two novels on the go at once. I normally read when I’m in the bath and at bedtime. Currently I’m re-reading the brilliant Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal for the third time, and Mitch Absolm’s, For One More Day. Unusually for an erotica writer, I very rarely read smut- but don’t tell anyone!!
What are the current writing projects that you are working on?
I’ve just finished a Fem Dom anthology called ‘Yes Ma’am’ for Xcite Books, which should come out as an e-book before the end of the year, and have started to write my next e-novel, Fantasy 13- a mixed genre story about a very unusual threesome.
Do you write full time?  If not, do you hope to do so one day?
Sadly I only write for two hours of every week day. I’d dearly love to write full time, and get horribly frustrated when my two part-time day jobs take up more of my time than they are supposed to!!
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
Ever since I was a small child I always wanted to write. When I was 12 I wrote a play called, The Toy Box, which I acted out with my friends. From that moment I never looked back, and by the time I was 30, I had a fair collection of poetry published.
I was at the ripe age of 33 however, when, whilst sat sipping coffee and eating an incredibly unhealthy Mars Bar scone, an unexpectedly erotic image came to me- I scribbled it down on a serviette, and I suddenly found I had a talent for writing very graphic sex scenes.
Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
The hardest thing is to find uninterrupted time in which to write in the first place! After that, the most challenging thing is to break the 5000 word barrier. I find knocking out up to 3,500 words no problem- and up to 5000 words is fine if the smut is flowing- but for some reason I always hit a wall after 5000. It becomes a massive slog then, until I break 10,000 words.
I have no idea why this happens, but it always does. The only thing that gets me through this period is black coffee, toast, and lots of encouragement from my friends.
Do you have any advice for other writers seeking to get published for the first time?

Have faith in your stories, and accept you’ll get rejections and knock backs. We all do, it’s just part of the game. I promise you however, that once the first acceptance comes along, it’ll all be worthwhile.
I often think writing is like a drug. An acceptance gives you such a massive high, that you immediately want to write more so you can feel that rush again, and when you get a rejection, it makes you write even more, so you can find that high again!

Oh- and edit, edit some more, and then, just when you think it’s time to stop- edit again.

If you need to find Kay on any weekday morning, then she's usually to be found in the far corner of her favourite cafe, with a large black coffee in one hand, and a ballpoint pen in the other.

After five years of compiling stories and poems, and reviewing other people's work, she says without doubt, that there is NO going back. Once writing has you in its power you are at its mercy for life. It doesn't pay well, it leads to constant disappointment, and it takes over every other thing you do - but when the publisher says "Yes," and the occasional unexpected royalty cheque arrives in the post, it suddenly all seems worthwhile, and I love it!!

You can find more information on Kay's website: http://www.kayjaybee.me.uk. She's also on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Erotic Paranormal Romance Author JL Oiler Discusses Her Latest Work "Between3"

Scribal Love Welcomes JL Oiler

JL Oiler is an author of Erotic Paranormal Romance. Her newest work Between3 is available from Rebel Ink Press.

What is the name of your latest book? And how did you come up with the title?
My latest release is titled Between3 and the title was actually more difficult to compose then the story. In the end my publisher asked who the story was between (meaning the characters) and I made a side comment about it being between three. Poof we had our title!

What is this book about?  And what genre is this book in?

The book is a Paranormal Erotic Romance (Menage to be exact) and is the story of Celeste Drain who is preparing to get herself out of a very bad relationship with her bosses son. When things don’t go as planned a pair of hunks jump in to provide some assistance. One thing lead to another and the three end up in a hotel for a night of hot sex. All of them believe this is just a simple one-night stand.

Our hunks are actually gatekeepers at one of the gates to hell, enjoying some rest from duties. When they return a violent breakout is underway, which leads to the escape of some very unsavory monsters. This forces our heroes to return to the surface world of man where they discover that the little one-nighter with Celeste was far more than any of them expected.

Who is/are the main characters?  And why did you choose them?

The main Characters are:

Celeste Drain – a woman looking to find herself and her own strength.
Craig (no last name) – the strong gatekeeper who is a man more of action then of words.
Justin (no last name) – the cocky bad boy who loves a good fight and a strong woman.
I cannot honestly say I chose the characters. It was more that they chose me.

What is the coolest or best part about your book?  (Any Favorite scenes, the world-building etc..

I think the best part of my book is seeing Celeste becoming empowered enough to stand on her own despite the cost.

Do you have a favorite character in the book?  If so, why?
Celeste friend Piper because she is sarcastic and strong willed (just like me).

Is this book part of a series?  If so? What can we expect in future books?
Originally, it was to be stand-alone story but after I started hearing Pipers voice whispering in my ears I think it may become a series.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
No I love it just as it is.

Do you have a publisher?  And if so, why did you choose them?

Rebel Ink Press is truly awesome to work with. Though they are a fairly now publisher they are very supportive of the needs of their authors and provide a PR liaison that is beyond compare.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
I work with a small group of writers that support and are more family then friends. We cheer each other and provide honesty in all aspects of our writing. The Wicked mused are my true supporters in not only my writing live but the one I walk through every day. They are Lila Munro, Bethann Beuhler, and Carl Franklin.  

What books are you reading now?
Krelsey Cole’s Kiss of the Demon King (for the second time) 

What are the current writing projects that you are working on?
I am currently working with Lila Munro, and Bethann Beuhler on the second in our Anthology Series, Force Recon: Semolia.

Do you write full time?  If not, do you hope to do so one day?
I would love to be able to write full time!

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
My father was a big reader which feed my desire to both read and to write.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
I actually write ménage stories because I find working the conversation and actions of three individuals in a single scene a wonderful challenge.

Do you have any advice for other writers seeking to get published for the first time?

Connect with other writers and never fear asking questions!

Thanks for having me here and please stop by my author site for a visit, www.joiler.weebly.com

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rosemary Entwined is the latest work by Erotic Menage Fantasy Author, Bianca Sommerland

Scribal Love Welcomes Bianca Sommerland

Bianca Sommerland is an author of Erotic Ménage Fantasy.  Her newest work Rosemary Entwined is available from Total E-Bound. 

What is the name of your latest book? And how did you come up with the title?

My latest published book is Rosemary Entwined. I've got a newer book contracted with Noble Romance Publishing, but since it's still in editing I guess I should keep mum about it--except for telling you that it's gritty and intense and much darker than my first novel.

The title came while doing research about Fairy Tales and plants (don't ask me to explain my random research methods, it confuses me! LOL!). Since the core of the story is based on Snow White, the 'Rose' part seemed to fit, but it obviously needed more. Then I came across the symbolism of rosemary entwined in a brides head-wreath to symbolize love and loyalty. There's a lot of other cool legends revolving around rosemary, but that was more than enough for me. Besides, with seven men the word entwined just seemed…appropriate ;)  

What is this book about?  And what genre is this book in? Here's the blurb: One kiss might save her, but if Rosemary has to lose even one of her men, she doesn't want a prince.  

The only role of Rosemary's nest of men is to feed her insatiable hunger for lust, but that's not what she wants for them. Or what they want from her. While Rosemary presses for them to live their own lives, they each find ways to steal into her heart. With the threat of her mother's nest hanging over them, Rosemary decides to surrender to the love they offer and focus on building their combined strength to stand against the inevitable attacks.

When her control over her powers slips, another problem arises. The nest is incomplete. A prince must be chosen, and if he is not among her men, she'll be forced to let one of them go.  
She once feared her heart wasn't big enough to hold them all. Now she fears she's not strong enough to release even one. Even if it costs her her life. 

As for genre, Fantasy for sure. It's also listed under ménage, but that's not quite accurate. If it was up to me I'd call the relationship polyamory, gives it a more permanent feel. 

Who is/are the main characters?  And why did you choose them?

Oh I hope you've got some time on your hands! LOL! 
 I'll pick three, but don't think I'm picking favorites. I love every one of these characters. 
First there's Rosemary. She lived her whole life in her mother's shadow, ever wary of drawing her mother's wrath, satisfied with her father's love and trying to make the most of the short life she believed she'd live. All this makes her very different from other cambion queens. She's grateful for everything she has--excessively so at time. 
 As for the men, I'll tell you a bit about the two alpha males Rosemary has to deal with, Kurt and Largo. *Just to let you know, all the men are named after the seven dwarves. Can you figure out which dwarves these two men got their names from?* 
Kurt is considered the leader and he 
What is the coolest or best part about your book?  (Any Favorite scenes, the world-building etc.. 

Do you have a favorite character in the book?  If so, why?

Can't say I have any favorites, but I do feel a little differently about each character. I had the easiest time writing Alaire and Felix when I was in a good mood. Chetan and Wylie were the characters I worked on when I was feeling thoughtful. Largo, he's such a man's man I often got in his head when irritate with the actual men in my life--he's just so loveable even though he's lazy! LOL! Kurt is very intense, but I found him the easiest to understand aside from Rosemary. Their motives are very noble and clear.

Is this book part of a series?  If so? What can we expect in future books? 

I would like to say yes, I've been batting around idea for at least one more book with Rosemary and her men, but we'll have to see how well I juggle all my other projects. As for what you can expect, well, think of the worse possible scenarios I can throw at these characters. Got something? Good. That'll be their down time. ;) 

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

Sometimes I'm sure there are ways I could have made it better, places I could have gone deeper into explaining the world Rosemary lives in. But then I remember what I wanted from this book. I wanted to tell a story people would enjoy reading after a hard day. I wanted to tell the story of these amazing characters.

And I did.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

That I would really love to have my own nest of men!

Do you have a publisher?  And if so, why did you choose them?   

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I refuse to choose just one. I'm lucky enough to consider three writers my mentors. Cherise Sinclair and Lisabet Sarai because they are who I aim to be as a writer and Cari Silverwood because she's such an amazing author and still takes the time to guide me in the right direction.

What books are you reading now? 

Raw Silk by Lisabet Sarai and Demon Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan.

What are the current writing projects that you are working on?

Another ménage. With hockey players. I love hockey players :)

Do you write full time?  If not, do you hope to do so one day?

Right now I'm lucky enough to be able to write full time. Which is good because I don't know how I'd be able to juggle writing and my blog and writing reviews if I had to work a nasty day job too. The kiddies keep my schedule crazy as it is.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I started writing very young. I can still remember bring my grandmother stories about evil unicorns when I was about six. I wrote a 200k novel in High School (mostly during math class) and continued from there.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Writing settings. My scenes tend to move so fast that I forget to let my readers know where my characters are. Thankfully between my fabulous editors and my crit group, I'm improving.

Do you have any advice for other writers seeking to get published for the first time? 

Ass in chair. That's the best advice I ever got and I repeat it to myself daily. I hear so many people saying they would love to write a book, but they don't have the time. If you're a writer, you'll make the time. 

After that it's just finding the right place for your book and learning to take constructive criticism. Never stop working at improving your writing. You characters deserve your very best and if you love them as much as you should you'll give them nothing less.
One of my requirements for choosing a publisher is they love my stories at least half as much as I do. Then there's pretty covers and excellent editing.

Total E-Bound gave me all the above.Strangely enough, all the normal scenes. When I got to know Rosemary and her history as well as a writer must, I really felt sorry for her. She really missed out on a lot of the simple things growing up like she did. The sweet scenes with her and each of her men are just that much more important when you really think about the fact that this girl didn't think she would live long enough to enjoy anything.

She has a scene where she's talking to the prankster of the group, Alaire, and they're brushing their teeth. Nothing big, but it way up there in my faves!

Thanks Bianca for Dropping by! 

You can find Bianca's book on the web at:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Erotic Romance Author Berengaria Brown Shares Her Sizzling Novel "Feels So Good'

Scribal Love Welcomes Berengaria Brown

Berengaria is an author of erotic romance.  Her newest work “Feels So Good” is available from Evernight Publishing. 

Hi tell us a little about yourself.  How long have you been writing?  Do you write full time?

Sadly, like most authors, the day job is a fact of my life.

However most of my free time is spent at the keyboard writing or reading romance.

My 26th erotic romance released in February which was quite exciting. I write for several different publishers so that means I sometimes have several books out close together, which is what happened in February. The release date for “Feels So Good” had been set since before Christmas, but another book at a different publishing house was brought forward from a 1 April release date and I ended up with two books releasing on the same day. Which was AWESOME! 

So what is the name of your new book?  And what genre is it in?

“Feels So Good” is a contemporary two men one woman ménage.
It's part of the Sex Odyssey series by Amarinda Jones and Berengaria Brown. Each is a stand-alone story focusing on the journey of the heroine, but set in the same place and with various characters appearing across different books. My first book in the series, “Three For The Road” was a Night Owl Top Pick.

Tell us about your new book.  What is it about? 

Yasmin meets Pearce and VJ in the trailer park at Resort City. She's traveling until she runs out of money, when instead, she runs into the two yummiest men she's ever seen. She's never had ménage sex before, but with these two men it's bound to be excellent.

The sex is awesome, but when she witnesses a robbery the men become possessive, demanding and over-protective. Will this be the end of her sex odyssey? Or will she be forced to teach them a lesson?

Can you give us a blurb and an excerpt? (One page excerpt)

“Come on, lazy. Time for a walk before breakfast.” VJ pulled her into a semi-upright position.

“It’s barely dawn. How about you go for a walk, and wake me when you get back,” she suggested.

Two strong arms hauled her from the bed and threw her clothes to her. Automatically she caught them and began dressing. “I haven’t had a shower yet,” she complained.

“First we walk, then we shower, then breakfast,” said VJ.

“Bossy britches,” she sighed, scrambling into her shorts, and running her fingers through her tangled curls.

Outside the air was crisp and clean with a salty tang. Resort City had been built on reclaimed swampland so the salt was always close to the surface, but Yasmin liked the harsh, clear scent of the hardy plants that appreciated salty soil. The sky was a bright blue, the sun shone, and, despite Yasmin’s comment, dawn had happened several hours earlier.

Yasmin took a deep breath, loving the early morning air. Besides, who could argue when they were walking between the delectable VJ and Pearce—even though he was wearing a shirt this morning.

Maybe half a mile from the trailer park was a small beach. It was a nice little beach that shelved steeply into the water, so it was not over-run with families and kids. Between the walking track and the sand was a row of dunes. As they neared the first dune, Yasmin took off running. She sprinted up the side of the dune on an angle so as not to get her feet bogged. Still moving fast she reached the top of the dune and ran along it, jumping from it to the next dune, and from the second dune to the third and so on, all along the beach. She had to keep moving fast or she’d lose momentum. But once the runner had a rhythm, it was a real adrenalin rush, pounding across the sand and flying through the air.

On the final dune she slowed, then came to a stop and turned around to look back. VJ and Pearce had decided to come after her. VJ was halfway up the first dune, lying on the sand laughing. While she watched, Pearce took a flying leap from dune one to dune two, but he’d slowed down so she was not at all surprised to see him stumble and roll down the side of the dune.

Yasmin placed her hands on her hips and laughed out loud. Adrenaline still charging her body, she ran down her dune and back to where the men were on their respective dunes.

“Never tried dune jumping before? Need a few tips?” she asked, unable to keep the amusement out of her voice.

“As soon as I got bogged and fell, I worked out you’d gone up at a forty-five degree angle. You made it look so damn easy you little witch,” VJ said, grabbing her and pulling her down onto the sand beside him.

“I dunno what the hell I did wrong,” said Pearce, “but I’m sure you’re both about to tell me.”


“Too slow.” VJ’s answer came at the same time as Yasmin’s.

“You can’t stop. You need to be judging how far to jump without slowing down to look. And these dunes are easy, they’re so close together. You can’t miss.”

You can’t miss. Likely I’ll end up on my ass again. Let’s do it.” Pearce thrust out a hand to each of the others and hauled them to their feet, then they all walked down the track a little way to get a running start.

Once again, Yasmin took off, racing up the sand, then jumping from one dune to the next along the beach, rejoicing in the exhilarating feeling of flying through the air, soaring like a bird, and landing to continue running.

This time, the guys had a better idea of what to do, and while not precisely soaring like birds, they managed to complete the line without falling flat on their faces. By their third try they were flying as competently as she, and after that they took another turn just to prove they could do it.

“That was great!” VJ panted, sinking to the sand and drawing the others down with him.

“These dunes are perfect because they’re in a line and not too far apart. It can get tricky when they’re more like hills dotted around, and you need to plan how to get from one to the next,” she replied.

“Now I need a swim to cool off,” said Pearce, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his shirt before walking down to the water’s edge. “Come on.”

Are there more books we should look out for?  Say a series or other books you have written?

The other books in this series are “Hush” by Amarinda Jones

“Three for the Road” by Berengaria Brown

“Eat Me Up” by Amarinda Jones

And I have “Strung Tight” coming on 16 March

Because my books are across various publishing houses, the easiest way to find them, all is on my website: http://berengariabrown.webs.com/

Who is the publisher and where can we find you on the web?
Buy Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/products/Feels-So-Good-by-Berengaria-Brown.html

Berengaria Brown
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