Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"A Long Time Coming," By Cerise DeLand

A LONG TIME COMIN’ by Cerise DeLand stars a Delta Force operative, John Ramos. This novella, part of the  TOYS-4-US series with the Sassy Seven, was #15 best seller on Amazon!

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The set up?

A sex toy party with her six sassy gal pals? Caitlyn Hagerty is IN! Getting that tingly feeling just looking at the goodies, Cait buys four and screws up her courage to commit to one dynamite plan. She’ll show them to the only man in her life she gets all hot and wet for–and who has no idea he’s the one man she’s craved for too damn long. When Delta Force hunk John Ramos flies home on R&R, Cait promises herself to seduce Ram–or cut him from her life forever.

Ram spots the risque items on Cait’s bed and realizes his claim of her voluptuous body has been too long comin’. It’s time to treat her right. Fess up to what he’s wanted all these years. Take Cait into his chaotic life–for one wild night.

And if she wants more?

She has to know that time is not on their side. Right?

A nibble of my newest cherry: (Copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)

Two reasons why you must tempt John Ramos to be your lover? Quick! Remember those? Come on, woman!

Fidgeting, Caitlyn Hagerty spied Ram at the top of the escalator in the arrival terminal at San Antonio Airport and her heart skipped a beat. Two reasons, Cait! You know them. The first is no one else makes your heart melt and…

Ram grinned at her as he drew closer and Cait felt the punch in her gut that she always did when she first saw him on arrival home. Though he never declared it outright she knew he was Army, Delta Force, super-duper secret soldier, here today, gone tomorrow. But no matter what he was in his professional life, he remained her childhood friend and over the past few years, she had fallen crazy in love with him. Who knew when. She knew why though she’d never told him, never tried. Courage fled every time she began.

But not tonight.

She waved at him, eager to get her seduction of him started.

Are you nuts, girl?

No. Absolutely not. Her eyes scanned his massive terminator body and her own flooded with wet desire. He was a sight for her hungry eyes. Big, bold and confidant, Ram was an appropriate nickname for a man who dominated any room and always got what he wanted. Tonight, unlike his last R&R, he looked less like a skinhead gladiator and more like a scrumptious businessman whose hobby was bodybuilding. He had grown his black hair out so that it curled at his nape. He wore civilian clothes, too. Charcoal grey trousers, a crisp white shirt sans tie and a tailored black blazer that fit his broad shoulders like a caress.

And that is why, Cait, you can’t wait any longer to show him how you feel. That’s why you pledged to your gal pals, the Sassy Seven, that the next time Ram came home on leave you would strap on your cojones and tell him you wanted his toned bod in your bed!

"Because I cannot go on like this!” Finding no other man I want more has been a bitch! “And my friends are right. I’ll use the sex toys and seduce the man!"

Next to her, a woman who waited for another traveler raised a brow at her, then quickly stepped away.

Okay. So now I act a little loco.

Cait shoved her hands in her trouser pockets as she forced herself to meet the laughing, onyx gaze of the incredible hunk who rode down the escalator toward her. And lord, she couldn't help how her blood beat in her veins and how her pussy got all tingly just looking at the man who bounded down the last few steps, hauled her up in his arms and swung her around.

His lips, hot and firm, were on her ear, her cheek and, ever so briefly, on her own. 

"Caitlyn, you are a sight for sore eyes. How are you, honey?"

"Great. Now that you're here." She'd promised herself to be blunt with him this visit. No diplomacy. No hesitancy. No chummy Cait, best friend of his youngest sister. Just crazy-in-love-with-him woman. "And gee, do you look like hell!"

"This leave couldn't come soon enough for me." His two big hands pressed her against him so hard, Cait got pictures in her mind of how fierce he'd be in bed. Her channel gushed in hot, juicy need. "I had to see you."