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No Fool by Ann Raina-He Enters A World of Desire and Strange Liaisons #BDSM #RomanceNovel #MF

The lady neither said her name nor mentioned her wishes.  


CIA agent Tessler is a known charmer, but now he shall prove he’s good at his job. On the estate of the rich Lady Summerston, the CIA assumes foreign workers to be trained for more than gardening. Michael becomes one of the callboys the lady employs and is soon involved in a world full of desire and strange liaisons. Will he succeed to do his job and what will it be?


She took one of the black leather harnesses and held it before her, frowning. “What’s the long part in the middle?”

“It goes around the manhood.”

Mrs. Smith lifted her gaze toward her chosen man, a mocking glance in her eyes. “You mean, you get strapped into this thing and this part holds your jewels?”

Michael wondered for how long he could pretend this conversation to be normal. The urge to burst into laughter got stronger by the minute.

“Indeed, that’s what it’s designed for.”

“Designed!” She gave back the harness, laughing herself silly.

He closed the drawer and opened the last. It was low enough for her to look into it without Michael’s help. He knelt beside her.

She pointed at a curved piece of metal with two blunt endings. “And this is?”

“A nose hook.”

“A what?”

“A nose hook. You put it in like this—” He demonstrated it. “―So that the sub can’t lift his head.”

She picked another one, larger than the first. “And this is for someone with just one nostril?”

Michael did not know what Mrs. Smith would do if he rolled on the floor laughing. He decided to answer the question.

“No, that’s another kind of hook. It belongs more to the backside.”

“I get the idea.” Her hand flew up. “No demonstration necessary.”

She put it back as if it had bitten.

* * *

No Fool—An Undercover Mission
Copyright © 2010 Ann Raina
ISBN: 978-1-55487-619-8
Cover art by Angela Waters


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About Ann

Writing… That’s one of the hobbies that has never left me, never stopped entertaining me and will, hopefully, never end to be exciting and new every time.

However, the way to become a published author took time and, yes, courage. It’s the decision to be brave enough to be judged by professionals if your writing is worth to be printed. The jump into cold water was rewarded by my first contract with eXtasy books in July, 2007.

Freedom in Chains was published on February, 1st, 2008.

The second novel, also a SciFi story touched with romance and BDSM, is also contracted by eXtasy books. Since it’s a long novel, the chief editor of the publishing house suggested to release it in three parts. The first one’s now available, the other two will follow in fall and winter of 2009.

I’m beyond 40, live with my family in Germany, full time working mother and wife, and live a really blessed and happy life. Maybe that’s the reason and the roots to writing nice… and partly not so nice books.

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