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Living for the Act by Ann Raine-To This Powerful #Domme, He Was A Magnificent Gift #BDSM #SciFiRomance


On the verge of extinction after a long war, the women of Raskayen take the only chance to enlarge their population--they capture men from other worlds to use them in closed facilities. Restricted by rules, men are only for mating, not for love and the clan chiefs watch their groups of fertile males closely. But when it comes to love, not even leaders can predict the outcome for their society. And there are men who want more than spending their lives as objects of lust.



Termatir leaned back, sitting comfortably on her haunches on the lower end of the broad bed. She watched Borayn pant with anticipation. It was a sound she relished so much she had to stop. Though in dire need, she had seen him fight his arousal, seen the mixed emotions and self-loathing. She fondled with his cock, aroused him slowly to let him feel her power. Oh, yes, he would learn of her power. He would learn to never cross her in his entire life. But to truly learn such behavior, Termatir decided to give him assistance. She had used the Burmioum construction successfully and he had either not or in vain tried to open it. She resumed stroking his member and enjoyed the hotness in her hand. Inching downward on his legs she found the perfect position to lick him sensuously.

Borayn had closed his eyes as if it would take him away from Termatir or change her into another person. He moaned and gasped. His whole body trembled with delight. The chain at the collar clanked as Borayn turned his head sideways. The sensation of the gentle tickling and squeezing only heightened Borayn’s pleasure. He had been in bondage before and rewarded in a special way. The memory was sweet and unwanted, but his arousal came easily. His cock stood to attention, his glans glistened wet. He moved his hands in the mittens, too restricted to act the way he wanted.

Termatir waited for him to beg for release. She waited long, just teased him, licked him, stroked along the shaft and made him crazy enough to go every length to satisfaction.

“Please, let me…”

“Hm, I might.”

Termatir squeezed his balls, causing another shudder of lust in his testosterone driven body. She placed a cock ring, knowing that it would prolong his erection as he was a trained mating partner. He winced at the pressure, turning his hands uselessly. His muscles twitched as she took up stroking him again.

“You're too good to be true, Borayn.”

Termatir pressed her lower body against his cock. His breathing was loud and shallow and became even louder when she let him enter. Termatir made it a slow, tormenting minute for him, never assuring him that he would get satisfaction, but giving him enough contact to hope and try. That way she prolonged his ordeal to a degree he could only whimper and beg.

Again she withdrew her aching body, leaving Borayn open-mouthed and almost crying for release. Then Termatir's hot, wet body was on his again, and his cock found its target, slipping easily into rhythm. Borayn was in pain of mind, but also filled with lust close to bursting.

Termatir let him come and Borayn screamed with joy.

* * * *

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Delenn from Night Owl Reviews voted Living for the Act – Book One – 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewer Top Pick!

“The author of “Living For The Act Part 1” has presented an elaborately depicted alternative society ruled by women which I found to be extremely compelling and enjoyable.”

The whole review can be found here:


About Ann

Writing… That’s one of the hobbies that has never left me, never stopped entertaining me and will, hopefully, never end to be exciting and new every time.

However, the way to become a published author took time and, yes, courage. It’s the decision to be brave enough to be judged by professionals if your writing is worth to be printed. The jump into cold water was rewarded by my first contract with eXtasy books in July, 2007.

Freedom in Chains was published on February, 1st, 2008.

The second novel, also a SciFi story touched with romance and BDSM, is also contracted by eXtasy books. Since it’s a long novel, the chief editor of the publishing house suggested to release it in three parts. The first one’s now available, the other two will follow in fall and winter of 2009.

I’m beyond 40, live with my family in Germany, full time working mother and wife, and live a really blessed and happy life. Maybe that’s the reason and the roots to writing nice… and partly not so nice books.

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