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Experience the Passion With "Enspiritu Sancti" by J S Wayne

Scribal Love Welcomes J. S. Wayne!

What is the name of your paranormal novel?

“Espiritu Sancti”

Who is/are the main character(s)?

Isabel Roquefale is a student studying in Romania. Lilliana Jursik is a strange local woman who stirs Isabel’s imagination…and her passion.

What is it about?

Lilliana and Isabel have been lovers for nearly a year when tragedy strikes and Isabel dies. Lilliana, a vampire, blames herself for Isabel’s death and goes to the mausoleum in the family chapel to say one final goodbye to her lover before she goes to join Isabel. But, as both women are about to learn, some passions even survive the grave . . . .

Is your main character good, evil or torn in between?

Lilliana’s inherently good, even if she herself doesn’t believe it. But Isabel’s death hits her hard and makes her question her place in the world. For the first time in her life, she finds herself considering the possibility that maybe simply being a vampire makes her evil by nature.

What are some of her strengths and weaknesses?

Lilliana’s a vampire more in the “vein” (pardon the pun) of the original Dracula. She doesn’t go out during the day if she can avoid it, but she can function in daylight. She prays freely in full view of a cross and douses herself liberally with holy water.
Her greatest weakness is her own self-doubt, which escalates into fully realized loathing with Isabel’s death.

What first attracted you to writing paranormal fiction?

I’ve always loved the things that go bump in the night, since I first saw the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi! When I saw a paranormal erotica challenge on, I saw a chance to stretch myself a little; a year ago, I’d’ve been the first person to scoff at the very idea of ME writing erotic romance. So I wrote a story that was romantic, but very dark at the same time. And the result, after some tweaking, was “Espiritu Sancti.”

Go crazy and tell us about your novel! Include excerpt or blurb if you'd like!

Espiritu Sancti by J.S. Wayne 
Genre: Erotic Romance, Horror, Paranormal 

When Isabel Roquefale earns a scholarship to study in Romania, she's thrilled. As a lifelong devotee of vampire legend, the opportunity is a dream come true. While she's there, she encounters the beautiful Lilliana. Something about the woman calls to Isabel, stirring her blood and her desire in ways she's never known and compelling her to offer herself completely to Lilliana. 

But Lilliana has a secret; one that Isabel pays a tragic price to learn. When Isabel awakens in Lilliana's ancestral mausoleum, at first, she believes it's a hideous practical joke. She quickly learns otherwise. And both women are about to learn that some desires survive even death. 

Special Content Alert: Lesbian, Gothic Horror

It was a fine night, cool but not unpleasantly so, and the stars and a sickle moon hung in the sky as if placed there specifically for their benefit. It was then, while they stood next to each other, not quite touching, that Lilliana began to speak of her loneliness.

"It has been a long time since I've had a lover. My last love affair ended badly, and ever since, I've kept people at a distance. Have you ever been wounded by love?" Lilliana turned the full force of her eyes on Isabel.

Isabel thought it over. "I . . . think so," she'd said. Her fingers clenched, belying her apparent hesitancy. "My last boyfriend was a real bastard," she said bitterly. "He was a football player and fucked his way through the entire cheerleading squad while we were together. I thought he was going to marry me," she replied, her tone changing from venomous to pensive as she thought of how foolish she'd been. She dropped her gaze to the floor as a hot flush spread across her sharp cheekbones.

"Bah!" Lilliana waved her hand dismissively. "Men will say whatever will make a woman do what they wish. There is no more truth in men's words than those of a mockingbird. Only a woman can truly speak with complete candor to a woman. May I be candid?" Her eyes bored into Isabel's.
Lilliana's eyes seemed to gather the light of moon and stars and transmute into silver. They were the most striking eyes Isabel had ever seen; Isabel's knees went weak for the second time that night, this time with desire.

Unconsciously arching her back a little, revealing her throat, and pushing her full, firm breasts outward, Isabel let out a quavered, "Y-yes."

"I want you tonight." Lilliana reached out one cool finger to trace it gently down Isabel's cheek. "I want to love you. Will you allow me?"

Isabel's eyes slid closed, and she gasped a little at the sensations stirring deep within her. She made a tiny whimper of a sound; whether it was acceptance or negation, she could not have said. 

But Lilliana allowed her no chance to consider the matter further. Pressing her lips against Isabel's, she lightly flicked her tongue against the soft gates. As if she had spoken a magic word, Isabel's lips parted to permit Lilliana full access. Her tongue darted and probed. She caught Isabel up in a fierce yet tender embrace, crushing her breasts against Isabel's. Lilliana's arms ratcheted around her, as if the woman feared Isabel would fly away if the grip were loosened.

Isabel was interested in going nowhere except deeper into Lilliana's embrace. She'd experimented, certainly; who hadn't tried it on at least once with a member of their own sex? It was almost a rite of passage. But she had never been kissed like this before. The arms which held her were feminine and shapely but in no way weak. The woman's mouth touched her as light as a breeze but seething with passion the likes of which she had never known.

She moaned against Lilliana and pressed herself more fully into her mysterious lover's arms, her blood singing at the wonderful feel of another female body against her own. Lilliana deepened the kiss, as if trying to inhale Isabel's very soul.

Isabel found herself on the bed, staring in wide-eyed wonder as Lilliana released the strings of her bodice and somewhat timidly pulled it down to reveal her snowy breasts. Her nipples were taut and puckered, the exact shade of strawberry-flavored milk; large aureoles haloed them in the same rosy hue. Isabel's mouth watered. Lilliana cupped her full breasts and held them up in the glow of the candlelight for Isabel's perusal.

If the ceiling had collapsed at that instant, Isabel would surely have been crushed. She could spare no thought for anything but her desire to taste the ripe delicacies being offered. She brushed kisses over Lilliana's breast a scant instant before her mouth closed around the pink berry, teeth gently nibbling and tongue flickering at the stiff nub.

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Thanks J. S. for Dropping By!

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  1. J.S., your book sounds fascinating... Intriguing location, and the love story you mention here between Isabel and Lillian makes me want to delve into the book.

    Congratulations on it's release. Nice interview!


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