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Are You Ready For "Eternity"? A Hot New Vampire Novel By Berengaria Brown

Scribal Love Welcomes Berengaria Brown!

What is the name of your novel? 


What first attracted you to writing vampire fiction?

I’d already written two books in this world, both with ghosts as secondary characters. Then one day one of the minor characters in both the previous books knocked on my head demanding his own story. Then he told me he was a vampire. I was quite surprised, but he did point out I’d given him a traditional Hungarian name.

Who is/are your main character(s) and is he/she a vampire? 

This is an MMF ménage. Both the heroes are vampires: Atal, the man who demanded his story be told, and his partner, Tsadowq (Zadok). The heroine, Yolanda, is a human but she’s tough enough to keep them in line. 

How would you describe your vampire character?  Is he/she a lover or fighter?  Is the beast within held at bay?  Or does he/she go with her passions?

Both the vampires are several hundred years old and have developed ways to adapt their environment to suit them. They only bite people who want to be bitten, gaining their nourishment in other ways the rest of the time. And they really, really appreciate a strong, tough woman, who is fit enough to keep up with them. They can both be very fierce when their woman is in danger, but mostly they are gentle and solve problems with their brains rather than their muscles.

What are your thoughts on some of the traditional weaknesses of vampires?  Sunlight, crosses, wooden stakes etc.  Did you incorporate any of that into your fiction?  If not what were some of the weaknesses that your character must avoid?

Because Atal and Zadak are older, they’ve planned their lives to blend in. Atal is the head of night-shift security at a big city office and apartment building. Zadok works in the financial sector online from home. That avoids them needing to be outside in sunlight much, although they don’t sparkle or melt, it’s just painful. The world-building in the book demonstrates the way they have adapted their lives to appear normal, to blend in.

Go crazy and tell us about your book!  Include an excerpt if you like!

“Eternity” is a stand-alone story set in the same world as “Intensity” and “Complexity” with some of the same characters reappearing.

Eternity Blurb

Yolanda is a bodyguard and used to dealing with men. But falling in love with two vampires is a different kind of challenge. How will she deal with her job AND them?

Yolanda is very attracted to night security guard Atal and his partner Zadok. She agrees to a morning of acrobatic sex with the two yummy men, only to find herself falling in love with them, and wondering if they are vampires—if vampires truly exist.

While working as a bodyguard with one of the building’s clients, Yolanda spends her free time with the vampires engaging in a lot of excellent sex and getting to know them and their stories. But one evening there is a kidnapping attempt on her client. Now they all have another problem to solve and Yolanda is frustrated by the vampires’ determination to protect her at all costs.

Eternity PG Excerpt

“Won’t you please come up to our apartment when I finish this shift, Yolanda? You know how much Tsadowq and I want to make love to you. We won’t do anything you don’t want, but we can promise you, anything we do, you will enjoy very, very much.” 
Atal’s chocolate-brown eyes burned into her hazel ones, the lust in them scorching her to her soul.

Yolanda gulped in a deep, but shaky, breath. Her libido was screaming, “Hell, yes,” but her brain was saying, “Wait.” She hesitated.

Atal stepped out from behind the security desk on the concourse level of the Smith Tower building, and drew her gently into his arms. When she made no attempt to resist him, he pulled her tightly against his body, grinding his cock into her belly. He bent his head and possessed her mouth in a torrid, carnal kiss that took the last of her breath away and left her knees wobbling so badly, it was lucky he was holding her tightly, or she may just have melted into a puddle on the floor.

Yolanda dropped her gym bag to the carpet, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and rubbed her aching nipples over the hard wall of his chest. Their mouths parted for the merest moment as they both dragged air into their lungs, then Atal’s head bent once more, as he dived in for another kiss. This time, his tongue explored her mouth, running along the insides of her cheeks and behind her teeth before tangling with her tongue.

“Fuck, woman, you’re hot. Feel how much I need you.” Atal’s cock burned hot even through his uniform pants and her jeans. And hard. And huge. God, she wanted to feel that inside her. It had been so damn long since she’d had a real live cock in her. Not to mention how scrumptious Atal looked. Over six feet tall to her five-four, olive skin compared to her pasty whiteness, short black curls she wanted to run her fingers through, and a long, lean, muscled runner’s body she wanted to grab on to. And Zadok was just as yummy. He was almost as tall as Atal but stockier and heavily muscled, with black hair and eyes and tanned skin.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me. Another kiss like that and you’ll be calling the cleaning crew to scrape me off the carpet because I’ll have melted!

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  1. Wow - you've got a hot one here Berengeria - a man in uniform, sizzling, and knowing he's a vampire...even more sizzling (LOL).

    Great interview ladies - Clare, I enjoy your blog. Berengeria, your on my TBR list for sure. Congratulations on your newest release, and many more successes.

  2. Thank you Kay Dee! And thank you to Clare for hosting me today.


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