Thursday, January 18, 2018

Am Rethinking My Erotic Romance Series and Other Publishing Issues...

Books two and three are complete in The Love Play Matchmaking Service series but my publisher no longer wants them because they no longer publish M/F erotic romances.  But wait, you're problem saying to yourself, the two books below are menages and therefore aren't categorized as M/F erotic romances.  

You're right!  However, the next two books in the series are-- I completed them and submitted Book 3 to the publisher of the series Siren Publishing.  They've turned down the books for many reasons, of which I will not go into at this juncture, reasons, in my opinion, make absolutely no sense.

But the gist of their reason for rejecting them is that they Siren no longer publishes M/F non-BDSM romances. That's what they told me. And since book 3 and subsequently, book 4 no longer fits within their new guidelines, I have to decide what to do with them. 

I will keep you guys posted with further updates on the situation.

-Clare Dargin

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