Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#WIPWednesday#MWTease-Two Fierce Doms Looking For The Right Subs #RomanceNovel #BDSM

Each person can submit any length of snippet that they want from a WIP (work in progress) or a published story.

Hello Everyone!  

Thanks for stopping by.  Here is an excerpt from my as-yet-to-be-titled WIP.  I love it because a certain Dom and his friend are looking for the right kind of a sub at this very exclusive party... 


“Yes,” Ian replied.  “I'm certain the Women's Breast Cancer fund will receive a great deal of money.”

“Makes coming out in the dreadful rain all the more worthwhile,” Lachlan said. He eyed Ian's rose then smirked. “Looking for a temporary distraction or something long term?”

“Why? Are you interested?” Ian asked. 

Lachlan peered at him.  “I top only. Or would you like for us to play together in order to find out?” 

Ian chuckled.  Lachlan was a good friend and he was the only able to make him laugh at such a dubious offer.  

“I'll take you up on that the day you come to me on your knees and beg for my attention,” Ian said.

“Correction,” Lachlan said holding up his index finger. “When a sub I'm riding comes to you on his knees upon my insistence grovels for your attention. Perhaps a big brawny Australian Rules Football player or better yet one of those chaps from the NFL.  That sounds even better.  They make excellent ponies don't you think?”

“I wouldn't know.  I prefer my men with less heft,” Ian said.  

Though they were bi-sexual, their tastes in play partners rarely overlapped. He preferred his mean to be lean muscular types and his women curvy whereas Lachlan was the opposite.

“One day in the future then,” Lachlan said.  

He longed to see a beautiful woman lose control as she rode him. Her plump ass covered with his marks as she desperately pleaded to let her come while he gripped her hair and denied her. And then when he could hold out no longer, he'd command her to come and her tight pussy would squeeze his dick and milk every drop of cum out of him before finally drenching his cock with her sweet juices.  

He tensed and growled. His cock stiffened.  Not any woman or man wouldn't do, they had to ripe for the picking.  

“Hmmm.... you have that look in your eye,” Lachlan said.

“What kind would that be?”

“That of a hungry predator who hasn't been fed in a while.  Skittish submissives beware, Master Thornwick is liable to eat you. Then the real fun will begin,” Lachlan said.

“I think I'll go easy this time. The players tonight are a bit timid.  Possibly too delicate for my typical appetites.”


Let's hope they find who they are looking for!  And now on to my fellow authors and their sexy reads!

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  1. Looks like they're both on the hunt. Great tease, and happy writing, Clare.

  2. Well, they definitely know what they want.

  3. Ugh oh... something tells me he may be surprised. Lol.

  4. Ah, I recognize those two ;-) Fab tease, Clare!

  5. Hi! Welcome to WipItUp Wednesday! That was an awesome snippet. I hope that Master Thornwick can find a submissive to play with that also meets all of his needs!

  6. OMG they are two HOT Doms!! Great Tease!


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