Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#WIPWednesday-He Must Approve Everything She Wears #BDSM #RomanceNovel #Menage

Hi Everyone! Time to WIP It Good Once Again!

I am forever writing because I'm always inspired by something.  Be a lusty thought, a sexy scene or a cute guy or in this case the love between a Dom and his subs.

Today's excerpt is a snippet from my untitled, contemporary, erotic, BDSM, mmf, romance.  

We meet our beloved Dom lovingly indulging his sweet submissive...

“Even if your lower half managed to warp into myriapod, you'd still be unable to wear all the shoes you've collected,” he admonished lifting her chin to catch her gaze. “Now you know I would never withhold the good from you but there is such a thing as too much.”

He saw the sadness in her eyes.  The no in his heart melted away as a yes grew in its place.  He loved her so much he wanted to give her the world.

“Go ahead buy yourself a new pair of shoes for the party.”

She squealed with delight and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down into a warm embraced.  He chuckled.

“Be sensible. Get something you can wear with more than one outfit,” he said reaching in and pulling out his credit card.

“I promise.”

He handed it to her. “And I want to see them before you wear them to the party.  Is that clear?”

“Yes Master,” she said smiling.  “You know I love you.”

“Not because of the shoes I hope?” he declared.

What's not to love?  They are great.  Come back next week to read a little more.  

Until then, check out my friends as they give you some more sexy WIP's for your pleasure.

Btw, come back often to see more of my work, I know you'll love it.  





  1. Aww! I can totally relate to your heroine, Clare! There's always room for more shoes! :-) Great snippet!


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