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Enter "The Portal" A Hot and Sensual Contemporary Paranormal Fantasy by Daisy Dunn

Scribal Love Welcomes Daisy Dunn!

Daisy Dunn is an author of paranormal/contemporary/fantasy.  Her newest work The Portal is available from Secret Cravings Publishing. 

What is the name of your latest book?  And how did you come up with the title?

My latest book is called The Portal. It is about a doorway that sucks people into it and transports them to an alternate universe. To escape from this universe, they need to wait twelve hours before they can open up the portal again and return to safety. 

What is this book about?  And what genre is this book in? 

This is a cougar/contemporary/fantasy short story about a woman named Gianna, who steps through a portal into an alternate universe. She is taken prisoner by the ruling queen, who is sexually attracted to her. Cole has been in love with Gianna for years, but she has pushed him away because of their ten year age difference. Cole also ends up in the alternate universe, but he is a guard. When he sees the love of his life taken prisoner, he will do anything to free her and take her back through the portal to safety and his arms. 

Who is/are the main characters?  And why did you choose them? 

Gianna Thomas is almost forty, and I wanted someone with confidence and a settled down type of attitude.

Cole Evans is ten years younger and a student when he first meets Gianna. He looks young and hasn't quite filled out yet. She pushes him away, not because of his looks, but she feels he has to sow his wild oats. Little does she know that he only has wild oats for her. Five years later, he is a brilliant scientist and has filled out looking like a grown man, big, strong, and still in love with Gianna. I wanted Cole to be confident, like Gianna, but know he has some growing up to do. I also wanted him to be like a bookworm with a super hot exterior and a heart of gold…sigh J

What is the coolest or best part about your book?  (Any Favorite scenes, the world-building etc.. 

My favorite scene is when Cole, as a guard for the queen, is finally alone with Gianna, the queen's prisoner, and reveals himself to her (he is wearing a helmet with a visor that covers his face). She is taken back by how much he has matured, and he finally lets his bad boy come out and kisses her passionately for the first time. I felt like a voyeur in the room while typing this scene.

Do you have a favorite character in the book?  If so, why?

I fell in love with Cole. He is so sweet, and so in love with Gianna. She has pushed him away, but he never could let go of her. He bides his time, matures and finally takes charge of the situation, which he wasn't able to do five years ago when he first met her. His confidence grew before my eyes and I found myself cheering for the sexy bookworm.

Is this book part of a series?  If so? What can we expect in future books? 

I wasn't planning on making this into a series, but I got so much positive feedback about the alternate universe, that I have book two already outlined. I'm not sure when it will be out, but definitely next year. I'm thinking of calling it “The Sinful Portal” but that has yet to be determined.

If not?  Are you considering expanding it?

Since I'm writing a sequel, I think I'll expand the story and bring in old characters here and there. I have at least two more books in mind.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

No, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Yay!!

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

I based the whole book on one small thought (okay, it was a naughty fantasy of mine) and knew I could do something with it. I spent a week building the fantasy in my mind, giving faces and emotions to the characters and building the scene. After a week of intense thought, I typed my fingers to the bone and “The Portal” was born. I learned to think things through thoroughly and write what excites me and hopefully, it will excite the readers.

Do you have a publisher?  And if so, why did you choose them?   

Yes, I'm with Secret Cravings Publishing. I have four books coming out with them in the next few months. They are an amazing company that's growing in leaps and bounds. They believe in communication with all the authors, and after getting to know them and the other authors, it feels like one big happy family!! I also just received a contract with XOXO Publishing this week for a Christmas anthology coming out in November. It's been an exciting year!! 

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I have three…

1. Christine Feehan - her books were the first paranormal romances I have ever read, and I love her style of writing. I am a huge fan and wait anxiously for her next novel.

2. Charlene Teglia - her books introduced me to the world of erotic romance. Once I read her books, I knew I not only loved erotic romance, but I wanted to write it as well.

3. Lacie Nation - her first book just came out on August 31st called So Beautifully Broken. Her second book comes out in November, tentatively called One Courageous Dare. We have met through Secret Cravings Publishing and shared our stories back and forth being critique partners. She has helped me so much and given me wonderful tips that I have taken to heart. She is a fabulous friend and mentor.

What books are you reading now? 

I'm reading the erotic Viking Series by Jaid Black…HOT!!

What are the current writing projects that you are working on?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm working on a sequel to The Portal, but I have two other books I'm working on. I'm writing a paranormal (vampire) series called the Hunger Series and books one and two are slated to come out October 11, 2011 (Hunger's Prey) and January 2012(Hunger's Desire). I have book three outlined and ready to go. I also have another fantasy erotic romance short story I'm working on. The problem is, what to work on next?

Do you write full time?  If not, do you hope to do so one day?

I wish I could write full time. I have a Monday to Friday office job that I actually like. I have wonderful friends and co-workers there that really make going to work not a chore (except for getting out of bed early every day…yuck). So, I squeeze writing in where ever I can. Even if I'm sitting in front of the TV, my laptop is always within reach to work on my books. One day I hope to retire from work and write full time. This has always been my dream in life. Fingers crossed J

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I've always wanted to write ever since I read my first romance novel at seventeen, but I doubted myself terribly. This year, I said to hell with it…I have stories to tell and why not write some and see what a publisher thinks of them. Well, I've submitted three books this year and all three are being published. I'm kicking myself for the self-doubt I had and not doing this sooner.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

GRAMMAR!!! I know the basics, but there are always things that I over look in the grammar department. I have a grammar software program that I use to help me before I submit a book to the publisher. It has helped me so much and taught me where and when to use the dreaded “Comma”.

Do you have any advice for other writers seeking to get published for the first time? 

Don't give up or listen to that negative voice inside your head that says you aren't good enough to be published. YOU ARE!! I still fight with self-doubt, but when it comes, I try to shoo it away. Stories are mean to be shared, not hidden away, so get on your keyboard and type like a fiend. J

Where I can be found:

Facebook: Daisy Dunn
Twitter: @daisydunnauthor
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Cole Evans has been in love with Gianna Thomas from the first moment he laid 
eyes on her when he was a student at the University. He pursued her 
relentlessly, but Gianna would not date him because of their ten year age 
difference. She broke his heart when she pushed him away for good, afraid to 
be known as a Cougar.

Five years later, Cole is now twenty-nine years old and is ready to fight for 
Gianna. Before he does, he takes one more trip through the portal he created 
into the alternate universe he has stumbled across. He has been chosen as a 
guard for the ruling queen of this world and is shocked when he sees that one 
of the prisoners is Gianna. He needs to get her out of this place, away from the 
hungry gaze of the queen and into his arms once and for all.


The queen walked up to the row of women and looked them up and down one by one. Gianna was about to say something to the queen as she stepped in front of her, but decided it would be best to keep her mouth shut for now. I need to be an observer for now. Don’t open your mouth or draw attention to yourself in any way. Gianna told herself over and over. She was never known for holding her tongue at the best of times, so she was trying extremely hard to do so. She was still confused about where she was, but the answers she needed would come in time. She hoped.
Once the queen looked at each of the women, she walked to her throne and regally sat down. She snapped her fingers, and the guards moved into action. Every woman had a guard grab her arms from behind and hold her firmly in place. Then five different guards walked to the front of each of the five women with a knife in their hands. Their tops were gently cut open and their bras sliced apart in the front, exposing their breasts. The guards, who had just cut the tops and bras, placed their knives back in the sheaths attached to their belts. They then stepped out of the way for the queen’s viewing.

Gianna was horrified. None of the other women fought back or said anything. She wanted to scream and tried to pull her arms out of the hold the guard had on her from behind, but to no avail. He was far too strong for her. She was so embarrassed by her nakedness to a room full of people. She turned her head back and forth to see if the other women were protesting, but none of them moved or made a sound. She didn’t know what to do, so she decided she would hold her tongue just a little longer.

The queen sat quietly for a moment staring at the women. No one made a sound while the queen deliberated. She then spoke three words, “Three and five.”

The guards pushed Gianna, who assumed she was number three, and the woman who was standing in the fifth position, forward. The rest of the women were led out of the room by the guards that were still holding them.

The guards then looked back to the queen for guidance. She blatantly stared at Gianna’s breasts and then to the other woman’s breasts.

The queen spoke again. “Make them hard.”

Two guards stepped forward, one in front of each of the two remaining women, and started stroking their nipples. Gianna was even more horrified then she had been when her top and bra were cut open. She stared to struggle, but the guard behind her held on tight. She kicked his lower leg with her high heels, but ended up striking his  knee-high leathers boots. Two other guards quickly stepped forward and grabbed her legs, pinning them down on the ground, so she couldn’t kick. The guard standing before her resumed his stroking of her nipples.

He rolled her nipples between his fingers, and as they grew in length, he pinched and stroked them till they were hard and extremely erect. He seemed to be enjoying the task he had been commanded to do.

Gianna was devastated by what was happening to her, but even more upset because her body was enjoying this guard’s touch. She could feel it all the way to her core. Her pussy throbbed with every one of his tugs and twists on her nipples. She tried to look him in the eyes, but his visor from his helmet covered them. She could see part of his face, but not much. His mouth looked familiar, the shape of his full lips looked sexy and inviting. She had let down her guard and was enjoying his electric touch.

The queen interrupted her now blissful state. “Enough. Step back.”

Gianna almost thought she saw a look of disappointment on what she could see of the guard’s face as he released her nipples and stepped out of the way of the queen’s view.

The queen stood up and stepped down from her throne. She walked up to the two women and stared at their breasts. One by one she ogled the women and then finally stood in front of Gianna. She flicked her elongated nipples, first one and then the other. She turned and walked away through the hidden door in the wall.

The guards knew which one of the women the queen had chosen. The one holding Gianna passed her to the guard, who had stroked her nipples only moments ago and said, “The queen has made her choice. Take her to the bathing room so she can be prepared for tonight.”

End Excerpt

Thanks Daisy for Dropping By!


  1. Great interview, Daisy and congrats on the release of ur new book....Love the cover and it sounds delicious......Tabs

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  3. Hi Tabbycat - Thanks so much for all your encouragement. You are a wonderful friend :)

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