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#MidWeek #Tease, Humans Are Bad Luck But She's Their Mate. He Just Has To Convince The Other Male.#Cowboys #Shifter, #MMF, #Erotic #Romance

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I hope you enjoy this quick tease.  Yep, I'm a tease. Guilty as charged. 

Henry Cavill is my inspiration for the new alpha of the Wolf Creek Pack- Reid Dewitt

Shane West is my inspiration for Reid Dewitt's mate
 and beta for the Wolf Creek Pack- Travis Hinson

Happy Hump Day everyone!  If you look real close you can see the weekend just over yonder! Do you like my southern/cowboy/cowgirl speech?  Well I can't help but talk and think this way while I'm writing the first book for my new paranormal, wolf, shifter, MMF, contemporary, erotic romance series Wolf Creek Pack. Whew! That's a lot of words to describe something that is amazingly hot!



Reid's been burned before and his betrothed mate Travis knows it.  But he also knows that this mystery woman is the third they've always been looking for.  

They want her but history has proven that courting a human is a bad idea.  Will they go for it or let their possibility for love and happiness walk right out their front door?


Here's an excerpt straight from the draft...warts in and all but I think you can still get an idea of what these two guys are up against when they discover the woman they have just helped is their mate!  

Excerpt from WIP- Wolf Creek Pack

“Reid I know how this plays out because we've been through this before.”

“This time it's different.”

“How?”  Travis asked.

“Because she's our mate.” Reid stood and approached him.  “Why you haven't scented that is beyond me.”

“Who says I haven't?  You don't think I can smell that perfume all around here?  It's making me crazy.  But I just don't want my life ripped apart by someone who is not able to accept us for who we really are.”

“We don't know that she's like that?” Reid said quietly.  He didn't want Travis to be right.  But a part of him thought maybe he was.  

“And what makes you think she isn't?”

Reid remained quiet.  

“It doesn't matter anyway.  Her friend is coming to pick her up.”

Reid growled louder this time.  Travis flinched. 

“How much of her have you scented?  You haven't laid claim to her? Or did you?”

“I wouldn't do that without you.  As for the scent, I had to carry her to the car and then it happened again when I helped her out of the car.”

“At least one of us is out there having fun,” Travis said sounding hurt.  “When were you going to talk to me about this?”

“Today, just now.  I love you, Travis.  I'm not trying to keep you out of this, I just wanted to know if you would like to...”

“Court her?” Travis asked practically yelling.  

“Yes,” he said not wanting to argue with his mate.  He sensed Travis' fear and he didn't want to push him.  

“It doesn't matter anyway.  Her friends are here to pick her up.”



  1. Great snippet, Clare! I love the yummy images, too ;)

  2. Well, hello. I love the inspirations and this teaser has me wanting more. Write faster. :)

  3. Sounds like it's going to be a great story. Love the inspiration :-D


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