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It's About Time by #AJJarrett #PNR #Shifters #Wolves #Pack


Carson Thompson has been infatuated with Ryan Kline-Kemp since he was just a boy. The older he got the more his feelings grew but Ryan never returned them. When Ryan left Silver Creek four years ago, Carson gave up and moved on. He wasn’t going to wait around for something that was never going to happen.

Ryan always knew there was something special about Carson but he didn’t want to be tied down at such a young age. Ryan’s life hasn’t gone as he had hoped but once he sees Carson he knows this man holds his forever in the palm of his hand. He just has to pray Carson can forgive and forget.

Carson wants Ryan and he also wants to make the man suffer but the mating bond is growing stronger every day. Love is in the air but Carson isn’t ready to give in just yet. It’ll take Ryan proving his love before Carson can surrender his heart.

Story Excerpt

“Hey, little guy. Where are your parents?” Carson set his items on the shelf and knelt down in front of the little boy.

“Hi.” The little boy giggled as he took a step closer to Carson and reached out to lay his warm sticky hands on his cheeks. “You smell good.”

Carson opened his mouth to say something when he caught the sweet smell coming off of the little boy. Under the scent of a cherry sucker and grape juice he smelled like, as odd as it sounded, cake. His favorite kind of cake actually, Skyler’s homemade chocolate cake. It wasn’t a strong aroma but enough for Carson to smell. Underneath that he could sense the wild aroma of shifter. This little boy was like him.

“Well, little man, you smell good too.” Carson smiled as he stared at the little boy. “What’s your name?”

“Riley, I swear to god once I find you, I’m putting a leash on you.” The sound of an older man came from an aisle over.

“That’s daddy.” Riley started to giggle.

“You shouldn’t run off from him.” Carson tapped Riley on the nose. “It makes parents worry when they can’t find you.” Carson remembered doing that to his dads all the time when he was younger. It wasn’t that he meant to make them worry, he was just a curious little boy as Skyler liked to tell him.

“But I had to come find you.” Riley’s little blond brows knitted together.

“You had to find me?” Carson gave the little boy a curious look.

“Carson?” A loud booming voice sounded from the end of the aisle.

The strong aroma of his favorite cake slammed Carson in the face long before the recognition of who that voice belonged to. Carson wavered a little on his feet as he looked up. He felt as if someone had slapped him across the face with that strong scent. Carson slowly looked up at the approaching man.

He was tall with a thick muscular body. He had short blond hair and light blue eyes. The lines of the man’s face looked so sharp, Carson thought he might cut himself if he reached out to touch him. The man was magnificent yet eerily familiar.

“Carson, is that you?” The man stopped in front of him and Riley.

“Daddy!” Riley held his arms open for the large man hovering over them.

The man bent down, bringing with him a fresh wave of his alluring scent. This time Carson did lose his balance and had to grab the shelf beside him or fall on his ass.

“Baby boy, you need to stop running off like that.” The man lifted the boy into his arms and kissed him on the cheek. Riley giggled again. “Carson, are you all right?” The man held a hand out for him to take.

“Do I know you?” Carson stared at the hand but didn’t take it.

“Do I really look that much different?” The man laughed, the skin around his eyes crinkling. “I guess four years can change a person.” The man eyed him up and down. “For the better.” His voice dropped a little as he gazed over Carson’s body.

It hit him like a brick to the face. Carson ignored the hand in front of him and climbed to his feet. All his arousal for this man’s smell was now gone, well, partially gone. Knowing exactly who this man was made his stomach sour.

“Long time no see, Ryan.” Carson narrowed his eye at Ryan. How dare he act like everything was normal? As if the last four years hadn’t happened.

“Daddy, I found him.” Riley’s sweet little voice pulled Carson from his thoughts of wanting to strangle Ryan. “Can we keep him?”

Suddenly what the little boy had been calling Ryan sunk in. His heart clenched in his chest and he really thought he was going to throw up in the middle of aisle five.

“He’s your son?” Carson looked at Riley. The resemblance was uncanny.

“Yeah, he is.” Riley kicked his legs and Ryan sat him down. The little boy ran in a circle around them.

Every time Ryan moved, he kicked the air up around him and that smell hit Carson again. His body hummed and his dick twitched in his pants. It was as if he was hit with a strong aphrodisiac. He could practically feel the heat pulsing off of Ryan’s hot and hard body.

What the fuck was going on here?

“Do you feel that?” Carson asked because he needed to know he wasn’t going crazy, that he wasn’t the only one affected by whatever the hell this was. He hadn’t been this attracted to anyone since, well ever.

“Carson, we need to talk.” Ryan took another step closer to him.

“No, stop, please.” Carson put a hand on Ryan’s chest to stop him, and that small touch made him gasp as if his hand had been burned. His body felt all tight and he thought he might shift into his wolf form. The wolf inside wanted out and Carson had a feeling he knew why. “Are we mates?” Carson asked in a low voice, his eyes burrowing into Ryan’s.

Carson’s dads had both told him about what a mate was and what would happen once he found his. The feelings were intense and he wouldn’t be able to think straight. Skyler had said it was like having a fever, but instead of feeling sick he’d be so aroused his head would feel as if it would pop off. That was exactly how he felt right now.

“We really should talk.” Ryan reached out to touch Carson on the shoulder, but he dodged the touch. It would be too much to handle to have Ryan’s hands on his body. “I need to explain a few things to you about”—Ryan looked from him down at Riley then up at Carson again —“all this.”


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