Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Two Men Want Her. One Wants Her Dead. Oh And Did I Mention Her Haunted House? Haunted by Aislinn Gilbert.


Poppy Zafferano wants to buy out her boss’s flower shop but the bank won’t let her. Her only collateral is a supposedly haunted house. 

Young lawyer Daniel Lane has just moved back to his home town. On the same day he bumps into Poppy, his best mate’s gorgeous sister, his boss asks him to change her great-aunt’s will. 

When the old woman dies, the new will drops Poppy into a world of trouble. Poppy is horrified to learn that the Homestead really is haunted. 

What’s more, the ghost seems to know her. He speaks of a love they once shared. Her life is thrown into turmoil and those closest to her turn away. 

Could a ghost be the only person she can trust? Poppy must delve into the secrets of the past before she can find a future with Daniel. Or any future at all. 


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