Friday, October 14, 2011

Our DCL Publications Spotlight Week Continues with Actor/Cover Model Armando Gonzalez

Scribal Love Welcomes Actor/Cover Model Armando Gonzalez!

Hi!  Thank you for stopping by The Embraced Scribal Love!  Why don't you introduce yourself to our readers!
Hello, My name is Armando Gonzalez
So how long have you been a cover model?  And what publishers do you presently model for?
I've been a cover model for about 2 years now. I am currently only with DCL.
What inspired you to get into the business?

Well I actually got into this business by accident. I never planned on it but contacted by DCL through Myspace (whenever it was more popular than Facebook) lol. I was asked by them if I would be interested in doing some Romance cover modeling and they flew me out to Kentucky to meet them and the rest is history :)
Do you have any favorite romance subgenres?  i.e. Historical, fantasy, science fiction etc?

I honestly don't have a preference. I like any of DCL's books.
What is it like to work with DCL (Dark Castle Lord's Publishing)? 

I love working with them. Pam is great and so are all the authors and photographers and editors. I've gotten to meet a lot of them and really like each and every one of them!
How long have you worked with the company?

I've been with DCL for about 2 years now and will continue to do work with them.
Do you have any favorite covers?

Well at the moment its Within These Stone Walls by Desiree Lee which is my first cover. Awesome book by the way. Its a Def must read!!
Would you like to say anything else to our readers and any new fans?

Yes, I would love to thank all my readers and fans for all of their wonderful support. I have a lot of great fans and wish i could meet each and every one of them.
I'm sure you have many fans!  Do you have a web page or Facebook page or other social media page so your fans can contact you or keep up with your work?

I do have a facebook page. Look for me at Armando Gonzalez in Harrisonville, Mo. I'm currently working on a web page for my fans and will let everyone know when its up and going. Thank you very much for your time and stopping by. 

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  1. Nice interview of a very nice guy, Clare. Thanks for posting!


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