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Jinger Jackson-- Author of Demon's Fall

Scribal Love Welcomes Jinger Jackson

Thanks so much for having me here today! I’m very excited to be spending time with you and your readers. It’s always nice to visit other author’s homes. It’s a very lovely place you have here!

Introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello, my name is Jinger Jackson and I write erotic romance, erotic horror, and paranormal erotic romance. I’ve been published for the last 4 years and I have to admit I love it!

What is your creative process like? What happens before sitting down to write?

It’s rather dull actually. I get up, let the dog out. Feed and water both the dog and the cat, grab my breakfast—anything edible and a cold Pepsi or Dr. Pepper then come back to the computer. I go through my email first then I open the files and select the one I feel like working on for the day. I open either my iTunes or Pandora Radio to the music that fits the manuscript then I start writing. I’m totally a planster—I don’t really plot per se I just sit down and write what the voices dictate. I do have some semblance of a plan when I sit down to it though.

Do you share rough drafts of your writings with someone whose opinion you trust?

There are only two people I trust with my rough drafts and my story ideas. My best friend Kay and my writing CP author Rebecca Goings.

Are their subgenres of romance you don’t read?

I’m not big on contemporary romances. What I mean is just the average Jane meets John, they deal with a mini crisis fall in love get married and live happily ever after. Give me something funny, gritty, nerve ripping, spine tingling or truly traumatic. Rip their lives to shreds and watch them rebuild it from the ground up, growing closer, stronger and more in love than anyone ever has been before.

Do you think that there is a “too far” that authors can go in erotic fiction? (Besides the obvious such as bestiality and pedophile)

I don’t like the buzz words. Isn’t that weird coming from an erotic author? I truly HATE the F word. I know that an erotic needs to have be at a certain level but to me seeing the words like C**k, P***y, C**t, F**k and like pull me right out of the story. It’s VERY difficult for me to get into the scenes where buzz words are used.

What do you like to do when you aren’t writing? What can you share with us about your family, balancing your writing with family, etc? 

When not writing, dreaming of writing, or wishing I was writing? I love watching television—esp the CSIs and NCISs. I also enjoy watching TruTV, ID, or any program that has true crime stories.

About my family? I have a daughter who just began college, a son who is juggling marriage and fatherhood with his goal of becoming an electrical engineer. I have two absolutely wonderful little miracles, Alyx and Sterling who I spend as much time with as I can. I also love window shopping with my mom.

As far as balancing the family, I’m totally lucky. My DH is a wonderful cook and he doesn’t mind doing the laundry either. Between him and my daughter, the house doesn’t always look as neglected as it truly is…LOL

Tell us a smidgen about your latest novel and where we can buy it.

In October I have releasing my latest novel Demon’s Fall. I had been watching a music video and I kept turning my attention time and again to Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish. He is sexy as sin and so hot but he also had something…more. Then Marko’s image flashed and I went hmmm… demons…angels and demons…and BAM! The story was born:

What happens when a demon falls for an angel?

Tangela Teshua just recently buried her parents and has given up her city apartment to move back to the country house they left her. However, their deaths and her move are not the biggest changes coming to Tange’s life. Tange learns she is a guardian angel—or at least she will be when she over comes the challenges Satan will put in front of her.

Andras Belial’s father assigned him the task of destroying the newest being on the lighted path. But another battle looms on the horizon for Andras. His inner demon struggles against the strange formation of feelings, of a conscious growing to life. He falters even more when he meets Tange, the beautiful angel just might be able to save him.

Lucifer, infuriated that not only has Andras turned his back on his heritage but he has joined forces with an angel, sends an assassin demon after both Andras and Tange. Can they keep the demons at bay long enough to find happiness?

Isn’t the cover AWESOME?!?!? It so fits the mood of the book. I’ve printed it up into an 8X10 as well as a 5X7, some calendars and other little promotional items.   I can’t WAIT for this book to be released! I hope my readers love Tange and Andras as much as I do!

What are you working on now?

I’m actually getting ready to start a brand new story. There is no real title however I’m going to call it Lone Wolf for now. It came to me last night before I fell asleep. I know I even dreamed about it because I remember waking up and thinking “okay, you HAVE to remember this to write about it!” but unfortunately I only remember the thoughts just before I fell asleep and the thought that I HAD to remember the dream. That the old house in the dream…otherwise? I got nothing…LOL

Where can we find you on the internet?

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