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Our Scribes Are Everywhere
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The Thirteen Clans

Vampire:  The Masquerade -  In Whom the TV Show Kindred:  The Embraced is based upon-  introduces the use of 13 clans (or major bloodlines) in the RPG game:

Assamite:  A clan of Middle Eastern assassins. Their Discipline of Quietus allows them to move soundlessly and gives them power over the blood of other vampires.

Ventrue:  A clan of aristocrats and bureaucrats. Most princes come from this clan. Their Disciplines of Dominate and Fortitude allows them to control the minds of mortals and vampires alike and grants them supernatural resilience respectively. 

The Prince of San Francisco, Julian Luna is a member.

Followers of Set:  A clan of cultists who worship their Antediluvian progenitor, the Egyptian snake god Set.

Malkavian:  A clan of lunatics whose madness grants them strange insight. Their Discipline of Dementation allows them to spread their insanity like a plague.

Ravnos:  A clan of gypsies and charlatans who hail from India. Their Discipline of Chimerstry allows them to alter perceptions to create illusions.

Nosferatu:  A clan of deformed vampires who often dwell in the shadows of the sewers. Their Discipline of Obfuscate allow them to hide in the shadows. 

Daedelus, Primogen in San Francisco is a member.

Lasombra:  A clan with the power to control shadows. Their Discipline of Obtenebration allows them to command darkness and shadows.

Giovanni:  A clan of mostly Italian merchants and gangsters, who Embrace within their own human family. Their Disciplines specialize in Necromancy. They were originally a bloodline of the former Clan Cappadocian, who they have since usurped.

Brujah:  A clan of hot-headed malcontents, rebels, rogues and anti-authoritarians who strive for freedom from societal restraints. Their Disciplines of Potence and Presence grants them superhuman strength and supernatural charisma respectively. 

 The late Eddie Fiori, former Primogen and now Cameron present Primogen in San Francisco is a member.  Sasha is a member and the last remaining descendant of the Prince of the City.

Toreador:  A clan of sensualists and artists. Their Discipline of Celerity gives them superhuman speed.  Lily Langtry, Primogen in San Francisco is a member.

Gangrel:  A clan of animalistic vampires highly in-tune with their Beasts. Their Disciplines of Animalism and Protean allow communion with animals and the power of shape-shifting respectively.  

Cash is a Primogen in San Francisco and is a member.

Tzimisce:  A clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Their Discipline of Vicissitude allows them to reshape the flesh and bone of themselves and other creatures.

Tremere:  A clan of blood sorcerers. They were originally a bloodline of Clan Tzimisce until their founder, a mage named Tremere, diablerized the Antediluvian of the former Clan Salubri, Saulot, solidifying the Tremere's status as a clan. 

Their Discipline of Thaumaturgy allow them to use the power of their blood to cast spells.

Each Clan can trace its origins to one of 13 elder vampires known as an Antediluvian, for they survived God's biblical flood. Each Antediluvian is a “grandchilde” of Caine, who killed Abel and was cursed by God into becoming the first vampire. Through the back story of the game, Antediluvians started a war among themselves, called the Jyhad, and use their clansmen to fight this war for them.

Bloodlines, on the other hand, either cannot trace their lineage to an Antediluvian founder or are too little in number to be considered a major player in the Jyhad. Some Bloodlines are considered to be off-shoots of existing clans. All Bloodlines are treated as exceptionally rare in the game, leaving most of the interactions and story lines centered around the Clans.

Each Clan and Bloodline has a unique set of powers called Disciplines, and their own set of weaknesses, also unique to that particular branch of vampire.

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