Our Scribes Are Everywhere

Our Scribes Are Everywhere
Join Our Clan And Become One Of Us. We Keep The Masquerade And Are A Part Of The Camarilla Here. In Case You Didn't Know, Our Scribes Are Everywhere...

About Scribal Love

This is a blog dedicated to readers who love to read books by authors in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance- and of course all their sub-genres! (Like Paranormal, Time Travel, Historical, Contemporary, Hard Science Fiction, Soft Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction, Epic Fantasy etc.)

I know it's broad but then the readers of our blog are well read and have broad tastes.  

We feature interviews and sneak peaks of books and soon to be released books.  

We accept new and previously published authors with E-books and Print or both!  We love them all.  

We have a book store where you can look for new authors or just get more books from your favorites.

And for authors, we offer you an opportunity to promote your work to our readers.  

So welcome to our world.  Sit down and Relaxed.   And prepare to be Embraced.  Because once you do, you'll never leave.  Kindred Spirits never do!

If you have any questions contact me, Clare, blog editor, at spacefan58@aol.com